Smart Electric Drive Gets A Super Bowl Ad (video)

FEB 3 2014 BY JAY COLE 8

On Sunday during the Super Bowl, Smart USA showed it was serious about selling their 68 mile EV in the United States, by spending a fair chunk of change to spread the word.

Smart Demonstrates Why Its EV Isn't Meant For The Country...And Why SUVs Should Stay Out Of The City

Smart Demonstrates Why Its EV Isn’t Meant For The Country…And Why SUVs Should Stay Out Of The City

Given the high cost of airing the spot, it was interesting that smart chose not to air an “all new” advertisement for the car (that is, other than the featuring of a national $139 lease + battery rental deal at the end).

The ad features what happens when you take a smart ED out off-roading, which the company notes is “as painful to watch as a truck trying to park in a city.”

Regardless if you love or hate the commercial – you have to commend smart for putting some serious money behind their plug-in 2 seater.

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Ha, that’s great. I like the attitude.

Ironically, the SUV they showed at the end would be a terrible off roader too……

As it turns out, giant SUVs like that are terrible at pretty much everything that most people use them for…

We once rented a really tiny Ford Escape SUV in a Alaska do to all the fire departments renting all of the large F150 pickup trucks and it did very well in that we drove it 900 miles on the gravel Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to the oil fields on the Arctic Ocean. What was the funny thing about it was it was the smallest car up there and it didn’t get any flat tries or break down. While we had people in giant pick up trucks pass us and have to replace tries every few miles.

Great, thanks for sharing! Having multi-tasked thru most of the Superbowl, I missed this ad.

It’s cool to see another mainstream automaker standing solidly behind their BEV. That’s what makes all the difference (vis-a-vis the thread about Ford’s recent price reduction and their sluggish sales despite the FFE being a decent BEV, ditto for Volt).

The one car ad I did notice this Superbowl was Bob Dylan shilling for…. Chrysler of all cars. I have no idea what’s going on in old Bob’s mind; with all the long preview of his illustrious life’s work, I was expecting no less than a Tesla to be his promoted car (but then, Tesla doesn’t need TV ads yet). But Chrysler? All of us were going, “Really Bob? Really?!?”

lol. My wife and I turned to each other and said the exact same thing.

What is funny is the Mitsubishi i-Mev will be cheaper to own then the smart car in that when it comes out you won’t have to rent out the battery out at $80 dollars a month in that it will be included. Also the i-Mev is like two smart cars glued together to carry four people.

Its a great ad, but that un-SMART thing about advertising the lease price WITHOUT the battery is a stupid pet trick that does nothing but piss off potential buyers.