Silver Tesla Model 3 Spotted


A stunning Tesla Model 3 in Silver was spotted outside of Tesla’s Fremont factory just days ago.

Sightings of the Model 3 will become increasingly common as the car moves from the early prototype stage to closer to production ready.

According to Tesla, design of the Model 3 will be complete in the next couple of weeks, but production is still a year or more away. We’re pleased with the design, so let’s hope Tesla is too.

Tesla Model 3 - Image Credit: Jay.Dayzz Via Instagram

Tesla Model 3 – Image Credit: Jay.Dayzz Via Instagram

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Need more interior pics…

When there is a final interior to take pictures of, sure. No point otherwise.


Exactly. Musk tells everyone the final interior will be “like the cockpit of a spaceship” and people STILL complain about the interior looking unfinished.

I’m not optimistic about a spaceship cockpit interior, but I’ll wait until I see it before offering criticism. So far I like all of Tesla’s styling, interior and exterior, so I doubt the Modle 3 can be all that bad.

You know, I just realized… what does the cockpit of a spaceship look like?


I rather doubt Tesla will model the interior of the Model ≡ after this image of a Soyuz space capsule interior… 😉


I’ve been reading InsideEVs for quite a while now because I am an EV enthusiast. So I am continually blown away as to why in the hell to all you EV negative slugs keep coming to this webpage and posting your crap negative stuff? If I don’t like Ford’s I am sure and hell not going to a Ford website just to post a bunch of crap.

Lighten up Francis. All the poster did is ask for interior pictures.

I found it a bit eye-opening when Elon Musk said, in a video interview, that at times Tesla’s stock has been the most shorted stock of all. That explains the short “interest”, and perhaps why so many comments here are from perpetual Tesla bashers.

That said, Enlightened, I think perhaps your comment in this particular case was a bit misplaced. I’d like to see more photos of a Model ≡ interior, too!

Ok, so supposedly there’s only what.. 2 or 3 or 4 Model 3s in existence?

This car is just so well designed! Not too modern and veering into the weird, not dull, just exciting. And the front just needs two weeks of getting used to, like truly good music that doesn’t click the very first time, but after that …

In other words it looks like a Mazda 3 4-door. The Mazda 3 even has an available heads up display.

Telsa has great designs but their execution often gets them in trouble.

Here is a 2016 Mazda 3. I have to say I don’t see any similarities. The Model 3 is beautiful comparatively.

I don’t see the similarity, but for the record, the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 both look good to me.

The Mazda 6 would be an excellent candidate for a PHEV. Plenty of room for around 30+ miles worth of battery.

So if the Mazda 3 instead looked like a tiny tiny BMW 318 but still had front drive and a tiny tiny engine and the usual Japanese mass-market interior, that means that no one should buy a BMW 318? Gee, the front end of a Ford Fusion looks like an Aston Martin to me, so an Aston Martin is pointless.

Exactly 🙂 The logic of Tesla haters is flawless.

The current Mazda 3 looks awful. Can you really not tell the difference between good and bad design?

Musk sure knows how to find the best auto stylists in the world. The Model 3 is a work of art, both subtle and sublime.

Their most beautiful car yet, IMO. I’m glad they didn’t uglify it just because it’s not the most expensive car in their lineup, as some other auto companies are know to do (looking at you, GM).

It indeed is one of the most beautiful cars I know.

This is going to be a long 18 months. Hopefully the second part of the reveal is only a few months away.

It looks better than the old Silver Arrow.

The Tesla Model 3 is handsome no matter what color it is.

Is this going to be the final design. 5-Door vehicles are becoming very popular in USA & China and the wagons are already popular in Europe.

It will be nice if Tesla can somehow make Model-3 a 5-Door vehicle as they are more spacious and functional.

I doubt that Tesla is going to make the major design change in the car body that would be needed to put a rear hatch into the Model ≡. The process of putting this into production rather strongly suggests that the basic body shape is pretty well set in stone by now.

I think those hoping for a hatchback variant on the Tesla Model ≡ will have to wait for the Model Y, which is said to be a CUV based off the Model ≡ platform. Let’s hope the wait time between the debut of the Model ≡ and the Model Y will be fewer years than the wait between the debut of Models S and X!

Well considering that the Instagram poster works for Tesla, this is nothing but an advertisement. It was not “spotted”. Looks nice though.

I spotted a silver Tesla Model 3 on Portland, OR, today on Sandy Blvd. They’re out there.

I like it. I’m excited.


“Why do they display things that aren’t for sale ” Terry from threes Company circa 1982