Skoda Vision E Teased Ahead Of Shanghai Reveal


Skoda Vision E teaser likely foretells Kodiaq Coupe

Even the once humble Skoda is preparing a coupe-SUV mashup.

In an otherwise uninteresting press release talking about the company’s design language inspired by the Czech crystal glass art, Skoda is hiding a little gem. The adjacent image actually portraits what will be the Vision E as indicated by the photo’s filename and the keyword attached to the press release. The automaker from Mladá Boleslav does not mention the word “Vision E” at all in the press release itself or in the video’s description, but it does talk about its three predecessors.

The 2011 Vision D served as a preview for the Rapid and Octavia and was followed in 2014 by the Vision C to signal the arrival of the new Superb flagship a year later. As for the third and final concept, the Vision S unveiled in 2016 announced the launch of the Kodiaq seven-seat SUV. Fast forward to present day, the Vision E appears to provide an early look at a “Kodiaq Coupe,” which we know for sure will go on sale in China by 2019 as per a recently leaked slideshow from a Skoda presentation.

Skoda Slide

Taking into account the coupe-ified SUV will be sold in the People’s Republic (at least), it would make sense for Skoda to take the wraps off the Vision E next month at the Shanghai Auto Show. In the meantime, expect more teaser images to be released of what will be the company’s first stab at making a coupe-SUV.

As for this teaser, it reveals the side profile of the concept with a more sloped roofline compared to the Kodiaq and quite possibly a very short rear overhang. Both headlights and taillights appear to be a combination between those of the Kodiaq’s and the Superb’s. Although not visible in this single teaser image, there’s likely another set of lights at the front mounted below the main ones as seen in the SUV and in the aforementioned Vision S.

With the Auto Shanghai Expo 2017 opening its doors in less than a month, we won’t have to wait too long to discover the Vision E. Presumably, it will be all-electric.

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Another (Euro) industrial point of view

I guess Skoda benefits a lot from being part of the VW group as having access to biggest R&D budget of the whole car industry but at the same time this brand is probably artificially kept as a budget brand inside this group. Within those boundaries Skoda manages to make amazingly lovable cars. Obviously not a “love at first sight” situation but being appreciative of all those details that make it obvious that they received much “love” upon design and when built. We own both a Skoda and a BMW, two brands very much opposed in image, guess which car I drive with more pleasure, not the “ultimate driving machine” BMW, no, the old Skoda. Everything about it is just damn well made and it is so very much fun to drive. Well done, hope you keep the good work ! I drived 30 years + in all countries and in all type of cars and am still amazed by what you, “budget brand” managed to achieve.

I have seen the VW/skoda factories in Germany. The VW and Skoda cars come from exactly the same conveyor belts, using the same materials and components. So mostly you pay extra for the VW logo on your car rather than a Skoda logo with no other benefits.

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

Now I guess that VW group is acutely aware of the problematic of Skoda brand reputation increasing too much for what is good for VW as I believe newer generation of Skoda’s are sightly less “well screwed together” than previous generation. I drove test one. Now that is true for many brands, old Audi’s were solid as tanks such were old MB’s. Now they both rattle well on a bumpy road with few 10K of miles on them. Probably a general trend in the industry as probably many industries do not want products to last too long.

Skoda is cheaper and better designed than a VW. I drive a Skoda Fabia Hatchback. A 4,40m car with a trunk as big as a VW Passat and interior room as big as a VW Passat. Never sat more relaxed in any other back seat. But the Passat costs around twice the price and needs to be 5m long.

All these car companies use the same marketing firm? These “teasers” all have the same look and feel, and just make me think of Faraday Future. So maybe they want to differentiate a little bit, because of you don’t remember them and it makes you think of someone else’s product, that’s not a good marketing outcome.