Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Scores 4 Stars Overall in NHTSA Crash Tests (w/videos)


The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is safe.  Not 5-star safe, but 4-star safe is still rather decent considering the vehicle’s tiny size.

Officially, the NHTSA says that the Smart Fortwo ED scored 4 stars in frontal crash, 4 stars in rollover and 5 stars in side crash.  Those results net the Fortwo Electric Drive an overall 4-star rating from the NHTSA.

Above and below you’ll find videos and graphics detailing the Smart Fortwo ED in NHTSA testing.

Frontal Results

Frontal Results

Side Results

Side Results

Rollover Results

Rollover Results



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6 Comments on "Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Scores 4 Stars Overall in NHTSA Crash Tests (w/videos)"

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The whole-undercarriage shot through glass floor is pretty cool.

If it scores 100 I’d still be scared driving this toy.

the fact that i’ve been driving smart cars for 9 months now and have never once felt unsafe is odd compared to you who doesnt drive one every day or even owns one… an accident is highly unlikely and if it occurs (unlikely) you’ll be safe

Watching the Smart ICE get hit by a midsize car in an earlier crash test and pirouetting 720 degrees in the air made me not even consider the car. I forsee a collision like a paddle and a metal ping pong ball. The smart car (and occupants) is going to absorb most of the energy.

you are ridiculous

If there’s something i hate in this world its all the people that are stuck in their ignorant minds about smart cars “safety” saying they aren’t safe…

Smart owners have nothing but positive things to say about the smart but all these non owners seem to know it all and think that their opinions of the car are actually valid? Lol

Your loss missing out on an incredibly fun and SAFE car… its designed by the finest Mercedes-Benz engineers in the world…. people really do amaze me… and not in a good way