Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Accounts For 20-25% Sales Of All Fortwo In US

APR 25 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

Current Smart Fortwo ED

Current Smart Fortwo ED

We all know that it’s smart to switch to electric drive, but how smart are smart customers in the US?

According to data gathered by InsideEVs, it seems that about 20-25% of all smart fortwos sold in the past 27 months were smart fortwo electric drive.

In 2013, it was 10% (923 units), but in 2014 that figure rose to nearly 25% (2,594 units). This year begins from 21.3% (326 units in three months).

The record stands at 41.3% in June 2014.

smart fortwo is one of the most appropriate cars to be electric, as it will typically spend almost its whole life in the city. We think that if Daimler cut its price just a little bit more than crossing 50% sales for the electric version would be possible.

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Just imagine when we get to the point that 25% or more of all manufacturer’s sales are electric.

i got rid of my gas smart for it

its way too addicting to drive

I wonder how many of those sales were because of the Car2Go replacing their fleet with new Smarts? No matter, I love those numbers.

Absolute numbers are still pretty small… And it’s not a compliance car (although still sold only in 7 states).
IMO, the i-MiEV is a better deal for most uses (in transport 4 adults, more cargo, better range, standard DC quick charging).

I read the headline and my immediate thought was “hey, they sold 4 or 5 (they can’t remember which) and 1 of them was electric.”

It does have a pretty short range but it is cheap, comes in a Cabrio, and is much better than the gas version.

They sell better than Leafs where I am, and Mercedes told me I can get them for about $12000 net cost. Of course, the WNY Smart (Mercedes) dealership is much more agressive with pricing (read: better) than I suspect elsewhere. Supposedly the Lease is also only $120/month.

I can’t touch a leaf for anywhere near that price. Which probably explains why I see many ED SMarts and almost no Leafs.

The battery range is small with the smart, but the car is fun to drive, and may be great for a family’s ‘third’ car.

Availability is super tight, certainly in the top 5 plug-in selling markets. They would sell a lot more if they just had them available in all 50/states.