SL Green, New York’s Largest Office Building Owner, Installs “Workplace” Chargers


A “private” landlord in the state of New York took it upon themselves to encourage the use of plug-in vehicles by installing chargers at several of its “workplace” buildings within the state and in nearby Connecticut.

One of SL Green's Charged Up Buildings

One of SL Green’s Charged Up Buildings

The “private” landlord is SL Green, the region’s largest office-building owner.

The “workplaces” are office buildings owned by SL Green.

SL Green choose several of its suburban office properties that are largely used as office space as the sites for charger installs.  In this way, the chargers act mainly as “workplace” units.

It’s not yet clear how many chargers were installed by SL Green, but the office-building owner say that each station cost $10,000 a pop and that it’ll charge plug-in vehicle owners $1.50 per hour for the first five hours, then $3 per hour beyond that.

SL Green’s chargers were installed at five New York locations and 5 site in Connecticut.


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Dear Author, educate me, why all the quotation marks. Are you implying something is not what it seems?

I think maybe the author is implying that the landlord might be installing the EVSEs as a money-making venture? (Thought it might take a while at $1.50.) But, this would be similar to a landlord installing vending machine in an office they rent… to make even more money off the tenants. I guess I see nothing wrong with this, so I don’t really get all the creepy quotation marks either.

Or… maybe SL Green is potentially inappropriately receiving some kind of tax break for installing EVSEs at “workplaces” (haha, quotation marks) but is playing games with the rules because the tenants of the buildings aren’t actually SL Green employees, which is not what the tax break is truly intended to reward. Still, the offices are somebody’s workplace and it’s great those people can charge their EVs at work.

Dear Author, educate me too, why do the personal pronouns not align?
Are you implying the landlord suffers from multiple personality disorder? 😉
(A landlord… themselves…)

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

$1.50/hr for using the charger is highway robbery for a Volt, Spark EV, or any other EV that’s gimped with a 3.3kW L2 charger. It’d need to be a 60A or greater charger to be worth a damn, and only the Model S (with dual onboard chargers) could make use of that.

Public charging will always be more expensive than the cost of electricity unless someone subsidizes them.

At $10k to install a station and $1.50/hour, that’s 6666 hours just to break even on the install costs. Let’s say they actually get used 8 hours/day during workdays and it’ll take about 3 years just to break even, not to mention the fact that you will likely have maintenance costs and I haven’t included the cost of electricity.

So all said, $1.50 / hour is a reasonable price even at your most common 16A charge rate today and would happily pay that rate if it meant it allows to me to make it to my next destination. Do I wish it were cheaper? Yeah – but that’s not going to happen until install costs and manufacturers can figure out how to reduce the cost of EVSE hardware.

To charge the Volt from 0 to full it’s supposed to take about 4 hours on level 2. So that’s $6 for the four hour charge. The Volt will at least have a 40 mile range on that 4 hours. Considering the Volt gets about 37-40 MPG on fuel you’re better off using the gas to go the 40 miles I would think.

The break point for charging is a dollar per hour or less so these chargers won’t be used much until the price is lowered… burning gas is cheaper at their rate.


I doubt I would use these chargers, except in certain situations where I need the full range of my EV going from work.

My workplace doesn’t have an EV charger, but has 120V plugs around the parking garage in random locations. A hotel about 1/2 mile away has a L2 charger (Blink) if I really need it.