Slovakia Could Become Home To Tesla’s First European Manufacturing Facility

OCT 15 2014 BY MARK KANE 4

Tesla's Fremont Factory Was Offline For Awhile, But It Sprung Back To Life In a BIG Way

Tesla’s Fremont Factory

The Slovak Spectator posted electrifying news (pun intended) about a possible Tesla Motors production plant in Slovakia.

According to the article, Slovakia is a contender for a plant, with the carmaker already involved in talks with the Slovak Agency for Development of Investments and Trade (SARIO).

Tesla Motors would like to add another production facility, but in case of Europe this will take some time as CEO Elon Musk stated that 160,000 Tesla sales annually are needed to justify the plant.

Tesla will be nowhere close to 160,000 in Europe or even worldwide in 2014 (plan is for 35,000).

This year, Tesla expects to sell some 10,000 EVs in Europe (more than 5,000 were delivered in the first half of the year).

Miriam Žiaková, a spokesperson for the Slovak Economy Ministry said that investment aid is on the table:

“The SARIO agency has established contact with Tesla Motors representatives who are considering opening a plant in Europe over the long-term horizon.”

Such an investment could be comparable to the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada. Slovakia already attracted Volkswagen in Bratislava and Kia Motors near Žilina. Volkswagen is producing the e-up! in Slovakia.

Competition for a Tesla plant in Europe could be high among European countries.  The article suggests that the Czech Republic, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain are in the running.

Analyst Jiří Šimara of Cyrrus in Slovakia told the Hospodárske Noviny economic daily:

“The automotive industry in Slovakia is at the world’s top level; there is qualified but still relatively less costly labour.”

Source: The Slovak Spectator

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Great to see this. Slovakia has been recently called the Detroit of Europe. They make more cars per capita than anyone else, thanks to all the new manufacturing facilities there.

I sold my MS to a guy in Slovakia. He ssumed he could not everget one there. Go figure.

He still wouldn’t be able to. All would be exported to other countries anyway. 😉

Jokes aside, Slovakia will be a great choice to put their manufacturing.

The only real competitor out of those countries would be the Netherlands, because of its location.

I thought Tesla already had a plant in Tilburg, Holland