Smart Fortwo Electric Featured By Autogefühl – Video

smart fortwo electric drive



smart fortwo electric drive

The latest generation of the Smart Fortwo electric drive vehicle was recently reviewed by Autogefühl, and they’ve got the video to prove it. According to Autogefühl, the Fortwo is a great – but tiny – two-seater that provides a lot of fun, with agile driving in cities.

Parking, however, is  a little bit more challenging than it needs to be, with large doors that require a lot of space to be opened. Thankfully, the interior is spacious and feels like bigger car, but Smart forgot to install a compartment for your phone.

Overall, the driving experience is very nice, the reviewers say, but if you’re taking a corner with any speed, you notice that it’s a short and relatively tall car.

The all-electric Smart will soon be the only model the brand sells in the U.S. and Norway.

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The door problem can easily be solved a new hindge, and $1000, but the ability to lift/swing the door upward would be beneficial….

The Smart is so much narrower the most other cars, the wide swinging doors shouldn’t be a problem.

There is no door problem. Therefore nothing needs to be solved.

Lol. The doors open just fine.

Tiny? Uhhh Ya. It is. That is super obvious. Everyone I see driving cars everyday has 4-5 seats and they are the only ones in their cars so all those seats are useless. Smart is the perfect commuter

And oh no! No place to put your phone! What ever will you humans do without your phone while driving?


But the last Smart ED was amazing so this definitely should be better. Except for looks. Cant wait to test drive one

There IS a hidden compartment for a smartphone, as was revealed by a tester in Florida a couple of months ago following the car`s official release at the LA Autoshow. That way, the phone is out of sight of prying eyes – smart.

The range seems to be the only drawback. If they can this up to a legit 125 mile range, I would seriously consider it when it comes to replace my Leaf.

Range is only a part of the issue with electric vehicles – and the lesser part. The infrastructure is not, and may effectively never be, in place to allow for the charging of every vehicle, everywhere it parks. The same is true for IC vehicles, of course. However, the IC-engined vehicle requires two to six minutes to (completely) refuel. Accomplish THAT with electric vehicle technology and the amount of mainstream purchasers will become significant as long as the initial selling price is relatively comparable – even if that electric-powered vehicle only attains a short range of 115 to 130 miles (approximately 185 to 209 kilometers).

As a commuter, range is not an issue. Unless, of course, you work 50miles from home, then it clearly is not for you. My smart ED has done 35,000 miles going to and from work (33m each way), luckily I charge up at work, so it’s perfect for me. It’s light and small and does the job.

The only thing with this new one that I notice is that the range is pretty much the same, whilst other manufacturers have managed to get more out of the same battery or keeping the same weight, Smart has stayed still on this front.