Sleuthing the IOM TT Zero Grid: Team Vercar Moto (w/video)


Only weeks away, and with the entries closed for the 2015 IOM TT Zero, we’re sniffing around for the list of entries.  What should pop up on the Facebook feed but this shot on OU Jin‘s page “liked” by several of the EV and electric motorcycle folks on Facebook, with the caption: “”Electric Yamaha R6 . 70 kW , 12 kWh , 250 km/h , 240 kg with a standard manual gearbox .”  AND the TT Zero decal, right there on the leading edge of the fairing.

Then we saw this – a photo from a Juan Harrison, posted to the Team VercarMoto Facebook page:

via Juan Harrison and Team Vercar Moto

via Juan Harrison and Team Vercar Moto

…with the caption, “days to go to the TT — with Mark Miller.

So it would seem conclusive…  Mark Miller, again piloting this sweet-looking, very tight bike (with a transmission) on the IOM TT Zero for 2015.  We’ll be following the team’s Facebook page to keep tabs.

Let’s enjoy a few more photos, this time from the Team VercarMoto site.

Team Verar Moto's R6e undressed

Team VerarMoto’s R6e undressed


The R6e at work

The R6e at work on the track

Here’s a little video from September with this year’s bike:

Now, do we think it’s got a shot?  With Miller in the seat, and having run the IOM since 2012?  It seems like it.  The Shinden bikes are beefier and more powerful, and the Saroléa is running again this year according to sources, (which placed a close fourth last year, after the Barber-piloted Ohio State Buckeye Current bike, a no-show this year – but to be seen on Pikes Peak), but that would be what makes a race, right?

Contrary to Domenick Yoney’s speculation on Autoblog, we don’t think that you’re going to see an entry by Energica, (armed with little else than our firm opinion and our interview with Energica’s CEO, Livia Cevolini) or much of anybody else (like Mission) who could field a bike that can run with this pack, but we’ll see.  Their record?  5th, in 2013 with Chris McGahan piloting, and 5th again in 2014 with Miller riding.

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