Skoda Product Boss Says His Company’s EVs Won’t Be “Vanilla” Like The Tesla Model 3

AUG 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 53

Skoda, as with the other brands inside the Volkswagen Group, is developing several new long-range, all-electric car models for the upcoming years – all on the communal MEB skateboard platform.

Skoda Vision E Concept

The first BEV from Skoda is expected by 2020, while a total of five are penned by 2025.

The Skoda approach is to develop a EV that is affordable, as “value for money” has always been the calling card of the brand (as compared to the rest of the VW Group).

Affordability by Skoda means priced lower than the “vanilla” Tesla Model 3 (not our words).

Sidenote: To us, it just seems a bit silly at this point for any OEM without a long range EV offering to even attempt to talk down the Tesla Model 3 at this point … but we digress.

Guido Haak, the Head of product management in Skoda, explained via Autocar:

“Haak described the Model 3, which has accrued more than 400,000 reservations, as “vanilla” in its specifications given the price tag. “This car is a premium car; not for everybody,” Haak said of the Model 3’s $35,000 starting price.”

“The executive explained that Skoda’s electric vehicles would not be rivals to Tesla cars, and would be priced at a more accessible level. Outlining the main criteria Skoda EVs need to fulfil, Haak listed value for money, real-world range, design, driver assistance systems and being fun to drive.”

Skoda Vision E

Unlike the Volkswagen I.D., BMW i or even the new Mercedes EQ subbrands, Skoda will place its plug-ins alongside the company’s mainstream models.

However, as of today, Skoda is still awaiting the MEB platform, and to present live production-intent vehicles.

With that said, the updated/production sensible version of the Skoda Vision E Concept is to be presented at the IAA in September in Germany (InsideEVs will be at the show of course). The range of this model is said to be 500 km (310 miles) under NEDC, or about 225-250 miles in the real world.

source: Autocar

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Another “Me too!” and “we’re gunna…” concept and bluster, so not much to talk about really. Design wise, I like this concept better in every way to the Model X *EXCEPT* the ridiculous pig snout front end!! What in the world were they thinking??! Such a great, clean design and then they plaster that crap on there.

I guess there’s a reason that Skoda isn’t a common brand world wide.

Another Euro point of view

About Skoda design. I suspect VW group’s problem with Skoda is to keep its success under control as not to be too detrimental to Audi and VW sales. Probably when final design of a car is agreed by Skoda staff a VW group high executive comes in and takes decision to slightly destroys the looks of new model :-).

I’m tired of these “another me too” comments when anyone mentions anything Tesla. Any opinion at all about Tesla, however benign, is frowned upon. Musk himself could have described M3 as being “vanilla-like”, and people would have said, “I love minimalism. Musk is my lord and savior.”

Agree with your other comments, but re “I guess there’s a reason that Skoda isn’t a common brand world wide.”, let me guess — you’re in North America?

In my country, and quite a few others, Škoda is very popular. They sell more cars per year than all other VW Group brands (VW, Audi, Seat, Porsche) put together. 30% of all taxis sold here are Škodas.

I certainly am in North America. Tell me, where is Skoda sold in any significant numbers outside of Europe? I could be very wrong as I don’t follow the brand name much. Usually it’s just a cheaper VW with different sheetmetal isn’t it?

Well said as it seems US car owners know little to nothing as to the active European car market. What Skoda describes seems the Renault Zoe EV is doing today: affordable, decent range and available. This car is selling well much like the not available Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid SUV! Go Europe!!

The front: It’s a place for license plate.

Must not have seen the Model 3 in real life. Once there are hundreds of thousands of Teslas on the road, Skoda will release there car and no one will buy them due to lack of infrastructure.

Another Euro point of view

Indeed so right, look at our future, Norway with a fast growing EV market penetration (42%). Thanks for Tesla fine charging network they have a huge success there. Oh wait…

This table must be secretly funded by Koch brothers and Big Oil executives. Yet another hoax and distraction, it will be debunked in 3 seconds, Tesla is the first! Go TESLA!!!!!

