Since 2009, Mitsubishi Sold 36,000 Electric Vehicles

NOV 15 2013 BY MARK KANE 2

i-MiEV 『X』

i-MiEV 『X』

Mitsubishi Motors announced that, to date, it sold a total of 36,000 electric vehicles worldwide.

Since we know that Mitsubishi launched it first EV in mid-2009, we can say that the automaker has averaged roughly 700 EVs sold per month. This number include the i-MiEV, C-Zero, iOn triplets and the MiEV vans and trucks sold exclusively in Japan.

36,000 means that Mitsubishi still is the second largest electric vehicle maker behind Nissan, but Renault or Tesla could take over this place in near future.

Over 14,000 (almost 40%) MiEVs were sold in Japan, where after introducing the new cheaper M- and X-spec versions, sales target for Mitsubishi dropped below 200/units a month.  The same targets was set for the Minicab van.

There is something strange in this sales target because Mitsubishi sold over 1,000 EVs a few times in Japan and the average for 2012 wasat about 400 units a month total. This year, the average is at about 330/month, so after the recent 25% price reduction, wouldn’t you expect more aggressive targets?

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Outlander PHEV is eating all the battery production. I think the iMiev family is able to reach constant 500 sales per month in Japan, but you have also keep in mind, that gasoline Kei Cars are really cheap and you will likely never catch up the difference with lower fuel prices, because they are often driven only a few thousand kilometers per year (some elderly, which are a large customer base for Kei Cars, might not even hit 1000 km per year, when they are just driving once per week to the supermarket or doctor).

That’s where EVs are at their best. The i-MiEV is a great example because although the gas-powered version sells significantly more copies, the electric version is faster, the heater gets warm faster, and there are no penalties (other than price and weight) such as reduced interior space.