Slightly Changed 2015 Fiat 500e Now On Sale In Oregon – $199 Lease In Effect

SEP 24 2014 BY JAY COLE 22

2015 Fiat 500e Gets A New Center Stack

2015 Fiat 500e Gets A New Center Stack

As promised by the Fiat earlier this year, their “environmentally sexy” 500e has now arrived in Oregon.

Along with the 2015 edition of the 87 mile (EPA rated) EV comes the continuation of the $199/month (w/$999 due at signing) lease offer.  Not bad considering a starting MSRP of $31,800.

There is some noted changes for the 2015 edition, including a redesigned center dashboard, new cupholders (get those Super Big Gulps ready) and an additional USB port that integrates with the radio.

Unfortunately, Fiat also introduced two new color choices – both of which are blue (sigh) –  Celeste (or regular light blue) and Luce Blu (think light blue pearl)

C'mon Seriously?  Blue And Blue Are The New Choices?

C’mon Seriously? Blue And Blue Are The New Choices?

Fiat also notes that the 500e still offers the “best-in-class 108 highway MPGe rating”

Jason Stoicevich, Fiat boss for North America (and Chrysler) was expectedly press release happy,  “Bringing the Fiat 500e to Oregon gives more customers in this environmentally minded state the opportunity to enjoy the Italian style and engaging driving dynamics of the Fiat 500, but with zero tailpipe emissions.”

The most obviously competition for the Fiat 500e would be the Chevrolet Spark EV, which ironically is also only available in California and Oregon for the United States and offers the same basic lease deal.

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Did they also include the statement, “Please don’t buy this”, in their marketing material?

Effectively they have in 48 states….

Actually in 48 states, it’s “You CANNOT buy this”, Fiat fines dealers for attempting to bypass the ZEV mandate.

Fiat is more subtle than that. Gotta read between the lines of this story. Or at least read the pictures 😉

Maybe they should only offer as color available a scheme of a pink base with yellow stripes and baby blue dots!
I’m shure they wouldn’t sell 1 car!

I like the Luce color. That is just what I wanted.

So, Fiat hasn’t changed their wimpy regen – at least they could have added a ‘B’ mode – nor added QC? ‘Changes’ are marketing fluff and no substance…

I suspect it’s because unlike I think literally everyone else selling highway capable EVs in the US I’m pretty sure FCA has no in house motor/charger/battery R&D so the 500e uses a off the shelf Bosch motor.

The 500e covers ZEV credits for the whole Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Fiat family. It’s needed if they want to sell gas vehicles in California.
The 500e electronics was developed by Chrysler engineers in Detroit, but they settled on the Bosch components.
The regen is attached to the brakes, and at 65Kw, it’s plenty strong. Coasting regen is light, at 3-4 Kw, but the car still basically gets slowed by regen when you step on the brake pedal. It’s just a different design choice.

When buying an EV, I preferred the Fiat because it drives and brakes more like a normal gasoline car. The regen is during braking, which feels normal. If you’re just coasting, it would seem to me that it’s more efficient to use inertia to keep the car in motion, rather than use it to recharge the batteries. I don’t “get” why some other EVs have aggressive coasting regen.

Wimpy regen? I routinely get over 60 kw of regen once I’m below about 90% charge. That’s a lot! As for “b mode”. Don’t care what you call it but fiat gives you the full amount of regen all the time without switching between silly modes!

Now there is a new color on disappointment…

They are only being sold at one dealer in Portland. A quick check shows 53 in stock.

Can’t speak for OR, but in CA a little haggling will get you out the door for less that $199/month with a smaller or zero down.

You fail to mention the free rental car money provided by Chrysler. $500 per year is nothing to sneeze at. I used it just this past weekend.

It (for me, repeat for me) gets better range per charge than I was able to achieve with either a Nissan Leaf or the BMW Active E I’ve owned previously.

No QC is a downer, but if you’re in the market for a great cheap golf cart experience, the 500e deserves a look.

I bought two and I smile every time I drive them. Draws a crowd, though. I like flying under the radar, this ain’t the car for that.

I have to ask . . . why did you buy two?

I have two houses. I have an ICE and an EV at each. Both ICE vehicles have cobwebs, seriously.

Another plus for this thing is that it can be dolly towed. Salesdude says they’ve sold a few to RV people. Perfect Greyhead Car. lol at this “Compliance Car” stuff.

Not sure what “lol at this compliance car stuff” refers to. Just because you are fortunate enough to live in one of the few states where this car is actually for sale does not make it any less of a compliance car, and Fiat/Chrysler has basically acknowledged that.

