Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Now On Sale in China

NOV 25 2013 BY MARK KANE 4

Smart announced at the 2013 Guangzhou Motor Show that it has become the first European manufacturer to bring an all-electric vehicle to the Chinese market.  And this is true, as no one else is exporting electric vehicles to China from Europe.

Smart fortwo electric drive is now available at dealerships in China as well as in 13 other countries (mostly in Europe but also in some areas of USA, Canada and Japan).

Dr. Annette Winkler, Head of smart said:

“Our smart electric drive was one of the first all-electric cars and is the clear market leader in Germany. We are now bringing this successful vehicle to China, and are the first European manufacturer to launch an all-electric car on this market. Offering powerful driving pleasure with zero local emissions, the smart electric drive is perfectly suited to China’s big cities.”

The smart ED Rolls Off The Line In France

The smart ED Rolls Off The Line In France

Smart also mentioned that has around 40 percent of the EV market share in Germany and that approximately 93 percent of customers would recommend the smart electric drive to other. Last month smart delivered over 300-units in Germany.

The specs of smart ed in China are basically the same as in other places. 55 kW electric motor from EM-motive (a Daimler joint venture with Bosch) and lithium-ion battery with 17.6 kWh produced by Deutsche ACCUmotive (a Daimler joint venture with Evonik). Vehicles are manufactured in the Hambach smart factory in France, alongside the various ICE versions of the fortwo.

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The Smart electric drive it could be perfect for China, that has both the problem of the pollution and traffic congestion in the dozen of megacities around the country. One problem to the diffusion of the Smart EV could be the price, as this vehicle is an imported one so that it’s not entitled to the big discount ( up to 20.000 USD) that is possible to get for local made EV. Now the point is : why the hundred of local domestic manufacturers of cars in China don’t try to put in the market something similar to the Smart EV, means a small but well made city car that with the subsidy of the government could be sold at the same price of any IC city car? In the recent time , here in China, several car makers have been introducing in the market EV, that are simple conversion of large and old fashoned cars with no design appeal and decade old technology for battery and other electric components. This is not the way to win the consensus from the consumers, that in China are rightly reluctant to embrace this kind of zero emission vehicles. Need a new marketing… Read more »

the best little car in the world, should be a hit there.

This is the solution to my problem. I can’t buy one in Virginia, but we can buy anything from China. I’ll just buy it off Alibaba!