Skoda Vision E Electric Will Be Offered In SUV Form

OCT 14 2018 BY MARK KANE 17

Skoda Vision E to spawn as SUV and coupe.

Skoda intends to make use of the Volkswagen’s MEB platform in new electric models based on the Vision E concept from 2017. As it turns out, the production version will be available in two body styles: SUV and coupe.

Market launch is expected in late 2021, after the e-Citigo (Skoda’s version of Volkswagen e-up!) at relatively affordable prices from £28,000 (€32,000). The range is expected at 500 km (310 miles).

The concept apparently “gives a very good idea of what the EV will look like.”

Škoda Vision E spec:

  • 500 km (310 miles) of range
  • 180 km/h (112 mph) top speed
  • all-wheel drive, dual motor, 225 kW peak
  • 11 kW three-phase on-board charger
  • DC fast charging capability (0-80% in 30 minutes)
Skoda Vision E
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Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E Skoda Vision E

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17 Comments on "Skoda Vision E Electric Will Be Offered In SUV Form"

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Concepts for 2021. How is it possible they got so far behind? Sleeping with their eyes open…

Skoda and Seat are just sub-brands of Volkswagen using their tech putting it into cheaper and cheaper cars without tarnishing the VW/Audi brands (they do a good job of doing that themselves anyway). It’s the way it’s supposed to be, what VW does Skoda/Seat will be doing more cheaply a few years after.

They don`t wanna sell electric, just diesel cars.

Announcing this early is the new normal. Tesla Semi/Roadster were announced in 2017 and will hopefully come in 2020.

Because the new Euro6 emission attachment will take effect i 2021. No real point to offer the car before that. Meanwhile you sell what you already have. VW does the same.

looks rather nice though, no?

Dunno. Personally I don’t want a coupe looking SUV.

Agreed. The whole point of an SUV is in the “U”, for utility. That means long flat roof to put things on with maximum wagon like rear cargo area inside. That’s what I would want too. Maybe CUVs can be more swoopy, IDK.

This is a CUV, not SUV (SUV is built on a truck chassis, and capable of offroad/dirt road use; they have the higher ground clearance necessary for offroad, which makes them less aerodynamic and less energy efficient).
CUVs are SUV-wannabee vehicles, built on passenger-car platforms, but with an “SUV look”

Without exception, CUVs always have less overall interior volume for passengers and/or cargo than a hatch/wagon based on the same platform. If you really want a flexible-use vehicle with significant utility, get a station wagon or an MPV, not a CUV. Škoda has excellent wagon versions of its sedans & hatches (called “Combi” versions, of the Fabia, Suberb & Octavia), very popular as taxis. They’re better for interior room than their CUVs.

FWIW there are plenty of real SUVs not built on truck chassis.

There’s a big argument whether they count. Putting it aside, SUVs are wasteful vehicles (in terms of materials, energy to produce and energy to operate) if used as daily drivers for standard sealed roads. There’s a reason they look like toy trucks for 3-year-olds.
Anyone caring about the environment who isn’t a rancher in Australia or safari operator in Africa similar should stay away from SUVs, period.

The only logical conclusion I could make as to why these designs exist (ID Crozz, Fords PUV, iNext) is because existing manufacturers don’t want their EVs to canabalise sales of their existing vehicles.

But as a customer I don’t get it;
– Same or less space than a comparable sedan/hatch back
– Lower range than sedan/hatch back due to impaired aerodynamics
– Worse looks than a CUV

Yup. CUVs are the classic example of form over function in the automotive space. The vast majority are 2WD (most models don’t even have AWD as an option), and are simply intended to look SUV-ish — manly macho vehicles. Unfortunately, marketing departments found out that the higher, larger look appears safer (it isn’t, in practice), so they appeal to many women as well who tend ot do their families driving-kids-and-errands.

2021, so before we’ll see the 35000$ Model 3 in europe..

Looks like amazing value.

That is the Skoda hallmark.