Smart Fortwo ED Comically Loses All Drag Races – Video


“The smart fortwo electric drive is a champion of urban mobility. But is it a champion of the drag strip? Against some of the fastest cars in the city?! Well, there’s only one way to find out.”

Smart pokes fun at its own Fortwo Electric Drive in this video in which you’ll see the pint-sized electric car take on some heavy-hitting challengers.

Moral of the story?  Check out the image below and you’ll see what Smart’s getting at here.

Smart Fortwo ED Is Not The Drag Race King

Smart Fortwo ED Is Not The Drag Race King

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Electric Car Guest Drive

Great to see that smart has a sense of humor, but the competitive advantage that most other cars can’t compete with and is highly valued by potential purchasers is the ability to shoehorn the car into the only remaining parking space.

It’s also very inexpensive after clean air rebates.

I guess such pragmatic concerns of real buyers don’t make good TV.

Smart does make the most, should I say, clever of ads.

Actually it did say the SmartED will win in the 0-0.005 (km) drag race.

But seriously, my Test Drive of the Smart42ED was the best I’ve experienced.

The local Mercedes dealer here had EIGHTEEN electric 2013 and 2014 SmartED’s on his lot (that’s as many electric cars as all the other dealers in the Buffalo NY area had Combined at the time).

They let me drive the car on my own.
They provided me with a lavish buffet lunch, as much as I wanted.
They provided a free umbrella.
They provided a $20 free Starbucks gift card.

I’ve never seen such a generous dealer.

And yes, the Car had plenty of acceleration for city driving.

What’s not to like?

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

How were the lease terms?

Actually Doc, that was novel also. You could either do a Lease, or you could purchase the car and Lease the battery, which I believe overall was the best deal.

Since this was over a year and a half ago, I forget the specifics since I was only interested in an outright purchase. But I do remember the combo deal was very reasonable.

This ad, rightly or wrongly, has encouraged me to start sliding in front of sports cars when I beat them to the speed limit in my LEAF.

I like where the opponent is actually coming back before the smart crosses the finish line.

I chuckled a bit at that too. 🙂

Me three… 🙂

At lunch, a Honda Accord V6 tried to beat me from the light. Nope. Couldn’t beat me to ~65MPH either. You could clearly see when the car shifted gears. I thought those cars would have a little more cajones…

How do you know it was a V6 if you beat it?

Problem with automatic transmissions*, especially in Honda’s, is that they are tuned for fuel economy. That means they shift WAY too early. I’ve found even so called “sport mode” auto gear boxes are horrid at shifting. Give me a manual (on an ICE age car) any day.

*This is assuming that it was an automatic as most Honda’s are. If it was a manual, then he was likely a lousy shifter.

Amusing and to the point. I like it.

Holy s***, do not read those Youtube comments!

I wasn’t going to until you mentioned it. But it isn’t anything I haven’t seen before.. People with an IQ about equal to their shoe-size acting like they know everything in the world.

Wasn’t planning to, but thanks for the warning none the less. 🙂

Good god those comments are cringe worthy, so many ignorant people.

If there’s anything i hate about owning a smart car its hearing all the dumb people that speak about the smarts safety

Smart really knows how to make a good ad!

Just have to mention that my Smart ED literally makes my hands shake once i step down on the pedal. The small amount of power it has does something to you. Its so addicting. And i cant remember the last time someone beat me off the line.

what is the 0 to 60 time anyway?

More importantly, what is the 0-30 time? The whole point of this ad is that this is a city car, so let’s look at metrics that matter in the city!


I have never had the pleasure of driving the Smart ED but the ICE version was simply the best city car I ever owned, big cars are a hassel, you don’t understand this until you’ve owned a smart. No parking issues, no visibility issues, the shortest braking distance of any car I have ever driven, high comfortable driving position, awesome visibility, unbelievable turning circle, the list goes on and on.

If you are thinking that a Smart might work for you but are concerned that it it very different to other cars, go for it you won’t look back.

There was a great recent article about how Smart cars perfectly fit in the weird small parking spots between homes in SF.

Smart should jump on this for the Electric Drive.

Perhaps, but the day that electric muscle cars like this roll off the line will indeed be a great day indeed:

In which we see John Wayland beat the pants off a Nissan GT-R in *all* the metrics, including first 30 feet, 1/8th and 1/4 mile.

City car indeed.

thing is i regularly beat sports cars (probably manual with a 2.4L awd auto (INVEC-II))
and once i pass them they hit the gas and pass me
l like my auto because it doesn’t shift early
in mid throttle it gets to 4000 rpm
harder (~3/4) yield’s 5000 rpm +
full throttle… well probably all the way to redline but truth is by 4/5000 rpm its almost at the speed limit so i really dont need to floor it

That is a pretty clever and funny ads.

I give it two thumbs up.

With that all that said, this only illustrate the fact that BEVs are geared super low to have the 0-30mph acceleration. And it is NOTHING MORE THAN a city car.

Do we want the message that EVs are nothing more than a “city car”?