Singapore Launches Asia’s First Driverless Electric Vehicle


Driver?  We don’t need no stinkin’ driver.

Driver?  We Don't Need No Stinkin' Driver

Driver? We Don’t Need No Driver

That’s the idea behind NAVIA, an autonomous, low-speed, end-of-route form a electric transportation that’s now officially in use in Singapore.

NAVIA is the work of the Singapore Economic Development Board, Nanyang Technological University, Induct Technologies and JTC Corporation.

Induct Technologies is the manufacturer of record, with each of the other listed organizations contributing something to the overall project.

The goal with NAVIA is to show a new means of transporting up to 8 people over short distances.  The average NAVIA route is only a few miles and its top speed is only 12.5 mph.  NAVIA travels along a pre-determined, pre-programmed route, but has enough intelligence to avoid accidents.

NAVIA is now out and about in Singapore where it’ll spend the next two years in the trial stage.

NAVIA is specifically engineered to address the “first mile” and “last mile” issues that even most subways systems fail to take care of.

For more info on NAVIA, click here.

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when they do this to cars it will ruin the automobile world i dont want a stupid computer driving my car i want to drive my damn car

I agree that driving can be fun, but when you get on a train, do you want to drive the damn train? 🙂 No, you read… or maybe eat lunch. There is no need for you to personally drive the train, so you don’t need to.

Now, imagine climbing into your own personal car… and then eating lunch on the way to your destination, while watching a movie, or studying the scenery… because there is no need for you to drive, if you don’t want to. Sometimes, you might prefer it… if you *could* just let the car take care of it.

Think of this… not very long ago, we might have preferred, if we could, to surf the web or check email wheh, un, “indisposed”. But, it just never occurred to us, because there was no (normal) way to accomplish that. Now, we take our iPhones with us everywhere, including the bathroom, without a thought. (Shut up… you’ve all done it)

The new normal will come. And it may include autonomous cars… along with bathroom web browsing… that we’ll all use without a thought.

It’s also listed on the battery maker site Oxis Energy as “Induct Cybergo”