Because it’s silly and divisive. In 196something when my uncle pulled up to our Midwestern US house in a Nissan Fairlady 2 seater with CA plates, I assure you I didn’t deride his choice because nearly 100% of the folks in our berg had no idea what the hell a Nissan even was. I said, “Where can I get one of these?” The 500e has been spotted in Minnesota, Hawaii, Washington and other equally far flung places. They got there because people bought them and shipped them there. Out here in my plague infested, invaded and nearly over run, war torn, Mother-in-law and kid filled world, I have neatly divided the current EV selections into three types. Teslas, Volts and Golf Carts. For me a Tesla’s too big and too expensive, a Volt still burns gas (but is a great car) but the selection of GCs is bigger here in Aztlan. So, when it came time to replace my heat soaked, disappearing range Leaf and my highly unsafe and unreliable BMW, I picked the cheapest one I could find because I’m not quite sure this EV thing is the future (Gasp!). The fact that the Fiat Dealer is directly next… Read more »
My 2012 Leaf lease is up in Dec. ’14. I’m in search of a replacement EV. I read the Car & Driver article, and reading your experience with 500e inspired interest. I contacted the dealer in Portland, and here is their reply: “Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, FIAT is only selling new 500e’s to California and Oregon residents. Would you be interested in knowing more about purchasing a pre-owned 2014 500e?” I didn’t deride your choice of the 500e. Rather, I’m lamenting the lack of choice as a residence of a non-compliance state. So, there we are, back to that silly compliance issue. I’m assuming that the cars reportedly seen in Hawaii, Washington and Minnesota were purchased or leased by someone with residency in a compliance state, or by someone willing to fabricate residency. I’m not willing to do that. And how do those folks meet service needs / requirements? Tesla and BMW are currently too expensive for my prefence. In Eastern Washington, there are no Focus EV’s for sale, no Mitsu MiEV’s, no Chevy Spark EV, no Fiat 500e, not Honda Fit EV… I’m glad the FIAT has been a good choice for you. I’m thankful that California… Read more »
Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

No irony at all, compliance car gonna comply.

Add the DC fast-charger, Fiat. You said you built it such that it would be easy to add when it became available. Well, SAE-CCS is available.

“Spotted in Hawaii”… that would be me. Since May 2014; thought I was still da only “e” in da islands. Haven’t seen another one; a few regular 500s, but no “e”s. Most folks don’t even know it’s electric… until they see it plugged up, then are very interested. Lots of free charging stations on da islands + carpool lane + parking privileges (free meter parking & 30 days free airport parking) Connecting dots in Hawaii with PV solar & EVs is interesting: HI has 3-4x baseline kWh electric rates than rest of country (i.e. routine to have $400/mo electric bill… before charging any EVs!) and basic, unleaded gas usually around $4/gallon. 10kW solar system on house + (2) EVs = $0 gas expenses (plus no filters, oil changes, belts, plugs, etc bs maintenance) & $17 flat interconnect fee but $0 electric bill. $50k gross cost (before 55% tax credits) system is $350/mo (w tax deductible interest) But knocks out gas for 2 cars + electric bill. So I’m saving (net) over $1000/mo by powering home & transportation fuel with sunlight. Not to be smug or anything… but it’s a pretty damn cool feeling to be so much more efficient, sustainable,… Read more »
Oh yeah… test drove da Spark. Sucks compared to 500e. Has a huge reported torque number, but I didn’t feel it; Fiat has more noticeable punch. Even my pre-2013 Leaf feels more punchy. Spark also felt “thin” and rattly; not as solid as Fiat or Leaf. Leaf is most smooth, quiet, and solid feeling – not including Tesla of course. However Leaf is 600 lbs heavier than Fiat but they both have same size 24kWh battery packs… hence better range on da Fiat. Can charge Fiat from nearly 0 to 100% in 2.5 hours using ClipperCreek Level 2 home charger at 32A (EVSE rated 50A on a 40A circuit). Lower amps at public charging (yeah you – ChargePoint @ Target) kinda sucks and can go up to 4 hours…. but it’s “free” to charge. Go inside, air conditioned, hang out, wifi, get some work done, etc… Traffic in Hawaii is insane: but this is where EVs really excel. Efficiency goes thru da roof; whilst all the other combustion suckers are idling their fuel away going nowhere. I know it’s kinda a bullshit indicator, but have gotten over 200 mpge readings in all da stalled or stop n go conditions. Regen… Read more »