Another Euro point of view


Evidence? NO, thought not…

Not true. First, WV is big company with money, experience and know how and second, the cheap Tesla M3 is still expensive for most of the world. And I love Tesla.

Another ‘merican with little knowledge as to EV’s in Europe. The European EV infrastructure is developing faster than in US! Nordic countries have nationwide coverage already. Shell is installing fast Chargers in gas stations in the Netherlands and many nations have government endorsed support unlike “clean coal Trump” and GOP state governments!

“Another “Me too!” and “we’re gunna…” concept”

Skoda is part of VW, so no surprises here.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I like “Vanilla”.
That’s all I need in a car and I like it K.I.S.S.

“Vanilla” is a term used to describe a product that does not contain junk or bloatware.
And Skoda is a brand that currently follows the KISS principle very well. If they start putting fake exhausts and spoilers on their cars they will lose everything that differentiates them from the rest of the VW group.
And I will for sure replace my current Skoda with a Tesla…

No it isn’t.

“Vanilla: Unexciting, normal, conventional, boring.”

I think it’s an extremely stupid thing to say about the Model 3, especially when it’s another automaker, and such a plain vanilla one, that says it. But that’s what’s meant.

The key takeaway from this article is:

“However, as of today, Skoda is still awaiting the MEB platform, and to present live production-intent vehicles.”

For certain VW will eventually get around to converting some their sketches & “concepts” into production EV cars but that’s 3-7 years away and by that time Tesla will be significantly more established than they are today with Tesla EV offerings by then that are likely to out-compete anything VW has on the drawing-board today.

VW is doomed as a car maker (just my opinion here) unless VW significantly ups its EV program.

They can not really do more for EVs then they’re already doing. They are investing billions, and they need volume to make money. They need a platform they can produce several models on, in several of their brands. They can not offer this volume of cars before the society is ready with rules, regulations, infrastructures, standardisation, and suppliers doing their adjustments. They have to make money to their shareholders, at the same time they have to be the largest manufacturer in the world. They need a stable transition from ICE models to EVs. They are so huge, and all they do will have a huge impact. It must follow the plan that is set. It’s just good for Tesla that can focus on producing as many M3s they can, to get more money for future models. VW have worked with the charging system since 2009, with vehicle to grid protocols, and then the CCS was unveiled with partners in 2011. VW started to build chargers in 2013, and in 2016 they agreed to build 400 CCS charging stations offering 350kW, together with partners. The ID project started in 2015. The ID is set for wintertesting in Sweden this winter –… Read more »

They are part of the Volkswagen Group. They have to step up their sketches game to keep up the corporate image.

So how is VW going to cut cost to undercut Model 3? I doubt it could touch Tesla in terms of powertrain/battery cost so what remains is achieving lower production cost for the rest of the vehicle, but that should be hard if Model 3 really is as cost efficient to produce as was always suggested (“minimalist” interior…) and beware of the “Bolt effect”, the rest of the car can’t be a mismatch with the pricey powertrain. What I can think of is to fit a smaller battery meaning less range than Model 3 and/or accept lower gross margins.

VW can get batteries cheaper, it isn’t contracted with Panasonic to buy or pay whatever it costs to them. I guess being 10 million cars per year automaker helps with economies of scale for the rest of the car too.

“Koreans are winning the price war”

Chinese will catch up later


Your first link is to an article that talks about VW’s plans to ramp up to making 1 million EVs a year by 2025.

Tesla plans on doing that by 2020.

Good luck to VW in ever catching up to Tesla; they’ll need it! And thank goodness Tesla isn’t waiting around or depending on luck to grow its business.

I’m not some VW fanboy and certainly don’t care how many cars they will produce years later and who is the first in the vaporware claims, VW or Musk.

The question was just about costs. It may be hard to grasp for fanboy personalities like Pu-pu who don’t drive anymore and are out of touch with real world, but cost does matter a lot and often may be the first thing people care about.

…and you, a hydrogen fanboi, are in touch with the real world? What are you driving? A skateboard?

where are all these “non vanilla Skoda cars ? PLets see them in customers’ hands please.

