In Slovenia, Renault Offers ZOE Taxi Test Drivers As Unique Approach To Marketing – Video

OCT 26 2015 BY MARK KANE 6

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault recently launched the Zoe in Slovenia, and used a fleet of ZOEs as a “Z.E. Taxi service” this summer.  These EVs were available for special test drives – creative marking indeed.

You could be a passenger, or the driver. Additionally, users could capture videos and check energy use stats, all free of charge.

The taxi-like test drive approach seems to have worked well to acquaint people with the EV.

In just the first 10 days, Renault achieved over 1,100 drives – which was over two times more than the total amount of test drives given by the entire Renault network, for all cars, over the same timeframe. Total mileage driven was 13,000 km (8,000+ miles).

Renault says its Facebook involvement linked to ZOE increased in the area by +750%, while total social engagement increased +500%.  Seems like the marketing fellas at Renault know what they are doing.

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Hope those iniative will spread like flu.

Bring to the US and worldwide!

Great job ZOE, now let me buy one in my country. go worldwide in sales.

Man, what bollocks. I live in Ljubljana.

I got a lift in one of them and when I asked for a test drive, it was “unavailable at the time”. Same experience for 3 of my friends. Most people driving in the video were local “celebrities” anyway. So that test drive bit is prolly a bit off.

Still, I really enjoyed the free ride when I needed it and ZOE is just the right car for our country. Most things on the road are in its class. All we need is better infrastructure and lower pricing.

And even the infrastructure problems we could ignore for a decently sized chunk of the populace, considering 2nd cars are on commuter duty, doing 10-60km per day vs ZOEs realistic ~150km range (210 NEDC).

However, when it’s twice the price of a similarly sized Clio and they won’t sell it to you without monthly battery rent of 80+ €… The proposition turns a bit sour.

Sorry Renault, sell us the batteries and slash the price by ~4k €. They’ll fly off the showroom floors then.


As a former owner of a Zoe I can tell that they rent their batteries from 49€ on. 79€ a month is for contracts including 12500km/year.
It is a great car!

Hey Ian, I think the Zoe is great, don’t get me wrong. Were I in the market for something of its size and had the required amount of dosh on my person, I wouldn’t think twice. A nice brown one with dark alloys!

That said, the monthly rent as per Renault Slovenia is as follows (€/km) for a minimum of 3 years: 79/12.5k, 86/15k, 102/20k. Add 10€/20€ to all ranges when renting for 2 or 1 year, respectively.

Granted, the 12.5k km base should be enough for most people. There is no lower limit available here, sadly. There practically aren’t any ZOEs available anyway. Dealers aren’t overly thrilled with the prospect of holding EVs on the lot, especially given the rate of technology advances and low market interest.

Way to have a glum evening. :]