Slovenia Gets Its First Tesla Supercharger

AUG 1 2014 BY STAFF 9

Tesla Supercharger Map Europe

Tesla Supercharger Map Europe

“Two more Superchargers have opened in Europe this week.”

“Fréjus, France, enables the route between Aix-en-Provence and Nice, and Ljubljana is our first in Slovenia.”

States Tesla Motors.

For those keeping track, Tesla now has 42 Superchargers in operation in Europe, 103 in North America and 9 in Asia.

Slovenia Supercharger Info

Slovenia Supercharger Info

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I’ll have to keep that in mind next time I’m driving through Ljubljana.

Do so. It’s a great stop on your way to Europes most beautiful coast line in Croatia. ¨

Don’t forget to visit Teslas birthplace, it’s within the Tesla range from that super charger. But you’ll have to wait for the Tesla museum, at least one more super charger is needed to get there.

I wonder if in all ruminations Tesla ever though that there would be car company named after him, and what a car company. Later date vindication and recognition of his contribtutions.

Slovenia before Italy?


As a Slovenian that just got back from living in Rome for 6 months I can tell you that Slovenia is much more ready for electric vehicles. Rome and Italian people will still need some convincing to go electric.
I’ve seen in half a year one Model S in Rome. Now I’ve been back to Ljubljana for three days and have already seen 2 Model S. I hope that the number gets bigger though.

I was at the Supercharger location in Ljubljana two days ago. Looks really cool and there were already two Model S’s feeding 🙂 Right now there are 4 open and 2 are to be operational shortly.

Mikael, good idea. There are actually two charging points at the Tesla museum already, see for example

Good to know 🙂 Well, 2 chargers at the Tesla birthplace museum at least.

The main Tesla museum is in Belgrad, Serbia.