Smart Vision EQ ForTwo Is One Car For All



Daimler’s first vehicle to lose the steering wheel and pedals is here.

After last week’s teaser, Smart has decided to fully reveal its latest concept car ahead of showing it in the metal at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The Vision EQ ForTwo takes the shape of a fully electric two seater developed for city use and fitted with an advanced autonomous driving system. It’s not being envisioned as a personal vehicle as instead Smart sees it embodying the future of car sharing.

Being a concept, it means Smart had the freedom to go all out and overhaul the ForTwo Electric Drive we have to day and turn it into this 2030 city car with a more rounded body and smart (get it?) looks. For example, those aren’t actually regular headlights and taillights as the Vision EQ has been fitted with LED screens instead. The grille is also one large digital panel capable of displaying multiple messages as a way to communicate with other cars on the road. Another ace up its sleeve is represented by the special film applied onto the side windows to project information from the inside.

smart vision EQ fortwo

Speaking of the interior, getting inside the minimalistic cabin is done through the two doors that pivot close to the body towards the rear to save space and also to reduce the risks of accidents involving cyclists or pedestrians. You won’t find any conventional controls as everything you will need is going to be on that wide display. Since this is a fully autonomous car, the steering wheel and pedals are a thing of the past, thus freeing up more room inside the tiny cabin.

A lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 30 kWh is at the heart of the Vision EQ ForTwo (don’t you just wish they would have put that in today’s offerings?  Us too!  Today’s version has just 17.8 kWh, and is rated for just 58 miles of real world/EPA driving) and can be charged inductively, which will eliminate the hassle of having to use a charging cable. Smart says the battery can be charged independently when the car is not in use and can also act as a “swarm battery” to stabilize the electricity grid.

smart vision EQ fortwo

The Vision EQ also serves as a preview of what to expect from Daimler’s electrified push as part of the newly established EQ brand, which is set to include more than 10 production EVs by 2022. These will range in size from a pint-sized Smart model to a large SUV carrying the three-pointed star badge.

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Someone out there

I like it. It should be good for car sharing.


I read that as “It should be a good car for shaming.”


You’ve successfully succumbed to identity politics. Allah bless the USA.


You’ve succumbed to over political correctness.

With ou on this…it will only be good on the golf course.


I guess they assume that everyone that wants to go somewhere doesn’t want to carry something with them, or with many friends. Pretty dumb concept IMO.

If you’re going to make autonomous taxi cabs, they should be big mini vans that can seat 8 with luggage, not not this thing. Taxi cab parking is not an issue because they are constantly working and in traffic, or at a remote parking location in a lot. Parking is the one and only thing Smart cars are good at.

Maybe these car companies should ask real taxi drivers what would work best before spending all the time and money to build something like this.


I don’t recall ever using a taxi with more than 1 other person, so there’s certainly a need for small autonomous vehicles as well as larger ones. When one hails an autonomous taxi, one would specify the number of passengers and luggage and the appropriate vehicle would arrive.


Perfect, but not as much lateral support

comment image


Why have a fleet of differing vehicles? Make them all the same and that way the closest one to you can always handle the job. In addition, operators can focus on just one type, like they did back in the day with the Checker cab, or the Crown Victoria, or the London Taxi Cab. Having just one type simplifies maintenance.


I’ve NEVER been in a cab with 8 people and luggage. Dude, what kind of cult are you part of that you travel in such large groups and so much luggage?

James P Heartney

In PerfectLand where everyone is young, attractive and rich, it looks lovely to do ridesharing with a stranger. In reality, you might not want to be cooped up in this bubblecar with someone you just met. It just looks a bit creepy.


She could have pressed the “No” button. It’s a choice.


Everytime I see a Smart car, I am reminded of life insurance.


I believe the normal SMART cars are actually pretty safe. It’s a really strong cell. Instead of relying heavily on crush space, they tend to bounce away in crashes due to the lightweight and strong cell.


The car looks up your i.d. and decides:

1) Delivery to Police cell?
2) Delivery to customs border?
3) Delivery to state line?.
4) Home to your house, as your too drunk.
5) A 10 minute drive past advert boards, for
free sponsored fare.
6) Chasing other cars.
7) your destination.

fun fun fun , It looks good to me.


Urban mobility solution (one of many)

Don Zenga

Just a concept.

More roundish means less interior space and probably more expensive.
Already it’s expensive at $24K. Lets wait for another 4 months and see how many Smart-ED’s are sold in USA.

Sales of both For-2 and For-4 put together is around 100 000 units in EU last year. And the rest of the World may be another 40 000 units.


Regarding US sales of the Smart For-Two Electric Drive in 2018.

We know that the range is not too much.

But the $7,500 US rebate + the State level rebate could still make it a practical EV for people who don’t drive that many miles anyway.