Skoda Confirms RS Electric Is Coming Soon


Surprisingly, Skoda says the fully electric RS won’t necessarily be about performance.

Skoda’s RS portfolio only has the Octavia RS for the time being, but that will change in the months to come with the launch of the Kodiaq RS. The fastest seven-seat SUV around the Nürburgring won’t be the end of the RS expansion as the Czech marque is already planning a third model, one that will eschew the combustion engine to go fully electric. Indeed, the company’s sales and marketing boss has told Autocar that a zero-emissions RS model is in the works.

Alain Favey went on to specify the car in question won’t necessarily prioritize performance as it will actually focus on styling and experience, despite the sporty RS badge. It will take the shape of an SUV based on the regular model due to go on sale in 2020 as a follow-up to the Vision E concept pictured here. The hot RS derivative is slated to arrive around 2022 and won’t be Skoda’s first pure EV as that role has been attributed to the Citigo-e.

There’s more good news to share about the RS lineup as Skoda is suggesting the return of the Fabia RS is a distinct possibility. While the current generation of the supermini has not received the hot hatch treatment out of concern it would be a tough sell, Favey believes things have changed and there’s a market for the performance-oriented supermini.

Even if approved for production, don’t expect the Fabia RS to come out soon. That’s because the plan is to have it ready for the subcompact model’s next generation, which will be launched after 2020. As a consequence, a Fabia RS will not be introduced before at least 2021 or 2022. While we would definitely like to see a new RS-badged estate version, logic tells us only the hatchback will be RS-ified since sadly very few would buy the more practical Combi.

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😕 Still a Skoda. It’s only gonna be a continental exclusive, niche flagship to tackle the luxury Volvo XC90. If and when the mass produce a plug-in Superb with +55km WLTP range, and then we’re in business!

It makes my guts turn when I keep constantly seeing ads, proclaiming they build cars “built for Ireland”. Like all Skodas, they take 5 years to fully break in and then break down, just in time for the drivetrain warranty to expire.

Skodas are just reliable as any comparable VW-group car, only 20% cheaper; in my country, Skoda sells more than VW-brand, Audi, Seat & Porsche combined, and ~70% of all taxis are Skodas.
That said, I’m pretty sure that in general they’ll be the last VW brand to offer EVs, simply since VW group needs differentiation and a reason for customers to buy the more expensive VWs and SEATs (let alone Audis). Only exception might be a BEV version of the Citigo (e-Up! equivalent).

Skoda, like its parent VW, produces a lot of concept designs. This car might never be released.

Always feel sorry for the czechs! Good metal workers and creative designers (the Beetle was basically stolen by Porsche / VW). Then they have to send everything to VW Headquarters and what comes back are shaved ugly VW-copies.

Although the company he worked for was formally Czechoslovakian at the time, Hans Ledwinka — like many people living in that area — was not. He was Austrian, and friends with Ferdinand Porsche; apparently it was quite normal for them to exchange designs.

I knew it was 2020…lol.


So in 2020, we will have about 41 EV models to choose from.