Skoda Reveals Vision iV Electric Crossover Concept


It appears we’re looking at an electric crossover-coupe with a sharp design.

[UPDATE] Skoda confirms it’s an electric crossover-coupe based on the MEB platform, riding on 22-inch wheels.

With the Volkswagen Group announcing an armada of electric vehicles, it makes sense that Skoda will also play an important role in VAG’s zero-emissions ambitions. The Czech marque has already announced plans for a purely electric Citigo, which will follow the company’s very first electrified model – the Superb plug-in hybrid due most likely next month in Geneva. By 2025, Skoda will have a total of 10 electrified models in its lineup, including six pure EVs.

To signal the brand’s eco-friendly agenda, Skoda will display the new Vision iV concept next month at the same Swiss show. The two teaser images are showing a crossover-coupe mashup riding on oversized wheels like you’d come to expect from a concept. Conventional mirrors have been replaced by side cameras, and there’s no sign of regular door handles. The absence of a B-pillar could be a sign of suicide doors.

The Vision iV embodies Skoda’s latest design language with a focus on sharp lines and edges, while still carrying the corporate front grille despite the concept’s lack of a combustion engine. Overall, it looks like an evolution of the Vision E introduced in 2017, and might be closer to production than the original concept. Obviously, it’s not quite there yet.

With Skoda revealing plans for a production-ready Vision E due in 2020 as the brand’s first MEB-based vehicle, we won’t be too surprised if the Vision iV is going to be a follow-up to the 2017 concept.  Technical specs are not available at the moment of writing, but the Vision E had dual electric motors with a combined 306-horsepower output, 311 miles (500 kilometers) of range, and a top speed of 112 mph (180 kph).

The public debut of the Skoda Vision iV (after the E, X, and RS) is scheduled for the first press day of the 89th Geneva Motor Show, on March 5.

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If manufacturers stopped to tease and started to actually build interesting electric cars that would be great.

Concepts are fine, if they actually lead to a production car. Concepts have been around way before EVs became viable and they are not going away.

True, and if Skoda gets a hold on the MEB and can make these cars a bit more affordable it’s only good news.

They willl, it’s basically VW with less bells and whistles.

The gargantuan problem Skoda will have is aversion of Czech people towards anything BEV. Skoda gassers are domestically bread and butter, the BEV’s will be all export until Czech people and infrastructure wises up. It will take very loooong time.

It’s hard to find a Czech person getting excited about EV’s …. I am not kidding!

I know went on holiday to years ago to Pilzen and I didn’t see any EV there. While here in Belgium/The Netherlands you can’t look without seeing one.

Well, I’m sort of Czech (living here for almost 19 years) and wish I would be less exited about EV because it sucks to be that excited and not be able to afford one with Czech income. The problem with Škoda is that it does what VW tels it to do, and VW wants to eat a better chunks of the pie by itself, so don’t expect anything from Škoda soon – you would see it from VW first. The second problem with Škoda that it’s generally not that affordable either. People keeps saying that it’s cheap, but in reality it’s not, similarly equipped Škoda will cost the same as VW equivalent (which by itself is more expensive that similar car from another brand), and even if Czechs likes to say that they like Škoda, 80% of a new Škodas are sold here with fleet discounts to companies, but average person most likely will buy new Dacia, Kia, Hyundai, Renault or even PSA or old used stinky diesel Škoda. So nothing to celebrate here, when other making EVs for years, investing in mass production, battery tech, self driving, etc., Škoda managed to produce two design sketches with ugly ICE grill… Read more »

It is 100% right that Skoda has become actually rather expensive car for average Czech family. This is given by the desire to make more money and being able to export more cars. Unless they start having problems with sales in the Czech Republic, I wouldn’t expect it to change. Hyundai factory 30km from where I grew up has something to do with it as well.

Skoda cars can be so fixed much less expensively than their German equivalent. They should do well on used market, right?

Concepts are not fine if auto manufacturer produces only concepts instead of real cars.

This concept will never be built. Too attractive. Steal sales from ICE.
Like the BMW i4. It will be ugly-fied, don’t hold much hope.

Love those 30″ wheels with 1 mm gaps to the wheel fenders. I wonder if those wheels will make it to production?

😊, if they did – the look on the drivers face in the first speed bump would be priceless.

Another concept from VW group. What a shame.

Do Not Read Between The Lines


and the final version will be ugly and boring like every Skoda