Smart Predicts Fortwo Electric Drive Sales for 2013


2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive From $17,500*

2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive From $17,500*

Smart managing director, Annette Winkler, provided Automotive News Europe (sub. req.) with the first indication of what the world can expect in terms of annual sales for the 2013 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive.

Smart ED Production Began June 12, 2012.

Smart ED Production Began June 12, 2012.

Though Winkler declined to directly comment on Fortwo ED sales, she did state that “demand is strong” and that Smart expects its total global sales to be in the “very good four-digit” range for 2013.

A Smart spokesperson provides the rest of the details by telling Automotive News Europe that the electric version of the Fortwo is expected to account for roughly 10 percent of Smart’s total sales in 2013.  In 2012, Smart sold 103,738 vehicles around the globe.  If the automaker nearly matches that number in 2013 and the Fortwo ED does account for 10 percent of its total sales, then we can expect to see approximately 10,000 sold worldwide in 2013.

While that figure might seem to be on the low side for a $25,000 electric vehicle, we should point out that the rollout of the 2013 Fortwo ED is nowhere near complete.  The vehicle is currently only available in Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal.  The US gets the Fortwo ED in Spring of 2013 and 30 additional markets, including China, will supposedly be added at a later date.

So, it’s not entirely fair to judge the sales success of the Smart Fortwo ED in 2013.  But come 2014, sales of the electric Fortwo should be at full volume.

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Are the third-gen Smart EDs still using a Tesla drivetrain?

@ Josh…no Tesla gear here anymore… “With its 55 kW electric motor (from EM-motive, Daimler’s JV with Bosch), the smart fortwo electric drive accelerates from 0 – 60 km/h (0-37 mph) in 4.8 seconds, with a maximum speed of 125 km/h (78 mph). The 17.6 kWh battery pack (from Deutsche ACCUmotive, Daimler’s JV with Evonik) enables the urban two-seater to travel approximately 145 kilometers (90 miles) in city traffic.

@Eric and Levi

I thought I remember hearing they switched suppliers, but was not sure.

Tesla was looking for the credibility as much as the money, so I doubt they are too upset over it. I imagine Tesla charges a hefty price for their running gear, by the way they brag about their margins on drivetrains.

Tesla trained Mercedes Benz how to build an electric , ( like they r currently doing with B-class due 2014) the MB turns around and outsources work to Bosch.

Tesla is getting riped off. They should buy back MB stake in Tesla & concentrate on manufacturing &selling their cars. In Ten yrs the will buy MB

So does this new german drivetrain have a 3.3 kw charger for the north american market?

According to this website, yes it does have a 3.3kW charger:

The second gen Smart ForTwo ED came with it, so it’s quite certain the third gen would as well.