Škoda Vision iV Electric Car Rated At 311 Miles Of WLTP Range

MAR 2 2019 BY MARK KANE 26

It’s more than we expected from Škoda

Škoda has officially confirmed that the upcoming Vision iV concept, based on VW‘s MEB platform, will get one of the highest range ratings – up to 500 km (311 miles) under the WLTP test cycle. It would be amazing to see such a high range figure in a production version eventually.

Just like in the case of the Škoda Vision E, the drivetrain consists two electric motors – one per axle – for all-wheel drive.

The open question is whether the electric crossover will also be as attractively as the MEB-based electric Seat.

“The 22-inch wheels provide a visual highlight and emphasise the impressive presence of the vehicle. Eye-catching details include the illuminated glass elements in the vertical slats of the ŠKODA grille and cameras instead of traditional wing mirrors whose housings are reminiscent of shark fins. Two electric motors – one on the front and one on the rear axle – form the emission-free drive system, making the VISION iV an all-wheel drive. The planar lithium-ion battery installed in the vehicle’s underbody saves space and provides a range of up to 500 kilometres according to the WLTP cycle. Innovative technologies provide more safety and comfort, ushering in a new era of infotainment and digitalisation. Smartphones can be integrated directly into the vehicle’s infotainment system and can even be used as a digital key to open the vehicle.”

Škoda’s plan is to offer 10 electrified models by the end of 2022.

Škoda Vision iV concept specs:

  • 500 km (311 miles) of WLTP range
  • dual motor all-wheel drive
  • MEB platform

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“It would be amazing to see such a high range figure in a production version eventually.”

It would be amazing to see any of VW Group’s concept car EVs in a production version eventually.

week 14 in 2020 evantually is over

True blue. So boring VW continues to sell announcements and no car

You have. . Audi e-tron.

The 2018 eTron quickly became the “late 2019 eTron”.. so no we don’t have it

OK.. the guy two houses down the street replaced his LEAF with a Audi e-tron. I understood they just relased a few to some pre order customers and most of the current production was for dealers – so customers can test the vehicle before they buy it.

Wonder what the hell that car is I sat in the other day then…

Not that high of a range really. Based on iPace and e-tron numbers, EPA mileage is about 80-85% of WLTP. So this is a 250 mile EPA range vehicle. Great if it comes in at 35-40k, not so great if it’s more than 40k.

VW Group has the broadest EV plan in the works further reaching than Tesla. Just one EV across VW, Skoda, Audi, and Porshe exceeds Tesla’s current lineup. VW Group is not only announced but showed its new MEB platform and is already implementing it in models set for production. Audi e-Tron and Audi e-Tron GT, Porsche Taycan, and this is the second Skoda EVs that ARE coming. Aside from VW Group having at least 5 different battery manufacturing plants either live or in production today. There is no doubt that VW Group is following up on their statement that they plan to be the global more lead in EVs through their deliberate actions. VE Groups massive volume potential across so many brands help it gat quantities of scale to a point where they can offer a 200+ mile EV under $30k price point, which is tremendous. It will be VW Group that will keep Tesla on track, pushing them to be better and better. Also, this Skoda sedan will be a ground-up EV design, that overshadows the Volvo Polestar 2 ICE on EV platform sedan. I can’t wait to see what the VW version of this sedan will look like… Read more »

Why I should be bothered at all to know a CONCEPT CAR range!? It’s ridiculous! Not just Škoda has no EVs to offer yet, they even have no hybrids yet, nothing. Just stupid concepts, again and again. Stop that, enough!

Some concept cars are really clearly production bound and can be treated as nearly-ready prototypes; that is usually the case for Škoda.
However, this car is clearly a blue-sky concept, and as such, speaking of range on a car which will never be homologated is ridiculous. There’s no law that says you have to publish all PRs a carmaker issues — this isn’t news.

“The open question is whether the electric crossover will also be as attractively as the MEB-based electric Seat.” –> As attractively what? Priced, I assume? Or equipped?

Pretty clearly this refers to the exterior design. Don’t know if you’re in Europe, but in case you aren’t:
1) Škodas and SEATs (*) are built on the exact same platforms and drivetrains as VWs, and most VW-group form factors can be bought from each of the brands.
2) Škoda tends to be 15%-20% cheaper than an equivalent VW, with a few less convenience features, and more conservative styling.
3) SEATs tend to be slightly cheaper than the equivalent VW, but much more stylish and usually provide sportier options.

(*) An acronym and pronounced like one, so needs to be capitalized.

Yes, seems to be a word missing there.

So Skoda (as part of the VW group) announces a pie in the sky EV and no word from the SEC. Elon Musk announces perfectly viable production numbers for 2019 and they go for the jugular. Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark.

Almost like the two situations aren’t comparable… What a mystery!

This is not how this works. Musk announced a concrete change in the owner structure of the company, which is material use.

The SEC is a US institution..
I can announce flying pigs, and the SEC can just shut up – unless I run a US based company OR I do business in the US.

As for the Skoda. . The will come.. just like the SEAT and the other VW group cars. As long as it is a concept that is not a design study (where they test new design language), it will usually be released with changes made by bean counters and production engineers.

Exactly what we need for week-end, another VW group concept car, or concept far(t)? After Seat finally Skoda announces its “car”. Meanwhile Audi can’t sell e-Tron because unspecified software problems… LOL

yeah its hilarious! Why they dont just drop the car on the market and fix the problems later?!


Wikipedia says “late 2019” now… So it slipped a full year….

The e-tron is on sale in Europe and is already being delivered to customers, not sure if Wikipedia is the most reliable source! 😉

Not on sale per se, they’re taking orders, and people’s money, but not delivering cars. Latest is that deliveries start this month, but we’ll see…

One of the most efficient paintings on Earth.. second only to a magic carpet.

I’m really sick of all the slagging off of legacy automakers, and especially the aggression against concept cars. Concept cars have been a thing for a long time, and they’re not going to go away just because you throw a tanty. They serve a valuable purpose for the manufacturer as it enables them to get much better insight into customer desires (see the Honda ev prototype) and to drum up interest in their brand and offering.

You complain about the moving goalposts of anti-ev naysayers, and yet you do the exact same thing to a legacy manufacturer producing an EV. “we’ll never see a production version” they announce a production version “they’ll never deliver it” they start delivering to customers “they’ll never deliver in numbers, and it’s a terrible car anyway!”

Y’all act like if a manufacturer isn’t coming out with a car that just straight up beats Tesla in every possible metric (ignoring the massive time and technology lead Tesla has) then they shouldn’t even bother. Great attitude, that’ll convince them to invest in EVs.