Smart Fortwo EQ Cabrio Tested By Autogefühl: Video

SEP 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

smart fortwo EQ cabrio is the smallest and only electric convertible on the market.

Weather maybe wasn’t best for shooting a convertible test drive review, but this sort of weather is common in Copenhagen, Denmark. Anyways, the all-electric smart fortwo EQ cabrio, now with the obligatory EQ sign, seems pretty slick in black-red.

The EQ cabrio is significantly more expensive than the gasoline version (some €25,000), but if you live is a sunny state with limited parking space in the city, driving an open-top smart could be a daily de-stresser.

Autogefühl definitely prefers the cabrio EQ over the coupe and considers convertible and electric a fantastic match.

smart fortwo EQ spec:

In the latter part of the video there are other sustainability topics covered like electric boats:

53:56 Go Boat electric leisure boats in Copenhagen Interview: Kasper Eich-Romme, co-founder

57:00 HH Ferries going electric between Helsingor and Helsingborg Interview: Jorgen Damgaard, Senior Master

1:03:07 Sustainable public interiors @ Green Furniture Concept Interview: Johan Berhin, founder & designer

1:07:47 Orestad, Copenhagen, new city quarter Interview: Bo Christiansen, Architect

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“convertible and electric a fantastic match”
I would like to convert a 328 convertible to EV.

In my city I can’t make 10 steps without seeing a Smart. They are everywhere. But sadly only the gasoline version. Even though they are tiny cars designed for cities and not the highway (they can still go on it), which make them theoretically perfect for the EV market.

Smart has a plan to be the first legacy company to go fully electrical.

We put a ton of km’s On our 2015 Cabrio. Great little car and a hoot to drive. Over 3 years of ownership and never been back to the dealership for anything. Next year we’ll change out the wiper blades and the 12 volt battery and do another 4 years.

We put a ton of km’s on our 2012 iMiEV ….. the rest of the text could be the same 😁. Sorry, ours got a new 12V battery this spring.
I have a feeling the Smart is overall better engineered, but it was much more expensive.
The real point is that these small city cars could be the workhorses of many families. They really shine as a second car.

I simply can’t understand how a car this small can get such poor mpge!!! 4.77 miles per kWh is comparable to what my eGolf gets and has 2 extra seats…

eGolf is apparently one of the most efficient electric cars around – so you are comparing with the best.

Ok, try the Ionic then…
BTW, both are much heavier than the “smart”.

I don’t regret buying the coupe the mark up for the convertible is just to high. I recommend everyone should drive a Smart for a few days that will reevaluate your car needs.

The guy got a couple of details wrong. You can’t get the sport suspension with the EV version since the EV version has a different suspension to begin with.

BTW: The Smart can tow 550 kg. Well, it can tow more but that is the rating.

Thomas, the main man at Autogefühl, gives some of the longest and most thorough car reviews on Youtube, and is generally of friend of EVs, but they are not his obsession (that is his fixation on getting rid of leather in cars). Good guy, I think.
I love the idea of this car, tiny, electric, open top. Pity this example by Smart wasn’t a bit better all round. When might Tesla do a car like this? People in cramped old European cities would go crazy for them.

How do you want to make it better? I would like a more premium interior. They have a better one than the one shown in the video but I would prefer more Mercedes on the inside. That would make the price more palatable too.
But all the rest really is top. The rattling stiff suspension makes the car feel fast because it doesn’t isolate you so much from the road.

It may look cool for certain peoples, but it is like driving a go cart.
I have been ridding in my Smart ED for the past 5 years and it is far from enjoyable.
I wanted to buy a Tesla at the time, but my banker said maybe a Smart ForTwo.

Do get me wrong really like the thing at the beginning, it still fun to see the face of ICE car driver when I leave them behind on a start (Yes it is still fast on a start compare to regular ICE car), but I am ready for something smoother.

May be I’ll wait another 5 years and buy a used model 3

Very interesting video with comprehensive test of a this smart short range EV and general discussion of what we can achieve with EVs and other measures, for more sustainability. And still having fun and nice things to look at 🙂

Price is outrageous for a two seater…