SK Innovation More Than Doubled Battery Production Capacity

AUG 16 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

Kia  Soul EV - Powered By SK Innovation

Kia Soul EV – Powered By SK Innovation

SK Innovation battery cell

SK Innovation battery cell

SK Innovation announced expansion of its lithium-ion battery production capacity in Seosan, South Chungcheong Province in Korea from 300 to 700 MWh annually.

According to the article, that would be enough for up to 30,000 electric cars.

Not much compared to many other battery suppliers, although they are gearing up for another step up of capacity and SK Innovation’s CEO Chung Chul-khil said:

“Though we understand that the battery development business is a difficult one, we will not give up.”

SK Innovation already secured important agreements with Kia (Soul EV) and Chinese BAIC (EV200 and ES210).

Vice president of SK Innovation’s battery business Kim Yoo-suk said:

“We will focus on developing next-generation lithium-ion battery cells with higher energy capacity and concentration, perceived as holding great growth potentials,”

“Demand for such batteries is expected to rise in line with an increase in global EV usage across the world over the next few years. Though currently supply exceeds demands in the status quo, this situation will turn around by 2018.”

The most important finding is that SK Innovation will supply batteries for an electric car manufacturer in Europe from 2016 in volume nearly three times larger than actual combined output. Who is this manufacturer?

“The Korean energy firm is also expected to further step up production after reportedly having sealed a deal with a major European automaker to develop car batteries to be placed in its EVs from 2016. The supply volume would be nearly “three times larger” than the combined output for its current clients, according to CEO Chung in May.”


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8 Comments on "SK Innovation More Than Doubled Battery Production Capacity"

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This is great that they are doubling, and I trust all the battery manufacturers are expanding.

But, to put 700MWh in perspective… you have to multiply this manufacturer 50x to have the same capacity as Tesla’s Gigafactory.

Tesla’s Gigafactory will NOT produce 50*700 MWh next year.

Joke? Baic and also Kia nearly sold nothing until now. Baic perhaps 8000, Kia 2000.

I think biggest story here is that KIA and/or BAIC are expanding production!

KIA is long overdue.

Sadly their compliance car was just marketed as not-compliance TM…. 🙁

There are rumors that Kia will produce 3 times next year. Is this their “european” carmaker?

Hmmm…. 700MWh….

They claim that this will support manufacture of just 30,000 electric cars per year? That isn’t much. Furthermore, let’s calculate:

700MWh / 30,000 cars = 23.3kWh per car. That isn’t much range.

If you believe that the next generation of electric cars will have 50kWh batteries, then…

700MWh / 50KWh per car = 14,000 cars.

If these guys were building a Gigafactory of their own, then that would be worth getting excited about.

By the way, speaking of Gigafactories, where’s GM’s Gigafactory?

LG Chem is GM’s supplier for Volt (and Bolt, latter is not officially confirmed, but 99,9% assured)

Sonata phev has 9,8kwh, so it’s 70000 cars:)