The Smoking Tire Test Drive Review Of BMW i3 – Video


The Smoking Tire Drives BMW i3

The Smoking Tire Drives BMW i3

“The BMW i3 is a very important car. Not only is it the cheapest car on the market with a Carbon Tub, it’s quick, fun to drive, and has an amazingly cool interior.”

In this The Smoking Tire review of the BMW i3 BEV (of which BMW recently sold a new record – 1,710 copies of in September 2015) it is obvious that the test driver enjoys the i3.

In fact, he says that if you can’t afford a Tesla, then the i3 is the electric car you should buy. As low as ~$300 per month (lease), the i3 does indeed provide solid bag for your buck.

The reviewer adds that if fitted with proper sporty tires, the i3 would be even more exciting to drive, but it’s still a blast as is.

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$300 a month sounds great, but how much money I would have to put down on a BMW i3 Rex to get that monthly payment on a lease?

I see offers at my local dealer of:
” Lease: $309/mo for 24 mos. $4,234 due at signing”. In fact, last month it was a lower monthly payment (same down), which seems odd, but maybe they’re selling well enough they don’t need lower pricing.

Indeed. I’ve seen a few good lease deals on the BEV version as well.. But I just couldn’t tolerate that version because in Texas we have zero CCS stations (at least in Dallas area) and so the range extender would be the only one I could live with.

I have a BEV i3 in Dallas, but my commute is short.

A no money down lease of $400 on an i3 will get you a very well equipped version.

I was at my dealer yesterday (JMK BMW in NJ) and they have a new i3 REx on the showroom floor that is pretty well equipped with a MSRP over 50K. You can lease it for 24 months for $321/mo with zero down. Total payments out of pocket is $7,720.

BMW of Alexandria
$123/mo + tax
$4048 + tax, lic drive-off
2-year total:
$6877 + tax, lic
10K miles/year

last month we went to BMW of Fairfax and with $7K down (in trade) they were still talking $451 for a Rex. So we put our hats on and went home. In all fairness the MSPR was $54K The lease rate was based on $48K So we were asked to couch up $6K for the options plus sales taxes , acquisition ect.

Just updated the list for this week… Alexandria still has a great deal, but it’s for a REX. Weatherford in Berkeley now has the best deal of the week. Best I’ve seen ever, actually, on an i3:

Weatherford BMW
(Mega World)
$59/mo + tax
$3500 + tax, lic drive-off
2-year total:
$4857 + tax, lic
10K miles/year
Updated 11/6/15
Expires 11/30/15

Why the Rex – just makes a clean car dirty

Overgeneralization. Without the REx, we would have driven 700 miles to Savannah and back,recently, all by gas. With REx, though, we were able to take the i3 and do 515 miles on electricity and just ~180 on gas. Same thing with our Disney trips. BEV might not make it, or would make it really inconvenient with poor charging options along the way, so we’d have to drive all gas.

Last year BMW didn’t want to give me the full $7,500 tax rebate on a lease of the BMW i3 Rex. Do you know if that has change?

Yes, they are now offering the full $7500 credit.

$400 per month 24 months $1,500 Out of Pocket for loaded $55,800 i3 Rex here. That Out of Pocket includes my first month payment.

Nice cycling road!
I would have like to try it downhill and beat the i3 doing so.

I ordered a fully loaded 2016 fluid black BEV a little over $52k, but unfortunately right now BMW is not offering the $7500 credit on it! But for your info, yes…the 2015’s still have the $7500 through BMW FS on their leases.

Can you elaborate on this? Which $7500 credit do you mean?

For 2015s, BMW is giving a $7500 lease credit. It’s not actually the tax credit, but they’ve matched that number for simplicity.

I’m calling BS on $300/mo. I’m guessing he put about $5K down and has a 10,000 mile/year lease.

Lot’s of decent deals out there.

BMW of Alexandria
$123/mo + tax
$4048 + tax, lic drive-off
2-year total:
$6877 + tax, lic
10K miles/year

Wow… that’s really good. Best I’ve seen. Legitimately ~$300/mo.

Well, I guess it depends what it is. Is it a stripped BEV, or a loaded REx? Point being, there are definitely some good deals out there for i3’s right now.

What tires would be best ? I hate the tires on my egolf – making them slip every now and then when leaving an ICE car in the dust…

i3 is RWD, so it doesn’t suffer any torque steer or wheel spin problems when accelerating. While the LEAF and eGolf are similar in acceleration, the i3 is on a whole different level. It iRex I tested ran 7.2 sec 0-60mph, and this BEV is even quicker without carrying the weight of the range extender.

Does your EGolf come with a spare tire? I have an i3 and last week my father borrowed it and hit a pothole causing a flat. I think there was something else on the road as the damage was on the sidewall. This happened last Sunday and the BMW dealership had to order the tire- which still on transit.


This was unsafe going around those blind corners that fast with all those bicyclist on the road.

Also, he didn’t use any regen on the way down, what a waist.