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We’ve seen black, white, blue and red out in the wild, but never before have we seen silver release candidate.

Here’s what we believe to be the first public sighting of a release candidate silver Tesla Model 3, with a bonus look at three Tesla Roadsters in the background.

Out of the five colors seen thus far in the wild, which would you choose?

In keeping with the idea that the first Model 3s to be sold will be prebuilt configurations, we suspect that only a few colors will be offered initially. So, perhaps the black, blue, white, red and now silver Model 3s will be all we see out of the gate.

The final reveal of the Model 3 in full production form will take place sometime in July. Ahead of that, a small viewing party will get an up-close look at the Model 3 on June 2 and 3.

Here’s a look at some of the other Model 3s we’ve recently seen out on the road:

Red Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 “release candidates” have hit the road for product validation

Tesla Model 3 expected to arrive in the second half of 2017, in volume for Q4

Tesla Model 3

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I have to deal with dust and now the pine trees are putting out yellow pollen on everything.

Of all the colors silver works best. Black is worst. Problem is that silver is too common place….so i don’t know what color i would pick

There is price to pay for driving a black car… and thus being wildly popular, extremely good looking and having a car that goes both further and faster than all other colors. /science

“There is price to pay for driving a black car… and thus being wildly popular, extremely good looking and having a car that goes further and faster. /science”

I don’t want to be branded as a science denier, but this sounds highly suspect!

Much respect Jay, but show us the data! 😛

***Full disclosure… my car is silver.***

I have posted this before, but science would tend to agree with Jay.

Radiation heat transfer states that black bodies have the lowest emisstivity, which means they hold the most heat. This increase in temperature of the surface of the vehicle lowers the air density of the aerodynamic boundary layer on the vehicle. Lower air density results in lower drag forces on the body of the vehicle. Lower drag both increases speed and increases range.


Black cars are probably the slowest statistically, since they’re far more likely to be involved in an accident, which tends to slow down average speeds…

This is because they’re a lot less visible at night, other low-visibility conditions/times (twilight) and on dark backgrounds (such as asphalt roads). It’s especially bad for non-metallic flat black & dark gray.


This is a bit hard to believe since all cars these days have daytime running lights anyway.

Chevy chenged their grey color on the gen 1 Volt to Ashen grey in 2014. I liked it a lot better than the former grey they offered. Living in Washington State with our constant grey skies – the grey and some silvers look sort of blah. The Ashen grey metallic really stood out.

Traditionally, white is considered the safest color, followed by yellow – then red.

Traffic levels are such that I use daytime lights, especially during rush hour and rain. New cars have all sorts of catchy LED and headlight treatments with some form of daytime running mode.

It’s fun identifying cars going the opposite way by their LEDs running lights. Teslas are easy as are those weird eyebrows of newer Mercedes.

A black car in Canada is good. It warms up faster if the sun ever comes out:)

So it never warms up, you’re saying.

All colors are shades of silver (aka, grey), black just happens to be darker shade of grey. /real science

Hey George, did you like that matte-ish silver ( it kind of glows, not gloss silver ) seen on the pre-production concept Model 3? I dig that color. Me thinks the silver shown above is what we’ll get. I think they should offer that cool concept silver and even the matte charcoal one with the carbon fiber wheel option. The reddish/copperish show car stood out as well. These primary colors are OK, but more boring than some cool-io metallics and pearls. I always like a pearl white – but the 1st generation Volt’s pearl white had a gold in it and it looked amazing at night under the lights but kind of dull gold-white or dirty white during the day. The new Volt’s pearl is more of a standard pearl white. I’m digging the Kinetic Blue of the new Volts and the Bolt EV. It’s the EXACT same color as my old 1995 SR-5 T-100 pickup truck. I’m torn – if I buy a Bolt or Volt to get the pearl white or that blue to match my truck. My fave Volt color came out after I got my Volt. In 2014-15 they introduced a new grey – Ashen grey.… Read more »

James said:

“Hey George, did you like that matte-ish silver ( it kind of glows, not gloss silver ) seen on the pre-production concept Model 3?”

You’re not going to find a matte finish on any production car. Nobody would make a car with a finish that dull. If you want to see a car with a “matte” color, look at a car covered with rust or one that’s had primer applied but not the actual finish.

What you’re talking about, a finish with a “sheen” or “glow” rather than the usual shiny gloss finish, is properly termed a “semi-gloss” or “satin” finish.

Good roof perspective!

What are the three cars in the background, all of which are the same (sort of retro) model?

Aren’t they Tesla Roadsters?

I think you’re right. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a picture of a Roadster, and probably mostly then views from the front, rather than the side views shown here.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Yup, but those are some ugly colors on them.

Indeed. Most pictures of Roadsters I’ve seen have had black trim, and most with hard tops also have black tops. The Roadsters seen here appear to have been re-painted in solid colors… and not very attractive ones!

1. Blue
2. Tie: Red or White
3. Black
4. Silver

Black is always dirty. I’ve already owned 6 white cars; not sure I want another. The red is surprisingly attractive.

Blue seems elegant and subdued; I’d rather *own* a Tesla than *tell* everyone what it is. I’ll never have another silver car – too bland.

Agreed on the roof perspective – very nice.

I think this Model 3 looks great in silver!

But the blue would be my second choice. Then black. The white and red not so much.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Isn’t that the same Gray/Grey we’ve see in pics???

If you’re going to get Cali HOV stickers, white…However, with the S/X only black is “free” while all other colors charge a fee and the white is the most expensive…

Zup with that shaded rear window?

Or is this just a reflection of something?

I want one in light blue or baby blue. 🙂 Ooohh..or electric blue.

I could settle for dark blue though, it is the best looking out of those shown above.

PPG offers prismatic colors to customizers. Many that turn from purple to green seem bizarre to me.

They do remind me that progress can be made in paint technology. A prismatic Tesla color option that turns different colors based upon ambient light would be amazing.

Upon seeing the cinnamon/red Model 3 concept mockup and the matte grey and silver ones too – Hopefully Musk will offer unique paint options. It’s a way to option up a Model 3 to those with deeper pockets or ( single people! ) and create more revenue per car. Those customers will get Teslas that “pop”, and the colors create buzz out and about in real life!

I lust after an electric blue Tesla.

The red looks great. If I had to choose between the various shades of gray shown so far, then the blue-gray one is okay.

(Yes, I realize I’m a heretic for not preferring black! 😉 )

So are we going to see another article like this every time a new color is spotted on the road? seriously?

Oooh Ooh! is just saw a GREEN one!

I liked the darker tone of the Silver used with the original silver Model 3 than the Release Candidate silver.

Maybe picky — but when you have been waiting over a year for a car!

Hoping Tesla reverts back to original silver used.