Skoda To Show First Electric Car Concept At Shanghai Motor Show

MAR 27 2017 BY MARK KANE 24

Skoda for more than a year has been gearing up for the debut of its all-electric long-range EV that will be built on Volkswagen’s MEB platform, and introduced to the market by the end of this decade.

Škoda VisionS

But before then, we first have to see the concept version of Skoda’s EV, and the company says that event will not be too far off – specifically it will happen from the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show in April.

Skoda notes that its EV will be dimensionally larger than the Volkswagen I.D. concept that arrives in just over 2 year’s time.

Skoda research and development boss Christian Strube said of the occasion:

“It’s in the design studio ,and will be ready for Shanghai in April. It is our interpretation of a car on the [VW Group’s] MEB platform and it will be packed with technology and really emotional.”

“We won’t be the first brand in the group to have an MEB car on sale, but we will be fast followers and at the forefront when compared to our competition.”


Before the all-electric Skoda enters the market, Volkswagen will first launch the I.D., while Skoda in the meantime will debut a couple new plug-in hybrids: the Superb in 2019 and the Kodiaq shortly after (a new SUV).

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I’d actually prefer booth-engineers; people that could actually answer technical questions. I’m tired of the rent-a-salesman that just give the same info that’s in the pamphlets.

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You are 100% correct!

Sadly though, it’s rare you have someone knowledgeable enough to answer most questions correctly.

I have to give BMW props on this subject. Many years back I was at my local auto show with my roommate at that time. We were typical single guys checking out the cars and the show models – all with Detroit accents, hired to “dress up the cars” on the floor and give a little sales presentation. Back as a single man, I’d flirted my share with the car show models. I never once fantasized about dating one. After all, they’re itinerant girls hired to do auto shows around the land. One girl really stood out at BMW because she was very well versed to answer my questions off script, and she had insights on marketing of the new 6 Series Coupe back then. Since I was an ICE gearhead back in those days, I was quite impressed with A)The car B)Her knowledge of said car. I began flirting with her a bit (asking her where she was from and how she started working with BMW)but it sas totally “safe flirting” because I had my own girlfriend, but my roommate was about as shy as a guy can be – He could not put two words together when talking… Read more »

They absolutely do have booth dudes. You just didn’t notice because you were looking at the booth babes. If anybody actually cares about this subject (I don’t), next time you are at an auto show keep this in mind and critically look. There are as many male decorations as female. The car companies figured out a long time ago that women buy cars too.

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Another (Euro) industrial point of view

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Skoda (VW) will surely build some electrified autos. Diesel has a big black eye right now. Europe will quickly go back to their oil-burning ways. After all, it’s mostly what their oil refineries produce and what little gasoline they do produce they end up exporting to the United States!

There’ll surely be a few diesel-electric PHEVs and such. But diesel will rule again and I think some new technology might arise that will re-legitimize it has the fuel du jour for most Euros.

While automakers like Volvo, Skoda, VW and the like may have these cars on the drawing board – it’s driven more by government mandates in their own nations as well has heavily influenced by what the Chinese government does.

I don’t take lightly what influence Tesla will make in pushing the electric plug forward. If Model 3s are selling in the 100,000s+ each year – everyone in Europe will have to have at least one or two BEVs with 200 mile range in their stables.