Smart ForTwo Electric Production Kicked Off Today, Can Be Had For $26,300*

JUN 13 2012 BY STAFF 16

Smart ED Production Begins June 12th, 2012 in Hambach, France

Daimler has officially won the race of German automakers attempting to start mass production of an electric car, albeit not with their flagship nameplate.  Today, the smart ForTwo ED production official began.

2013 Smart ForTwo ED Interior

Noting its small size, Daimler says “the new Smart ED is the first genuine electric car in Europe,” perfect for getting around the streets of Europe that were designed with the automobile in mind.  The car is available to order now in many parts of the world (but not yet in the US), and deliveries will start in Germany almost immediately, with a gradual rollout into 30 other countries over the next year (mostly in Europe).

The Daimler/Bosch collaboration sports a near 18 kWh battery pack, and is propelled by a 30-kW/55 peak electric motor that can push the little car to 60 km/hr (37 mph) in a respectable 4.8 seconds.  Range of the little 2 seater is 90 miles, with a maximum speed of 80 mph.

Prices in Germany (including 19% VAT):
Coupe- 18.910,00 € + 65,00 €/month battery lease  -or-  23.680,00 € one price (incl battery)
Cabrio- 22.000,00 € + 65,00 €/month battery lease -or- 26.770,00 € one price (incl battery)

The car is also available now for sale in Canada, and the Coupe is priced  from $26,990 ($26,300 USD), while the cabriolet is priced from $29,990 ($29,200USD).  Deliveries start in spring of 2013.   Obvious competition to this car in Canada will be the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, at $32,998, but with 2 additional seats.  In some provinces the car is eligible for up to a $8,500 rebate.

Smart ED - Available in Coupe and Cabrio

Daimler Media – Germany
Daimler Media – Canada


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Cheapest EV in Canada. Maybe I need to get one of these. 22k after government rebate in Ontario!

I have to admit I have a little soft sport for the Smart. I owned a “steam green” Euro-spec/72MPG cdi (type 450) at one point for small jaunts around town (don’t judge me on the color…that was the compromise with the wife).

The $26,990 over the $14,500 ICE ($17.5K for the passion), seems like a good proposition, considering your only talking about a $12,500, or $14,200 out the door, premium for electrification, then considering you get a $8,500 rebate after that. Extra $5,700 all-in

However, the raging value (if you consider the standard model to be fairly priced) is that the petrol Cabrio has a base price of $20,500, as compared to $29,900 for the electric version, for a difference of $9,400, or $10,500 out the doo,. Less the $8,500 rebate is only $2,000 more than the petrol. (aprox $22,500 all in after rebate)

And its a topless electric, and that is cool. I’m seriously considering picking up one of these.

…but like Delta, I’m going to give my local Mercedes dealer a call and make sure all these numbers add up and there isn’t any double-talk/fancy press work happening here.

If your numbers do check out, this might be the first smart EV commuter. Be very interesting to see if it can capture some market share.

Just got off the phone with Mercedes dealer in the Toronto area to check this out ‘in the real world’, and they confirmed the pricing/delivery as quoted in the article. Said they got a bulletin/update in their system this morning.

+freight and pdi of course

Smart ForTwos are head-scratchers here in the ‘States. They’re tiny – they seat two – they really do not achieve good MPG compared to similarly priced four seat vehicles with a likely better chance to survive a mid-to-substantial accident, “Safety cell” or no. Funky sells a few units here and there, but Smart sales in the ‘States have been minute.

My take is that the Smart always was an EV looking for an electric powertrain. The car in EV form makes some sense for city dwellers who live in congested areas with next to nil street parking, or perhaps a third car used in a green-clean way to grocery get and do post office duty. That said, even the $8500 rebate makes SmartEV a rather spendy call when I can go to the grocery on my $1500 electric Go-ped scooter and just use a similarly priced ICE compact car for hauling more and having no limits to distance.

All said, SmartEV still ranks in the “funky little golf cart” category of goofy, tiny and dangerous “green cred’ city EVs – but it could be practical in the inner city – and great for narrow streets and green zones in Europe.

This is the perfect summer 2 seater that you can keep forever – I still see convertible Geo Metros running around every summer – even if they are 22 years old.

