2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Battery Health Still Strong At 125,000 Miles


Turns out that not only Teslas maintain high battery capacity after well over 100,000 miles.

In fact, this 2013 Smart ForTwo Electric still has tons of life left. That’s despite its tiny battery, which requires very frequent recharging.

InsideEVs fan Moritz Leicht from Germany reached out to us with an amazing Smart story. We’ll share the recap down below, but the gist of it is that he loves his electric Smart. Add in the fact that its battery capacity is at 90% of when it was new and that’s astonishing.

The 17.6-kWh battery pack is holding up, despite being at 125,000 miles.

Here, in Moritz’s words, is an overview (full blog post from Moritz can be found here):

I’m Moritz Leicht from Germany and would like to tell you about my smart electric drive from 2013 with the standard 3.7 kW  charger (in Europe there is also a 22 kW charger available). At the end of 2018, we passed the 200,000 km-mark and are now happy the battery still has 90% of its original capacity left.

Here are a few facts about the car:

– 3rd generation smart electric drive
– battery (17,6kWh) by the German Accumotive (Joinventure Daimler & Bosch)
– a realistic range of 100km
– charges at maximum with a speed of 20km/h
– the smart electric drive has a fluid based battery heater and cooler
– motor by EM-motive, same as the Fiat 500e, but limited to 55kW due to the small battery
– went to every 20.000km inspection and never had anything wrong
– the smart is a car and we use it as we want. For example, we drove a few laps in racing speed at the Hockenheimring in Germany
– the battery still has 90% left
– this car changed our life, originally leased just for two years my dad bought it after the two years
– this car made my family go full electric (I switched from the old ED to the new EQ, my brother got the old ED, my Mum drives a Renault Zoe, my Dad got a used Model S 100D)
– still has its first brake discs and shoes
– only thing that was replaced where the tires and all the lights
– we are never ever going to give this car away

Moritz accurately points out too that since the Smart has a tiny battery, it gets recharged often. Therefore, 125,000 miles on the battery is all that much more impressive.

Again, we encourage you to check out the full blog post (originally in German) here.

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One key to longer battery life with small batteries that endure daily full charging is low recharge rates. Looking forward to seeing how the 2019 Chevy Volt fares compared to 2016-2018.

This is a 17.6kWh battery that charges happily at 22kW even though his doesn’t have that option. The 22kW are equating to 1.25C which is actually rather quick compared to other cars.

I drive the current model but I limit the charge rate to 11kW at home because charging efficiency is higher and 2% lower fuel costs are 2%.

BTW: those 200.000km equate to at least 2000 full cycles on the battery which in turn would equate to 1 million km in a Model 3 LR or Model S 100D.

That cycle life is impressive. Stories like this will do wonders in shaking the EV myths.

The max charge rate for Smart is 3.3k watts.

How are the Tesla equipped Smarts doing?

(trick question; they have been scrapped and replaced)

This is good news. I’m planning on buying a used Smart For Two Electric as a second EV soon. You can’t beat it for finding street parking in city neighborhoods where parking is tight.

If a single outlier is “good news” even though there’s actually zero information whatsoever about *typical* degradation or how variable degradation is, you can find good news about literally every EV model with a small effort.

It’s really just meaningless anecdote. Maybe the Smart has better battery than others, but maybe it’s worse. Nothing in this article gives us any reason to assume one or the other.

Example of another such anecdote:

Btw that one has 1700 quick charge sessions. My 2012 has 66 in its life according to Leaf SPY — but is down to 78.88% capacity after 78k km (nearly 50k miles).

Smart fortwo uses Tesla made batteries… are we missing something?

This smart is the generation after the one they build with Tesla.

The Smarts were equipped with the cells used in the Roadster. They died quickly and Daimler has replaced them against their own batteries to avoid more bad publicity. A car like the Smart needs a battery that can be fully charged and discharged in quick succession and at a relatively high power.
You can still find brand new Tesla Modules for the Smart in online shops for DIY. Daimler ordered those and never used them.

Yes, the second generation was equipped with cells by Tesla. But this is already the third generation, it has got the celly from Li-Tec, so they are even made in Germany.

The smart ED2 (by Tesla) and the smart ED3 (by Daimler) look quiet the same. But they are completly different cars.

Gen 2 had tesla motor and battery

So he travelled more than 300 Kms every day on a car with the maximum range of 150 kms?

No. He travelled about 110km/day. Your math is wrong.

Many other Electric vehicles with liquid cooled battery packs and Battery Thermal Management hold up very well. My favorite is the Chevy SPARK EV. It has 4 doors and seating for 4. A Smart doesn’t. They even come with optional DC Fast Charging.

What has the number of doors todo with the quality of an EV? The Smart can be fully recharged from 0-100% in 40min with the 22kW AC charger.

SparkEV can be charged 0-80% in 20 min, fully charged in 30 min. SparkEV has more range in 80% than SmartED at 100%, so charge time is about half.

More than doors, it’s the availability of rear passenger space.

SparkEV is much more efficient than SmartED.

22kw charger is 3 phase, dont exhist in usa

My 2013 does only 3.3kw speed, 6 would be awesome

Spark is one of the ugliest vehicle designs in the history of car designs

I don’t need 4 seats

I drive my car 99.9% by myself

I have one of the coolest looking electric Smarts on earth. Black and Orange.

If you drive by yourself often, SparkEV would be better since it’s more efficient than SmartED.

About the only reason for SmartED is shorter and easier parking, which I must admit can be a big deal. It’s too bad that SparkEV can’t be folded in half when it comes to parking…

90% after 200k km is impressive for such a small pack, and I don’t think it is only because of the lack of quick charging. My 2012 Leaf SL has 78.88% capacity left according to Leaf SPY, with 78k km on the odometer – and 66 quick charge sessions in its lifetime.

However, my car is a US import and it may have been living in Arizona prior to finding its way to more battery-friendly (and frankly, human-friendly) climates.

Yeah, we like you too, maybe.

I’m on my second Smart ED. Both have been flawless. Amazing little car.

I have the car (and year), I did not measure how much much is left in the battery pack, but it looks like it is pretty high still.
I bought it because it was the only one I could afford and really liked it.

But as I am aging, I would appreciate a liitle comfort as this is like a go cart. You can almost make a U turn inside a single lane, I love to see those regular gas car tring to pas me to get in front of me only to see them forced to go behind (yes the Smart is quick on a start).

I am going to keep this little car for a little while, then probably buy a used Tesla

Try the new smart. In comparison to the old one the chassis of the new one is like driving on a cloud. And the radius for a U turn is now even smaller.

My 2013 smart ed is at 50000 miles and battery at 100% health still

Carlos a. pantoja pantoja

How much will cost a new battery, and how many miles per charge at average speed of 50 mph

Nobody knows because nobody will ever change a battery pack in a Smart (unless there is an acident or a premature failure). The guy as 200,000KM and the battery pack is healty

I have a 2014 Smart with 91,000 km on it with no noticeable degradation, original brakes, no service issues! I commute 90km a day in it and use it on the weekends for all Our family chores. Love it!

We purchased a 2015 Smart it was still under bumper to bumper warranty and Smart would not fix it. The battery was dead. The Smart warranty is not worth the paper it is printed on and I will urge my associate to never ever, never again purchase another Smart. Merc sucks at EV’s so far the B Class lost more than a 3rd of its range in winter. Learn how to build EV’s Merc or give up.

I am looking at a 2013 Smart E. However the battery will not hold a charge.
Where can I find a replacement battery for it?