Sin S1 Is A Modular Supercar With An Electric Option


Multiple powertrains are available, including a gasoline engine, a hybrid, or a fully electric setup.

Bulgaria’s Sin Cars will soon expand its lineup by launching the bizarre S1 as the company’s entry-level model. The vehicle largely defies description because Sin intends to offer a mix-and-match selection of body styles and powerplants.

The company’s single teaser image shows the S1 as a completely open roadster with no roof or doors. However, that’s not the only option. Customers can also get a closed cockpit variant or even a fully exposed fenderless variant with open wheels. “The modular design allows you to update, or change the design of your S1 for the lifetime of the vehicle,” according to Sin.

Powertrain details aren’t entirely clear, but buyers have lots of choices. “There are gasoline engines up to 450 horsepower, a hybrid, or fully electric” version, according to Sin’s announcement. In addition, customers can order a  paddle-shift transmission, traction control, and anti-lock brakes.

Sin will apparently debut the S1 at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in March, and the company will deliver the first examples in early 2019. The automaker will only call the vehicle’s pricing “affordable” at the moment. Sales will initially be in Europe. However, Sin is applying as a low-volume manufacturer with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States, which would allow the company to sell 325 road-going examples a year in the country. Otherwise, the S1 would be a track-only product in the U.S.

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A hodgepodge car that doesn’t even know what it wants to be. Gee, I’m sure this thing will be a rousing success..

(I wonder if you can get it with a side of quiche?)


How should they bring a car to series production if the do not even know how to publish a professional teaser?
A talented twelve year old would come up with something much better.


This has got to be a joke. It looks like somebody combined the boat from the intro of H.R. Pufnstuf with Scooby Doo’s Speed Buggy. You couldn’t pay me to drive that thing.


When my skills in sketching a car are much better than those of a “car company” and even the wheels are copied into the sketch with something like MS Paint, i highly doubt that this company will ever be relevant.
It looks like they told a 10 year old boy to look at their Sin R1 and paint it without a roof.


Looks like it’ll have a pretty dodgy drag coefficient. On top of that as if being a new automaker isn’t hard enough, they hope to release THREE different powertrain options?

Are they mad?

Roy LeMeur

I want the Unicorn Edition of the BS model.


As I’ve said many times before…

Until it’s available in Pennsylvania, it’s vaporware to me.


You know it’s not a real concept sketch, it doesn’t have enormous 30″ wheels on it with rubber bands for tires. That’s how you can tell a serious concept sketch.

We need to cut them some slack. Bulgaria is a developing country and they don’t have 3-D available to them yet. This is just the teaser. Wait until you see the plan view and elevation view of the drawing!!


Sin cars already unveiled their production version of the Sin S1.