Vanilla is the favorite ice cream flavor in the world by more than a 3:1 margin. I don’t really care all that much for the Model 3 but that’s a pretty piss poor choice of words when you’re trying to diss your competitor 😀

Yep. A vanilla process is soemthing that covers the highest possible percentage of goals/customers with a sleek, readiy available offer.

Exactly what I woud NOT want to compete against if I am Skoda.
But it would be a legit tagline for Ferrari.

If you don’t have an innovative product, hide it with “Design”…


LOL! Skoda makes incredibly bland looking cars.

Well go ahead Skoda, bring it on!

So what ice cream flavor are we talking, Skoda? Green tea? OK, some people like that flavor. And, there’s also a tiny, tiny fraction of the population that wants cotton candy pink or avocado green kitchen appliances.

If people want ice cream, they can always start with vanilla and add toppings. When you start with green tea, well, there are limits.

I’ll take my electric Skoda in any flavor but imaginary.

I’d love to see a 300km-range BEV version of my current Roomster.

Compete against Tesla with computer generated images … A lot of desperation out there among car manufacturers.

Ha ha.
Mr Skoda. How many vanilla lattes does Starbucks sell?

Vanilla tastes sweet, and the Model 3 is sweet, so what does that make skoda?

Ever tasted vanilla? I mean pure, without loads of sugar?


It should spell Škoda not Skoda.

Has no one at the Skoda team taken PR 101? Because this is a fantastically dumb statement.

Well, Skoda better start developing, as the usual way does not work. Since the brand belongs to VW, Skoda is mainly using “proven” tech (that is the engines, components and many parts that were developed for the last generation of VWs before the current one, meaning at least 4-5 years old) and slap on some new exterior design.
They are cheap, because the development cost for the old stuff is already written off, and the machines to make it are transferred in from other VW plants when they are replaced by modern ones.
So if they stick to their usual ways, the Skoda EV in 2020 will be a ca. 2013 e-golf (with a new design and Skoda batch).

Ho, hum. Another day, another vaporware claim from the VW group.

If every auto maker claiming to have a “Tesla killer” car actually put one into production, then Tesla would have been driven out of business long ago!

The reality is that of all the auto makers, the only one to make any serious attempt to challenge Tesla in making a compelling long-range EV is GM, with the Bolt EV. And even that is only a limited production car, so it’s not actually much competition.

All other auto makers have, to date, been “all hat and no cattle”. VW has an especially big hat, but a 20-gallon hat instead of a 10-gallon one doesn’t make up for the lack of cattle!

Volt nor Bolt are a threat of any kind to anything from Tesla. In fact, at this time, there is no cars that are threats to any of Tesla cars.

Why do you say the Bolt is limited production? I think it’s listed to the amount of people that want to buy one. Tesla Model 3 production on the other hand, we now up to what? Maybe 40 now? Is that really “production”?

On day one of the Bolt’s release, the cars were sold to anybody in California, or Oregon that wanted one, not just employees and investors and on day one all of them were built with a fully functioning traditional production line. It’s easy now to buy a Bolt anywhere in the US. Model 3… They’re still putting them together by hand and you have to have met Elon Musk personally to get one.

Which car is “limited production”?

Vaporware vanilla flavour (whatever that means).

This concept is so resembling to the Model 3 that with it Skoda is just saying: we would like to have the Model 3 as our product but we don’t have a clue how to do that!

Come on Skoda, GM did the Bolt in about one year, Tesla did the Model 3 in about one year, you should be able to bring this to market in about one year with all your production capacity and excellent product teams. End of 2018 or just shut up already VW group.

You mean LG did Bolt? Right?

Have to hand it to China and Europe. They are loaded with Tesla killers for the MS/MX/M3.
Sadly, nobody gets to buy these for another 5-7 years and it will take another 5 years to have a decent network of Superchargers that allow u to go coast to coast.

VW is well known for its BS. Skoda is another BS!

If Tesla is so Vanilla in designs why have Skoda copied Tesla’s design so closely, on first sight I thought it was a Tesla.