Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Recalled


Smart Fortwo Recall

Smart Fortwo Recall

Mercedes-Benz has issued a recall for certain 2014-2015 Smart Fortwo coupes and convertibles.  The recall affects some 2014 Fortwo Electric Drive models (both coupe and convertible).  A 2015 model year Fortwo Electric Drive did not yet exist at this point in time, so in regards to the Electric Drive version of the Fortwo, only 2014s are potentially involved in this recall.

The recall affects up to 720 of the Electric Drive Coupe versions of the Fortwo and 121 electric convertibles manufactured between January 30, 2014 and May 23, 2014, but potentially only 8 or so may be affected (note the estimated percentage with defect: 1 listed below).

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Watch out, Teslafan!

got a 13 🙂

Were Tesla parts responsible for that glitch as we read it elsewhere ?