Smart Teases Electric City Vehicle Ahead Of Frankfurt Debut


A fully autonomous electric vehicle created for city use.

The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is right around the corner, so it comes as no surprise that more and more automakers are kicking off teaser campaigns to announce their plans.

Daimler-owned Smart is joining in on the fun with a single image depicting its new concept slated to debut in full on September 11. Between now and then, Smart will reveal more details about its showcar, which we already know will utilize an entirely electric powertrain using technology derived from Mercedes’ EQ sub-brand.

Speaking of Mercedes and the newly founded EQ, a second concept car following the zero-emissions crossover from the 2016 Paris Motor Show will be introduced at IAA next month. This time around it’s going to be a compact car, with some saying it will be a hatchback to act as a preview for a future BMW i3 competitor.

Getting back to the Smart concept at hand, it’s billed as being a “fully autonomous driving study” and at the same time also the first model from the brand to fully illustrate the CASE corporate strategy. In case you are wondering what those letters stand for, these refer to “Connected,” “Autonomous,” “Shared,” and “Electric.”

The IAA-bound vehicle will not represent Smart’s vision of a personal car as instead it will propose a car sharing concept tailored to the city.

The company probably sees a future in which autonomous cars will all be “talking” to one another as a way to not only increase safety, but also to optimize traffic flow to reduce our morning commutes.

More people sharing the same car would mean less vehicles on the roads, which in return would make the urban jungle easier to tackle on a daily basis. Cities would also be cleaner thanks to a broader adoption of EVs, but it’s going to take some time to get there…

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6 Comments on "Smart Teases Electric City Vehicle Ahead Of Frankfurt Debut"

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Don Zenga

Smart USA website has details about EV, but none are available in a dealer in my area.

I don’t when it will come. Check in you area.

Mark C

Daimler announced that roughly 2/3 of the smart dealerships said they would be converting to Sevice Only locations because they didn’t plan to be a “smart electric only” dealer.

That was a great way to get rid of their dealer network as they prepare to sell EV’s. perhaps using more of a direct sales model.


Well that is a glass half full way of looking at it. 🙂

I think it was a great way to get rid of or marginalize Smart in the US. Considering how poorly it has performed in recent years.

The brand will sell EVs in the mean time until they have more legitimate BEV options to sell. Goodbye B-class and Smart!

Were there any dedicated smart dealers anyways? All the ones in my area are a little corner in a Mercedes dealership. Those mercedes dealers certainly are not going anywhere.

Someone out there

Imagine if they instead of coming up with slogans and huge future platforms, just made a damn car. Stop with the future nonsense, put a battery and an electric motor in a chassis and shove a body on top. Simple.

john Doe

Which they have done . . since 2009 . .
Now they offer the microcar Smart Fortwo and the Smart Forfour..

Both of them are for inner city driving.
Both of them are not very efficient.. and they don’t have a lot of range.
I think the two seater has a personality though..