Silver Tesla Model 3 Spotted Twice In Public


Two recent sightings of a silver Tesla Model 3 in the San Francisco area confirm that the cheaper electric Tesla is in fact roaming public roams around the Fremont, California area.

Tesla Model 3 - Image Via Datcode on Imgur

Tesla Model 3 – Image Via Datcode on Imgur

The first sighting of the Model 3 was along the headlands (Golden Gate National Recreation Area) of Marin County, just north of San Francisco. The images were later posted to Imgur by Datcode who was riding a motorcycle in the area when the Model 3 showed up.

Tesla Model 3 After Supercharging - Image Via Larry Wu

Tesla Model 3 After Supercharging – Image Via Larry Wu

The second Model 3 sighting was of a Model 3 charging at a non-public Tesla Supercharger located inside a service center, before being towed back to some other location. The Supercharger Model 3 images were shared by Larry Wu on Facebook.

Tesla Model 3 Ready To be Towed - Image Via Larry Wu

Tesla Model 3 Ready To be Towed – Image Via Larry Wu

Tesla Model 3 Interior - Image Via Larry Wu

Tesla Model 3 Interior – Image Via Larry Wu

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I wonder what the goal of this is. Are they testing the prototype or just trying to create buzz? i think they have enough preorders…

I’m kind of obsessed with those wheels…they look great! its kinda of surprising this car has about 17 more months of development left. it looks really good in pictures. hopefully they get all of the bugs out of it in those 17 months…

Just want to create buzz of course. Look at that first perfect picture. No way it’s a “paparazzi” pic with the bridge in the background

The second photo, too. You don’t get such perfect pictures unless the car is stopped right in the middle of the road. That’s not going to happen on what looks like a public road with no stop sign/light in sight, unless the car stops to “pose” for a publicity photo.

Seems odd to use those as the first two photos in an article entitled “Silver Tesla Model 3 Spotted Twice In Public”. That suggests candid photos, and obviously those two don’t qualify.

Every car company does photo/video shoots in this area for the awesome backgrounds, so I’m sure that’s Tesla what Tesla was doing . The fact that they trailered the Model ≑ to the headlands is a dead giveaway (didn’t want to dirty the car or expose it to many folks on the drive up). Expect to see some photos/videos from this soon on the Tesla Mototrs web site.

These prototypes are hand made. They still need to finalize design and order the tooling. The interior is obviously not fully designed yet. There are no AC vents, to say the least, and even a stripped down model needs more physical controls in case of an emergency. Also, we don’t know if the drive train is actually a Model 3. Most probably it is a chopped up Model S drive train.

At the Tesla event, one of the staffers said the vent is the entire length of the dash – the dark colored middle area in the photo.

First time I saw the Model 3 front-end I was wondering what the heck was the Tesla design team thinking but now it has really grown on me to the point of really like. I guess it takes time to allow the brain to adjust to being presented something new.

Sexy looking car. It sells itself in the looks department…so great way to advertise the 3 by just driving it around…an advertising billboard on wheels.

I agree mostly, and the nose has grown on me, but more like an annoying habit a friend has that you just learn to live with because you get used to it.

Everybody wanted a motorcycle when I was in high school. They thought I was nuts when I went back to bicycles in my twenties. Ride two electric assist bicycles now. Just got an electric push mower to replace the ICE push mower. Still waiting on the Bolt.

Oops! This was meant as a response to SparkEV below.

I wonder if disproportionate number of motorcycle riders drive EV. People thought I was nuts when I got a motorcycle in high school, then when I got an EV many years later. It might be an interesting psychology / sociology study.

I ride an electric motorcycle now and drive a Leaf. Ive ridden Honda Cbr models since i got my license in 1994. After driving electric cars in 2008, i scrambed to find a electric replacement for my gas bike. The only thing i use now that is gas powered now is my jetski and my generator. Motorcycles are efficient and fun just like evs.

