Smart Fortwo & Forfour Electric Drive Featured By Fully Charged – Video

MAR 26 2017 BY MARK KANE 11

Two electric smarts – the fortwo and forfour were featured in the latest episode of Fully Charged.

The fairly detailed review took place in France, where perhaps not incidentally, the fourth generation smart fortwo electric drive is produced.

smart electric drive fortwo, forfour and cabrio

Jonny Smith, know from his Flux Capacitor project, become the new host of the series – in the absence of Robert Llewellyn.

According to Jonny, the four seat version’s closest competitor is the Volkswagen e-up!

Both models are equipped with 17.6 kWh batteries and 60 kW electric motors.

“This is the 260th episode of Fully Charged and just possibly, the very first proper, informative and clear car review.

This is very much down to the talent and experience of Jonny Smith, his first time on the series (but definitely not the last).

After watching this, I know I have to up my game, I’m so thrilled Jonny could do this show with us and I’m really intrigued to hear your reaction.

Thank you Smart for flying Jonny and Mark out to Toulouse and organising the cars.”

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Jim T

Excellent review. Good job Jonny! That should keep Robert on his toes. I own a Leaf and have never really looked at the Smart EDs. They always seemed like cheaper toys. After your review I’ll take a longer look. Thanks!


Leaf owner here as well. Longer look will be considered when the Smart convertible shows up here in So. Cal on dealer lots. Johnny Smith has this review executed perfectly, and I will continue keeping my Patreon support for Robert And F.C. Show. Robert, I hope all goes well down under!


100 miles on 17kwh battery, only in NEDC World…


Not on the highway. But there’s no reason to think that it couldn’t do 100 miles in decent weather and mixed driving if they’re using a large proportion of the battery.

The 2016 ED curb weight is 2,100lb.

To me, it’s the lack of DCFC that’s the biggest limitation for the USA. The 7.2kW charger just isn’t fast enough to allow people to push their range. It should do better in Europe, where next year they’ll add an option for 22kW 3-phase AC charging.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

I never thought I’d ever see a “glory hole” reference in an EV review (@13:45). LOL! 😀

There was some new info on the Smart ED @5:40 into the video that I haven’t seen before. The Smart uses radar-based brake regen to vary/adjust the amount of regen applied while lifting off the accelerator or pressing on the brake. If the radar detects a car in front of you, the Smart applies more aggressive regen to more quickly slow the car down similar to the way adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking works. It’s not clear, but the reviewer also sort of says/implies that the Smart also uses GPS to increase regen when it determines that you’re going downhill and lift off the accelerator.

The hinge on the bottom half of the rear seat that allows it to fold down flat @13:33 is pretty smart (pun intended). 😉


When I heard the Glory Hole comment, I was like, really, was that necessary? Maybe I’m just getting old…


It looks like a pretty clever car.

How long will the battery in an electric car last? –Most of the evidence so far points to about 8 years.

Replacing a 17.6 kwh battery at the car’s “midlife” could very well make economic sense.

Replacing a 60+ kwh battery? …. I don’t know if that’s going to be smart.


Which electric car battery would that eight year one be since they haven’t been out that long.


Well, since multiple brands offer an 8 year warranty on their EV batteries, I guess it’s safe to assume they’ll last 8 years or more.

Furthermore, it’s not like lithium based battery chemistry is so new. It’s wear characteristics are well understood.


Is the bonnet (hood) space a frunk like the tesla?


The front panel is not hinged but removable to reveal access only for servicing fluids etc, same as all previous Smarts.