Small Urban Electric Vehicles Are the Wave of the Future in Canada


BMW i3

BMW i3

“As cities get denser, the movement of people in and around cities is becoming increasingly difficult. Two solutions exist: mass public transit and smaller, individual vehicles.”

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV

That’s the opening line from an article published by the Vancouver Sun.

The author goes on to say that, even in Canada, major urban areas are becoming densely packed with automobiles.  While the proper solution may be mass public transit, the easier solution is opting for small personal vehicles.

In particular, urban electric vehicles are the most practical and environmentally-friendly choice.  These urban electrics, be they small autos like the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive or battery-powered motorcycles or scooters, are starting to catch on.

Large automobiles are becoming relics of the past in Canada (not yet true in the US).  But if the urban electric is actually going to take over in Canada, then chargers will need to be installed.  Canada lags behind most nations in the world in terms of plug-in vehicle infrastructure, so there’s some catching up that needs to be done.

If the choice is between public mass transit and a personal electric vehicle, we’d choose electric all the time.  There’s something to be said of having the freedom to travel when you want and where you want.  Though green, mass transit can’t provide that.

Source: Vancouver Sun

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Smart ED is the best small electric car in existence, also the spark should be banned for being so ugly

every single person that can afford 2 or more cars should possess a smart ED

Well, in order for these “small urban vehicles” to be more successful there are a couple of things that will have to change. I assuming he is talking about NEV style vehicles. First of all, they need to look less like golf carts. Second of all, they need to come down in cost. The problem all along has been than an NEV costs as much as a real car, but offers little over a golf cart. The Renault Twizzy is a good start, but not sure what the price would be if they ever sold it in the USA or Canada.

Absolutely, Evs are the answer for a creeping socialist nation.

Sorry I just had to…