Similar to Henry Ford, Elon Musk Is a “Mad Genius” Who Changed the Automotive World


Elon Musk Answers Questions

Elon Musk Answers Questions

Recently, the Detroit News posted a comparison review featuring the Cadillac ELR and the Tesla Model S.

Elon Musk Celebrates Model S Production

Elon Musk Celebrates Model S Production

The results was that the Model S was awarded 4 stars, while the Cadillac ELR received only 2.

“In short, the ELR comes up short in room and performance next to the multi-talented Model S prodigy.”

But it’s the closing few lines of the comparo review that we’re zooming in on here.

As the Detroit News writes:

“Electrics died a century ago, victims of Henry Ford’s more affordable, more fuel-able Model T. At the dawn of the 21st century, they are back, thanks in part to the determination of another mad genius and his Model S.”

Elon Musk = the Henry Ford of the 21st Century?  Thoughts?

Tesla Model S Gets 4 Stars - Cadillac ELR only 2 Stars

Tesla Model S Gets 4 Stars – Cadillac ELR only 2 Stars

Source: Detroit News

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21 Comments on "Similar to Henry Ford, Elon Musk Is a “Mad Genius” Who Changed the Automotive World"

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“mad genius”

What’s he so mad about?

Starting a US car company when one hasn’t been successful in, what, almost 100 years?

he started a rocket company and whant to die on mars.

Everyone needs a hobby… His is trying to improve humanity’s chances of survival.

Maybe about our dangerous addiction to fossil fuels.


I believe Elon Musk is completely off the charts. As good as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and others were/are, Elon is in category all by itself. The guys I mentioned did have an impact on the last years of the 20th century, while I believe than Elon will completely turn the 21st century around. Environmentally and geopolically as a consequence of his cars, solar power and energy storage (yes, Russia and Middle East, talking about your decline which will hopefully eventually help you go through a renaissance that you desperately need). On top, if he pulls off getting to Mars, I believe that he will be in the same category as Da Vinci, Einstein, Isaac Newton, Plato etc…

While he is intelligent, he’s nowhere near the same league as Einstein or Da Vinci. He’s a businessman with a vision, who buys the brains to achieve his goals. And really, the stuff his companies have done haven’t been all that advanced, just, in the case of Tesla at least, well put together. Like I said, he’s a good businessman.

Sometimes, in one’s lifetime, comes a true genious. One that has the guts to defy the almost impossible. One that will not bow to established conventions and stand up to big corporation. Steve Jobb was amazing and a true game changer. Elon Musk is much, much more than that. As far as i know, he has not invented anything but, he puts together machines out of existing breaktrue invention and makes them work as if they were meant to work as one unit from the beginning. Other than software, the model.S is a pretty simple car, much like anything else that uses an electric motor. But using known facts and existing technology, he put together the best car in the world. Could GM or Ford or anybody else have done the same? Yes, they have the knowhow, but they didn’t! Elon did and rewards are piling up. Good for him but even more important, for us and our kids as i can now see the death of the ICE used in cars today. They will become obselete, relegated to much more adequate uses where an electric motor cant be used ( even if i cant think of one right now).… Read more »

Like Jobs, Musk is a visionary. He sees opportunities, products, and futures that others do not. And like Jobs, he has the drive and guts to turn those visions into reality.

In Job’s case, he caused revolutionary improvements to the computer industry, the movie industry, the music industry, and the cell phone industry.

Musk is certainly off to an amazing start, but he has touched but a small fraction of lives compared to Jobs. However Musk is young and just getting started, so it’s probably too soon to compare their accomplishments.

Getting back to the article, I think it would be accurate to say that Musk is the Steve Jobs of the transportation industry. I wouldn’t be surprised if Musk adds HyperLoop to his list of revolutions.

Yup, Jobbs revolutionised the entertainment industry, my feeling is Musk will revolutionise the rest!

The banks: Paypall
The energy industry: SolarCity
Personnal Transportation: Tesla (EVs will be the norm, we all know that.) Hyperloop as public transport.
Space: SpaceX: reusable rockets will make space travel affordable in my lifetime.
And i’m sure the trucking industries and merchandise transportation is not far away…
Steve who?:)

You’ve listed several Musk ventures that are certainly great ideas, but I would not (yet) call them “revolutionary” because each venture still has a small customer base, and (so far) a very limited impact on society as a whole. They may be revolutionary some day, but they’re not there yet IMHO.

Another parallel is that the Gigafactory is going to be like the River Rouge of batteries.

plastic nose is a low?


Maybe Nicola Tesla is the mad genius to compare Elon Musk with. Both challenged powerful vested interests with disruptive new technology.

That didn’t end well for Nicola Tesla, his lab burned to the ground, some of his inventions seized by the government and his reputation the victim of character assassination.

I don’t think this will end well for Elon Musk either. What happened in NJ is just the beginning; powerful vested interests usually find a way to destroy those who are considered a threat in a fundamentally corrupt system.

…or Preston Tucker? What Musk is trying to do is infinitely more threatening to even more powerful interests like the oil industry. It could even affect the balance of power between nations. One has to be a mad genius indeed to attempt this and I would ask everybody to keep an eye open for attempts to subvert Musk’s mission. Not that there is really anyway to stop what I’m afraid will come.

With the breadth of what Elon Musk is working on, I would think he should be compared to Thomas Edison. Hyperloop, SpaceX, Solar, Supercharger, Model S, etc. vs light bulb, phonograph, movies with sound, and many miscellaneous inventions.

Conventional wisdom is that you can’t put a square peg in a round hole. Musk does the following; makes the round hole larger, or the square peg smaller, or makes the round hole square, or the square peg round, etc. His critics say, “Hey, you can’t do that, you’re breaking the rules”. Musk’s response, “Watch me”!

Pokey Volt drivetrain… Yeah, I take an exception to that. The Volt drivetrain is the best part of the ELR.

I’m sure I will get to tell the tale of Elon Musk to my grandkids one day.
I haven’t seen anyone close to him during my lifetime and I’m sure his legacy will be one of the greatest.

He’s no da Vinci or Einstein but I’m sure that he will end up way higher than a Henry Ford.