Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Available Nationwide in February


Now Available Nationwide!

Now Available Nationwide!

“We have allowed it to find its own level, and it has marketing and a $99 lease.”

Smart ED

Smart ED

Says Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, in reference to the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive.  (Of note: there is also a $80/month battery rental involved in that particular deal)

Sales of the Smart ED have been relatively strong in the US.  The current generation ED sold 921 units in the US in 2013, despite not being available nationwide.

Currently, the Fortwo ED is on sale in only 10 states.

The nationwide rollout of the Smart ED was initially scheduled to occur in September 2013.  Production constraints delayed that until sometime in 2014.

We know now that the Smart ED will go nationwide next month.

We expect sales to shoot up as the Smart ED makes its way to dealership throughout the US.

Source: Automotive News

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“$99 lease” nice, i don’t know how americans respond to a car that small but that thing seriously makes sense around town. Leasewise it’s the cheapest EV around by then right?

The iMiev had lease rates of $99 (I even say $69! in some places) a year ago that cleared a lot of stock and has much more utility as a four passenger or great cargo space with the seats down (better than the bigger Leaf by most accounts). We’ll see if the 2014 iMiev will be offered with a $99 lease in a few months. I would guess so and expect that it would sell pretty well at that price.

The advantage to the Smart is a sportier package, a tiny bit more range (68 vs. 62), some features (paddle regen., smart phone app., colors …), and convertible option. I see it being a very small niche (even more so than the Smart itself).

I was one of the lucky ones to get the $69/month i-MiEV lease. At least you can get a couple of child car seats into the i-MiEV. That takes the Smart ED completely out of the picture for me.

A $99 lease on the 2014 i-MiEV wouldn’t be too far out of the question. It stickers at $22K well equipped, less $7500 for Federal tax credit and — in my state — a $2500 state rebate starting in April. That makes the purchase price $12K!

Yup, it will be “battle of the cheapies”! 🙂

Once those two are available nationwide, let’s see how long the mainstream business press can stick to their “EVs are unaffordable” party line.

Judging from other teeny topics (Iraq and global warming come to mind for some reason) – pretty much forever ;(

That little dog race sounds fun! Though I think those win shoot up in sales easily, but it wouldn’t be a driving for of growth like the LEAF has been last year. Smart/Daimler was happy as Larry to see 10% of sales being the ED. A very optimistic opinion would see ED sales making up a half of Smart sales, so that’s 3000 units per year. Then Mitsubishi. It’s a wild card, I genuinely hope it’ll be as popular or more popular it has been in January and February of 2013. That’s over 3000 a year, excluding the fact that the i-MiEV will be there in stock by May.

It’s exciting, now we have two little EVs with a lot of potential, but it’s debatable whether they’ll have a success andhold significant amount of the market, or whether sales increase but not much, thus sale figures appearing as unimpressive because of the high standard of improvement that the LEAF delivered.

A new EV for $12,000 that’s very amazing considering a used 2012 i-MiEV goes for $17,000. I might get to have my dream of owning a EV come true soon if things like that starts happening.

When I saw the 2012 i-MiEV in real life the only way I can compare it to tell people about it is that it is as big as two smart cars put together and it looks a lot roomer then a smart car and several other gas cars I have seen. If they could do something about raising the battery capacity from 16 to 24 kilowatts they might have themselves a little Prius killer.

I really do think the i-MiEV and the electric smart car will do battle with one another over the next few months.

Do you realize that i never use the trunk space or rarely have anyone sit in the second seat? The car is absolutely perfect for me

No, because I don’t know you. 😉 Glad the Smart ED is perfect for you.

I’m glad they are taking it nationwide. That’s one less compliance car. But I sure wish it had about 20 miles more range. 68 miles with no range extender, and presumably no fast charge capability, is very limiting. If it has fast charge it is probably frankenplug, which are virtually non-existent in most places.

Still early days for FrankenPlug…

dude i get 70-80 miles per charge

What is your city vs. highway driving percentage?

Smart drivers tend to have no interest or need for traveling on the motorways. Smarts are designed for the cities and used in the cities.

There is a place in my area where it’s very much city driving with low speeds and small parking spaces where the max speed limit is 45 mile on hour. That is where I see most of the smart cars at while the bigger trucks and SUV’s live out in the suburbs and rural areas.

The i-MiEV electric cars all have fast charging included with them.

There is a bit more to the story. The $99/mo lease is for the base ICE version. The EV starts at $139 for 36 months or $159 for 24 months, but that’s before the $80/mo + tax battery rental plan called Battery Assurance Plus. Which puts it at $219 and $230. Both with $995 down. It does not seem to have a Tesla battery pack, as it’s ‘Manufactured by Deutsche ACCUmotive. ‘ Which could explain the battery lease and ‘12,500 mile repair/maintenance’ cycle. Now here is the crazy part: “you pay $80 + tax month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. however, once you cancel, you can’t renew at a later time. in addition, once you cancel, you will be required to return the battery to mercedes-benz financial services.” So what do you do with an EV you bought for $12k without a battery? It’s small, maybe they could add peddles. That’s where the ‘as low as $12,490’ price comes from. But the base price with battery is $25,750. I could not find any lease pricing that includes buying the battery. $25,750 for half a car. Battery range took some effort to find, but it’s 76 city, 59 hwy… Read more »

$139/mo[2] with Battery Assurance Plus, so the battery is not an extra.

It’s a separate ‘rental’ plan that you pay for along ‘with’ the lease.

“battery assurance plus
rent battery with lease, finance or purchase
of the electric vehicle
>> just $80/month + tax includes:
+ annual maintenance of the high-voltage battery, up to 10 years
+ repair or replacement of the high-voltage battery, if defective, at no cost (should it ever be necessary), up to 10 years”

Just a note. smart is not ‘the best’ at keeping their site up to date with the deals – in fact they aren’t good at all. Relatively speaking, smart is a very small operation – run separate from MB

You can get a smart ED on lease from $99/month with $80 rental.

they are not expecting anyone to buy the battery as this cars depreciation will drop heavily not being a “regular” car and battery technology will change so why would you buy it? that would be stupid, the mercedes benz manager discussed everything with me as i asked all these questions and i dont plan on buying it at the end of the lease… and its $139 a month for me, almost 6 months of ownership and not a single problem

It looks like it would be a fun little city car to drive for a while, with the convertible just $20/mo more.

Added Smart ED lease details into the story

Nice to see them offer it in more places. And the Smart ED is much better than the gas Smart cars. But I don’t think it is going to sell very well. 2-seater ecobox market is quite limited.

Great news. The more plug-in choices consumers have, the better.