Hey Jay, A better option may be Smart’s Ebike. It’s another product from Smart that makes some sense, but….might not be the right choice for a person looking towards an electric bicycle. While Smart said their Ebike, which is on sale in EU countries today ( and looks uber cool ), would come to America and Canada in January, I cannot find a Smart dealer who has a clue. Smart’s Ebike is unique and actually uses regenerative braking! It’s got an iPhone dock and USB jack for infotainment and charge info and is belt driven so you don’t get your long pants ripped or oily. Another cool unique feature of Smart’s German engineered bike is that the battery pack is interchangeable, in other words, you can unsnap the pack to charge in your office while the bike is locked downstairs at the rack! All this goodness comes at a price though, so, like the SmartEV, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the most of us. Most guys’ll just either A) Make their own Ebicycle which isn’t that tough, or buy a prebuilt one with a lot more than Smart’s 250Watt motor and go faster, longer, but without… Read more »
Breaking News: BMW just opened up it’s first ” i Store” in London. It’s located in the trendy, expensive marketing district across the street from Hyde Park and displays the newest version of the i3 and it’s new concept electric bike called Pedelec. The Pedelec is an ingenious solution to urban transport. It folds and stores in the i3’s hatch area and even has it’s own charge outlet in the car! So why, you may ask, do the Germans sell electric bikes along with their electric cars? The answer: Because it’s just smart, period. . I’m not yankin’ my own chain here, but I’ve been tossing a foldable Go-Ped electric scooter in the hatch area of my Prius for years now, and it’s strange not many others have picked up on the practicality of these nifty machines. I drive into an area, or outside an area where I would be charged for congested public parking, or not allowed in at all ( street fairs, bike paths ) and I just continue my journey, gas-free to where I want to go. In the EU non gasoline “green zones” are popping up every day. This solution allows a driver to continue on… Read more »

Cool stuff. Thanks for the vids.

Sidenote: No worries about stepping on toes and breaking stories. Can’t happen here. If there is something new, than we want to know about it. Even better if we find out here, lol. Besides, we have been known to put up 5-6 stories a day if there is lots of things going on…we don’t sit on things, (=

Drove the Smart ED over a year ago.
Zero to 60 mph: 23.4 sec
Standing ¼-mile: 22.2 sec @ 59 mph
Top speed (governor limited): 63 mph
EPA range; 63 miles
$600/month lease and It could not produce the numbers you quote. So this is a Gen2 design?

This isn’t part of the 1,500-odd test fleet that 250 or so got sent to the US. Those ’11 EDs were 16.5 kWh (18,650 Tesla Cells), with a Zytek Motor 20kW/30kW peak.

So we have an extra 2 kWh and double the power on the electric motor, along with an estimated extra 6 miles of range. 0-60 comes up in an earound 12 seconds

I should add that my scooter was around $1400 and is made in USA. I opted for the suspension model which smooths the cracks, bumps and potholes. Mine is sealed lead-acid which gets me 8 – 14 miles depending on accelorator usage and hills, and I average 13-18 mph. Li Ion models are far superior in every way ( of course ) but are spendy. I find my batteries last 2 years and I end up replacing them for around $100 – not bad. The seated cruising position is good for shopping trips, but I spend 90% of the time standing – it’s a great sensation, just standing there breezing past everyone. I live next to Seattle’s Burke-Gilman trail, a bike path built on old rail beds ( Rails 2 Trails ). I live in the suburbs but when I buy my lithium Goped, I’ll be able to increase my range to 23 miles or so, allowing me access to the city. Law enforcement looks the other way because you’re using no ICE.

I find it an EV solution that I do not have to go to my wife to approve due to it’s negligible price.

Unlike electric cars – the electric bike is already perfected. A 500 dollar lithium battery will power an ebike for 2000 cycles (like riding every day for 8 years). They take you anywhere at 20 MPH with no noise, insurance or licence. Getting 1 percent more people communting on ebikes or bikes would have the same effect as 1 million EV’s on the road.

… the eSmart is available in the Victoria area of Canada.. maybe perfect for ‘goin to Sunday meeting’ old folks or soccer-moms with 1 kid, but with a 60 to 80mile range I don’t expect to be seeing these cars going over the Malahat and ‘up-Island’ anytime soon. Still have to use my old ICE VW Golf which with some ‘smart’ driving can get me 1000km on12.1gallons (imperial) of petrol… that’s Calgary to Nanaimo in one day…and on 1 tank. When I can do that with an e-car I’m sold… till then… it’s fill-er-up….ding ding cha-ching $$.