Snapshot: Electric Drive Sales Dashboard May 2015

JUN 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 5

Ford Fusion Energi

Ford Fusion Energi

Electric Drive Transportation Association this month released a US market snapshot instead of its usual larger infographic that we’re used to seeing from EDTA.

Anyways, it seems that plug-in electric car sales have exceeded 329,000 (cumulative total) in the U.S. by their count and by the end of this year could reach 400,000 if sales average 10,000 a month!

In May BEV/PHEV/EREV had 22% of the mix with conventional hybrids, while YTD result is over 21%.

On the other hand, charging infrastructure seems to growing slower. EDTA indicates 9,668 places (24,925 outlets), while in January 2015 it was 9,029 (22,545 outlets). That’s 7% more (10% for outlets), while during the same period the cumulative number of plug-in cars rose by 12.6%.

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Will sales be only 10k per month? We are just before refresh cycle, so most cars sales will be impacted, but plugins will enter completely new segment now SUV!

I find myself in need of more popcorn 😉

Conventional hybrids are making a bigger dent in CO2 than the plug ins. I know we all love to beat the drum for plug ins but the good old fasioned conventional hybrid Prius provides way more bang for the buck…….then add to the fact that it has enough room in it for a chest of drawers and you find out why it outsells all the plug ins…..and all without any tax incentive.

Sales of conventional hybrids are falling.

When you trade in your 30 MPG car for a 50 MPG Prius you drive more. Negating some of the implied C02 reduction.

15 years ago the best you could do was a hybrid or a diesel now it’s an EV, the whole market it shifting. The top 1% never does all the heavy lifting but without it there will be no where to go in 10 years time.

Hybrid should be the baseline tech for all cars.

Electric is the way to go for amazing cost more tune ups, emission tests, oil changes, etc.

Used EVs are amazingly affordable and leases are at their lowest ever.

Let’s make this the summer of electric revolution!