“Smooth As Silk” Tesla Autopilot Tested – Video

Tesla Model S

JUN 23 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

AP2_17_22_46 1 from James Hansbert on Vimeo.

A video test of the latest Tesla Autopilot 2 system in action (v8.1 17.22.46) by James Hansbert, which made Elon Musk excited because of the smooth as silk feeling of the control algorithm, has hit the airwaves.

Tesla Model S

Now, whether or not it is smooth enough to also excite others is an open question.

Overall James sees the new software as big improvement to the previous version in keeping car on line, but some of the problems remains, which was disappointing.

From the comments on the video we noted:

  • once Autopilot slowed down for an unknown known reason and then went back to speed
  • car slows down smoothly on the highway, detecting standing traffic
  • parallel parking didn’t detect the spot few times, and when it did, the result wasn’t perfect (too much space in the back and none in front, which required manual completion)
  • new perpendicular parking succeeded on its second try (with automatic correction) nearly perfectly, but also needed manual completion to fit the space
  • tricky situations, that were overwhelming the previous Autopilot version, also made the computer frustrated

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Growing impatient to apply the update. I wish Tesla had a software update menu where you ask it to check for software updates rather than waiting for the prompt…

Ron M

I wonder when the self parking will be available. I can’t wait to see a Tesla leave a parking spot with no one in it and leave to pick the driver up at the exit of the mall. That seems like something out of science fiction.


I want to see that just to be able to send it to the scheduled service appointment.


Watching cars foul up even basic parking is pretty funny. And I don’t just mean Tesla.

The driving seems quite good. Smooth. The parking is bad enough I wouldn’t even call it a proper feature.


How do you check if the computer is frustrated?


It throws a Fit.