The Smoking Tire Drives Tesla Model S P90D, Offers Suggestions For Improvement – Video

SEP 2 2016 BY MARK KANE 15

The Smoking Tire recently tested the Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous in its latest/refreshed iteration…and all the options. That is until the P100DL arrives, but first deliveries for those aren’t expected until the 4th week of September.

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous

It’s pretty interesting review overall, with advice to Tesla to maybe switch some commitment from gadgets like sliding door handles to crafting a more refined interior, and just plain adding some more buttons.

ST find the quality overall very good, outside some minor details, but points out that relative to the price point could still be better.

Overall driving experience was noted as excellent, with stunning acceleration, quiet, strong brakes (even though again, they could be even stronger) and a low center of gravity that helps cornering.

The video review also includes an Autopilot test on winding roads, which at least for now seems to be a little too winding.  Important was the conclusion that you need to pay attention all the time, in order to be able to take control anytime (as Tesla themselves point out); but that could be – according to the review – more exhausting than just driving yourself.

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I think it is a testimony to the potential of the EV, that total petrolheads like Matt Farah and Chris Harris are opening up to the idea that making a car’s drivetrain electric and designing around that, actualy end up with an overall better car. Keep the goodness comming! If Tesla can do this with a sedan, I am dying to know what they can do for a roadster or Porsche Caymanesque sportscar. Unfortunately, not Tesla’s priority for the moment. I pretty much totaly agree with Matt’s review : We need : Better batteries still! Not for more range perse, but rather for reducing the weight, reducing temperature sensitivity, and creating more potential for keeping a practical range with sporty driving. Better brakes : in fact, get into sportscar territory, what we realy need is a (lot) more regenerative braking. Sooner or later, supercapacitors might allow manufacturers to do away with (mechanical) brakes all together. Anyway, the S needs more braking power, in whatever form… Interior : ermmm, kinda sucks… Not the ergonomics, not the main screen, but the overall feel of quality is lacking… KISS : Keep It Simple Stupid. Well, Tesla is actualy doing that with the model… Read more »

Brakes? Well the brakes are very good for everyday use, although pedal travel a tad long. If you’re regularly zipping around a track, then aftermarket ceramics are the way to go.

Interior? Well that tends to be subjective. Old school people who are used to everything covered in leather, lots of shiny knobs, buttons and levers, aren’t going to be enamored of Tesla’s IKEA like interiors. That said, for what’s there, nappa leather, Mercedes switchgear and Recaro seats it ain’t half bad.?

Matt Farah actually had a lease on a first-gen Volt that ended a while back; he loved the car and thought it was great. Chris Harris gave a glowing review of the Volt on \Drive.

So both of them are certainly open to EVs, when they are good cars.

I cannot stress how incorrectly this reviewer used autopilot. It is not Not NOT intended for use in any of the situations we just saw. Autopilot is designed for use on divided highways with no intersections only. I cannot stress this enough.

The autopilot portion of this video demonstrated everything that a Tesla owner should never do with the technology

Exactly. So why does Tesla allow it? It already restricts Autopilot speeds on local roads. It should be disabled completely.

Agree. AP should be permanently disabled on this reckless drivers car. Refund the AP premium if necessary and don’t ever sell him another Tesla. BAD publicity!
He may be -or cause- the next Tesla fatality. Going off a cliff or killing a pedestrian/biker.
Auto fatalities are up a lot recently in the US. I suspect part of the reason is police being scrutinized and therefore are reluctant to pull people over for reckless driving such as this. (“we’ll wait till they crash, then ticket them”)
I may be anal about this, but sending a link of this video to the PD should justify a hefty fine and maybe a speed limiter enabled to keep him within 5mph of limit since Tesla’s know most speed limits.

Driving fast is also dangerous. So should all cars be manufactured with speed governors that won’t allow any car to go over 70 mph and have a 0-60 time no faster than 11 seconds? Because the law says it’s dangerous to go over the speed limit but people misuse the accelerator all the time.

Well… I suspect that exact scenario is not that far off – certainly in some countries. Interestingly, it is one aspect of autonomous cars that might make driving better. A truly autonomous vehicle would take a lot of bad (human) decision making out of fast driving. for example: If you imagine a road like the one in the idiot reviewer’s video, many of the bends on this road are blind but if your autonomous car was in communication with all other cars within, say half a mile, the cars ahead could give your car adequate data to allow it to take a bend ‘more efficiently’ (faster or slower) than a sensible human driver could because – amongst other things – it ‘knows’ what is out of site around the bend having had that info relayed from other cars ahead of it… like a posse of cyclists for example. But, honestly! Despite all the publicity over Tesla’s first AP fatality, this guy a/ thinks it’s a good idea to use it in the most ridiculously dangerous location and b/ takes his hands off the wheel. Stupid really does not even come close. I love my S and Tesla too but I… Read more »

Guy in the video is going wayyy to fast on that road, sheesh…

Yea way too fast ,He must think he’s on the autobaun. Good thing the car can handle it & he should beep to let people know that he’s there..he’s really moving !

Super Chargers at gas Stations Would Be Ideal* ., I don’t think BIG OIL is too enthused about having superchargers to promote EV’s at their Gas Stations, even though I’m certain it will help their in store sales business..

Funny how he mentions that he wants more superchargers because there’s none anywhere near his home. That is a fail! There’s no need for a Supercharger near his home. Hopefully his home has electricity.

Strange how some reviewers say the dash of Tesla cars should have buttons, while others praise the clean look and the almost total lack of physical buttons, in favor of virtual buttons on the screen interface.

20th vs 21st Century Perspectives…

In a car, buttons are underrated.

Given that your eyes should be on the road, the ideal interface for a car is one that you can use without looking… the opposite of a touchscreen.