Škoda Teases New Interior For Vision iV Concept

FEB 20 2019 BY MARK KANE 8

Škoda experiments with a fresh interior for a new electric model

Škoda released one more teaser of the upcoming Vision iV concept scheduled for unveiling in Geneva. The image presents a new interior concept with two levels of instrument panels, a seemingly floating monitor and a two-spoke steering wheel.

There are still no details about the specs, but the vehicle is based on the Volkswagen MEB platform, which opens wide possibilities ahead for Škoda in terms of battery capacity or electric motors.

Here is how Škoda describes the new interior:

An interior sketch of the ŠKODA VISION iV provides an outlook on surprising solutions in ŠKODA’s first all-electric vehicle based on MEB (Modular Electric Drive Kit). The innovative, user-friendly arrangement of the instrument panel and centre console creates new accents. There is also a seemingly free-floating central screen and a newly designed two-spoke steering wheel.

The all-electric concept study VISION iV offers an outlook on the interior of the first ŠKODA based on the Volkswagen Group’s Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). The traditional centre tunnel is not used – so the ŠKODA designers used the possibilities of the new MEB platform to create a spacious and innovative interior. For example, they reconfigured the layout of the instrument panel and centre console. Between the driver and the passenger seat, the VISION iV offers plenty of storage space on the lowest level, above which there is a centre console that is particularly easy to reach for the driver and front passenger. Two mobile phones, which can be wirelessly integrated into the infotainment and operating system, can be placed in the console while they charge inductively.

The instrument panel consists of two levels whose lines and decorative stitching draw inspiration from the front of the vehicle. The large free-standing screen appears to hover centrally above the instrument panel, in front of which there is a ledge for the hand that operates the touch screen. The steering wheel has also been redesigned, now featuring two spokes and ‘ŠKODA’ in block capitals in place of the familiar ŠKODA logo.

ŠKODA is taking another step towards electromobility with the VISION iV. Over the next four years, the Czech carmaker will be investing around two billion euros in alternative drive systems and new mobility services. The brand will have introduced ten electrified models by the end of 2022.

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It looks good to me. I can’t wait to see what they can do with MEB.

Looks really nicr. I only hope that the big grille will be 2D made.

Interesting… Why 2D? I am curious.

Because, if you look at the Audi E-Tron up close, you can see that the grille ruins the drag coeficient with the naked eye, without a wind tunnel.
And then look at the grilles on the Kona EV and the Niro EV.
They could make it from a transparent plastic with what they want inside: a luminous design or whatever.
I agree, Audi and other luxury brands were never about efficiency. But there are people obsessed with EV efficiency and small things would improve it by a lot.

As long as it is active, and can be regulated only air flowing through the grill will impact the drag. The front does not have to be smooth to have a low drag, but it needs to have an over all shape that will guide the air properly.
Also. . the rear of the car is really important when it comes to drag, and anyting that disturbe the airflow arount the length of the vehicle is terrible. A roof rack is of course terrible when it comes to drag. The front of the car can look like a huge golf ball with a lot of pits, and it would not be a problem.
Drag is also very affected by the speed of the airflow.

I still remember the differences between VW ID drawings and what it finally became.

What’s the point of that? It won’t look the slightest bit similar.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Not even a concept.