If you’re suggesting the adventure of riding a motorcycle can make those who own them more accepting of EVs the rest of the time, I’d say I’ve observed the same being true for those who have separate cars for the track. A high horsepower mermaid is the last thing I want to be seduced by, when stuck averaging 20-30mph.

If it isn’t the limits of adhesion, give me autopilot πŸ™‚

“If it isn’t the limits of adhesion, give me autopilot”

Now there’s a tagline!! πŸ˜€

I say that from similarity. I figured motorcycles got better gas mileage than Geo Metro, yet accelerate quicker than fastest Ferrarri. When I need to carry more stuff, I could always rent or borrow cars. The fun factor of riding is far better than cars, not to mention carpool access.

EV gets better mileage than cars, and SparkEV is quicker than comparable gas cars. When I need to go far (more than 6 DCFC worth, 3 each way) or carry stuff, gas van. Then there’s quiet fun and carpool access.

Basically, both forms are “better” by having some sacrifice. That’s why it would seem that the mind that would choose bikes would be more likely to choose EV.

You have few things wrong here …. Mo-Fri you cannot really go much quicker, especially when you cannot legally filter or ane split. On Sat-Sun … The electric bike becomes liability with short reach and limiting range/power/speed …. Why bother when I can go further, faster and on properly tuned real motorcycle chassis which costs much less then Zero, or anything else would.

I can see how in Europe, one people will commuting EV bikes, but remember they can achieve the same with a cheap scooter ….. In North America it’s a dead end, because bikes are primarily toys.

Hence most EV bike attempts and with bankruptcy ….

Most motorcycle riders hate te idea of EV ….. It’s usually guys who didn’t ride at all buying their Zero.

They are so expensive and with ridiculous range, that most people using bikes for racing or weekend rides will not even look at them. Commuters perhaps, but you have to live in warm climate And really be able to exist without a car. Once you need both, why would I buy Zero???

For the record, I have a couple of bikes in my garage ….. The only plausible application, would be an off-road bike with swappable battery …. Probably only 20 years away …

As yet another former motorcycle rider who likes EV’s, I fully realize that I’m a statistical outlier (AKA freakish weirdo).

Fellow motorcyclists I used to ride with had no interest at all in EV’s.

If it was plugged in, they should have seen where the charging port is!

In real Tesla have 100.000 preorders, they need some attention :-).

Go Away.

Just relax, every company in the world cheats. Business is is not a kids birthday. Mitsubishi fakes 21 years fuel economy, VW fakes the NOx, Nissan and some other give the gross capacity like Tesla (P85 hast 77 kWh usable) or advertise with 700 hourse power, now the P90D is rated with 539.

The universe is a bit more complex than you seem to account for…

Yes, and he has one. A complex that is.

My wife said she saw what was definitely a “grey” M3 in Lafayette CA yesterday driving on Moraga Rd. I told her if she didn’t get pictures it doesn’t count.

I want it now!

Contact Tesla and see if there’s a test pilot program. You might have it “now” by working for them! If I’m not so lazy, I’d work for them and figure out some interesting facts like range polynomial.

I was driving behind a Model 3 two days ago in Burbank, California. It was silver & did some crafty maneuvers either to evade me or so the Model 3 could bypass the red light which we were approaching.

I really love the simplicity of the inside of this car. This is the way a car should be, to me this is the new “chic”.

The interior looks like a concept interior. Not production ready at all

Anyone notice the GUI on the center dash? The graphics are different than what we saw at the premiere. The Music Player on the right, is replaced with an overhead view of the vehicle. The driver’s door is shown open.

Probably out testing software updates?

All staged.
And how does some motor cyclist get acces to a “non public” SC?????

But you have to admit, this does not look like a Mule for a car to be delivered in ~1.6666years. It looks ready to go…….from the outside.

It looks like a concept car. Really hope they dont change much

Me thinks the opposite …. Who is right or wrong?

“…this does not look like a Mule for a car to be delivered in ~1.6666years. It looks ready to go… from the outside.”

It certainly does. The interior, not so much. Especially that narrow white board where a padded dashboard ought to be.