Smart Launches Educational Videos to Pitch Advantages and Cost Savings of Fortwo Electric Drive


“Discover the advantages of the all-new electric car from smart. Learn about the convenience of charging, battery energy, low cost, and high efficiency. Accelerate new thinking with the smart electric drive.”

That’s the tagline of Smart’s latest Fortwo Electric Drive advertisement, which is more or less an educational video that tries to briefly touch upon some of these Fortwo ED specs:

Smart ED specs:

  • EPA range rating of 68 miles, with the car getting 76 miles in the city and 59 on the highway
  • MPGe: 122 city, 93 hwy and 107 combined
  • 17.6 kWh lithium battery made by Deutsche ACCUmotive
  • 55kW (74 hp) electric motors that puts out 130 Nm (96 lb-ft of torque)
  • top speed: 78 mph
  • 0 – 62 mph in 11.5 seconds
  • 100% charge (240V) in 6 hours
  • 80% charge (240V) from 20% to 100% in 4.5 hours, 20% to 80% in 3.5 hours
  • all season tires – 155/60R15 on 4.5Jx15 (front), 175/55R15 on 5.5Jx15 (rear)
  • length – 106.1 inches (8.8 feet), width – 61.4 inches, (5.1 feet), height – 60.7 inches (5.1 feet)
  • US Curb Weight: 2,094 lbs (coupe)  2138 lbs (cabrio)

Then there’s this second Fortwo Electric Drive spot, which attempts to convey the unique way in which one can “buy” the electric Smart:

Purchase Process:

  • Purchase and rent the battery: Smart USA values the battery pack inside the car at $5,010, so if you are purchasing the car, the base net is now $19,990.  Vehicle owners are then required to pay $80/per month on a 5 year/60 month term.  Smart has a renewal program entering month 61 that lets you extend the deal for another 5 years, at the same $80/month rate.
  • Lease and rent the battery: similar to the lease deal, except in this case you are looking at $119 lease and a $80 battery rental

Here’s the tagline associated with this one:

“Find ease in making the switch to electric mobility with the all-new electric car from smart. Discover affordable options of becoming an electric car fortwo owner. Accelerate new thinking with the smart electric drive.”

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4 Comments on "Smart Launches Educational Videos to Pitch Advantages and Cost Savings of Fortwo Electric Drive"

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I know the angle of leasing the battery is to:
1) Help those who are still a little afraid of the technology while
2) Allowing the manufacturer to take the risk and be rewarded some financially with the cost.
3) And lowering the monthly lease in one column while adding $80 in another.

IMO, I think it fuels the dark side into believing that the battery technology is not ready.

There is no doubt in my mind that the battery technology will most likely double over the next decade. This advance will probably come in density, more thermal freedom, and available cycles. Still, I believe today’s battery is ready for prime time. With a mega Tesla battery or a hybrid, PHEV, or EREV, there is little to worry about. The mid-size BEV batteries take a minimal amount of planning but still are ready for practical application. Leasing the battery might imply otherwise. IMO

Good! Most people still don’t know that EVs cost 1/5 to 1/2 the cost of driving a conventional gas car.

a guy in canada got 103 miles on a charge, and usually gets in the 90’s and high 80’s average all city driving, 0-40 time is 5 seconds,

They dubbed over his voice listing the mileage of the car. (5:07) I’m not too good at reading lips, but it likely listed the kilometer rating originally.