Silver Tesla Model 3 On Display At Q3 Employee Party – Live Photos


Last night, Tesla hosted a party at the Avaya Stadium in San Jose, California.

The party was a celebration of sorts, following the automaker’s highly successful third quarter.

Along with live entertainment, food and beverages, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was on hand to congratulate the Tesla team.

Beyond all that, a silver Tesla Model 3 was on display for all to see.  There is some subtle changes to the interior erogonomics, and a new placeholder steering wheel (over what we had seen before) was in place for the event (meaning that the a production-intent wheel was probably previously installed, but then swapped out before the 3 made a live appearance).

Check it out in the images above and below – via Ryan Eager on Imgur.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

*All images, plus even more at the link, via Ryan Eager on Imgur

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As much as I like the way the Model ☰ looks right now – as well as the negative comment that have been posted about the nose.
I’m sure that the actual production vehicle will be slightly different. Just as it was with S & X.

Beautiful car…

Honestly, the front has grown quite a bit on me. I think of it like an “Air Chisel”, cutting thru the wind.

And the redesigned all glass roof of the Model S, might be a hint at what’s also been done to address the #TinyTrunk issue of the Model 3. *Hatchback: hope hope hope*

As had been mentioned in an earlier thread, the open roof / frame of the vehicle allows large robots more room to work. This design move on Tesla’s part, may not just be aesthetically motivated; but mass production motivated.

I will Buy this Car! Not that GM Joke in Comparison.


I like turtles.

i think that they just need to move the taper down a bit and the front end would look a lot better. on the other hand, the layout of the dashboard just doesn’t cut it. attaching a PC monitor to the middle of a blank dashboard might look “techie” but most people are looking to buy a spaceship when they buy a car. it looks like no attempt was made to integrate the display into the dashboard.

The X alpha version had the same floating screen. I am guessing it is just cheaper for their testing to do it.

I fully expect the final Model 3 to have the screen integrated into the dash like the S and X. The size and location (and lack of tilt toward driver) will probably be the same.

what most companies do is to put camouflage tape over the parts of the car that they don’t want to disclose. that way you know that the company doesn’t want to reveal the final car. putting this car on display with no camouflage implies that this is the car that will be delivered to the public; especially when tesla had previously stated the “benefits” of mounting the screen in the manner that it is shown.

275/30/20 tire size

I really hope these aren’t going to be the stock tire. 20 inch rims on a 30 series tire would get destroyed by the potholes where I live. Not to mention they are over $300 each for replacement.

Nice to see the new steering wheel design has been updated from the reveal version. The seats also look like they are more refined.

Thanks Johnny for pointing that out, I missed that!?

Didn’t Elon say that the steering controls and system on the Model 3 would feel “like a spaceship.” That steering wheel doesn’t look like it would feel like a space ship. It looks like an ordinary run-of-the-mill steering wheel to me.

“Wait until you see the real steering controls and system for the 3. It feels like a spaceship.”
-Elon Musk

So, have you personally “felt” and operated the thing?


Why so chronically and preemptively negative, Sven? Did Elon personally piss in your bed and blame it on you when you were a kid?

I said it “doesn’t look like it would feel like a space ship,” and I stand by that assessment.

Are you implying that Elon is a pedophile who crawls into bed with children, Michael Jackson style? That’s very disturbing.

FYI, I’ve been very positive on the Model 3. I was only suggesting that the steering wheel in the pic above in not the final production version, but a placeholder. Adding a third spoke to the steering wheel, does not make it feel “like a spaceship.”

Perhaps, you should take a chill pill.

Right, Sven saying he likes the Model 3 or Tesla is like Trump saying with a straight face that “I have the utmost respect for women”!

Anyways, keep reinventing yourself Sven.

I’m still hoping for a head-up display, even though it’s not visible in the photos.

At this point, I really hope they’re done with the changes. (Not only aesthetically) what we’ve seen/heard so far is well worth $35.000.
They should focus on production and maybe a future HUD option and mirrorless doors.

Mirrors are a NHTSA requirement.

What’s the latest on this? They were supposed to be looking at camera systems.

There hasn’t really been a push again, since it was turned down in 2014 by the OEMs.

It sounds like EU might test it first now.

Am I the only one who really likes the minimalistic “fake” interior. I hope the real one isn’t too different.

“Am I the only one who really likes the minimalistic “fake” interior.”

Nope. You’re not the only one.
I also hope this is it. And I hope this dashboard + steering wheel + infotainment screen combo is twice as easy to manufacture and a third of the price compared to the Model S one.

I would have preferred knobs/buttons for the HVAC controls. Also for the main volume.

Maybe the steering wheel will get these.

New steering wheel looks awesome and it looks like the back seats have folding middle arm rest thats missing on MS.:) I like what I see so far.


I still hate the lack of a driver-oriented instrument cluster. This would be a deal breaker for me. I’d prefer to just keep my Gen-2 Volt if that is the best they are going to have. I really hope the production version has something different.

The design of the car is growing on me, including the minimalist interior. Or maybe it’s just that the “where’s the dashboard!?!?” of the original Reveal has been refined a bit?

But yeah, throwing out the instrument panel would make me seriously question whether or not I wanted to go thru with the purchase, if I was in the market for this car.

I’ve never driven a car with a HUD. Maybe that would be an adequate replacement; maybe it would even make a better driving experience. But since I have never experienced that, I’d be very leery of depending on a HUD.

Question: Did they throw out the turn signal stalk too, or is that just hidden by the steering wheel in the photo in cmina’s post above? I suppose that could be replaced by left/right buttons on the steering wheel, but that would again be a radical departure from current automobile design! Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but it would take a bit for new drivers to get used to it.

I’m not looking for a spaceship to drive. If I did I would have joined NASA. The exterior is excellent. No instrument cluster is a concern, but a HUD without limitations wold be outstanding. I have seen and driven cars with HUD’s that would display very limited information and that really sucked. So if the 3 had a robust HUD…now that would be something to write home about.

i see left and right stalks on the steering column in the photo. the one on the right side is hidden behind the steering wheel such that it looks like it is part of the steering wheel but you’ll notice that it has a taper that is like that of the left stalk.

the dashboard doesn’t do it for me either. the idea of attaching a computer monitor to a dashboard looks kind of cheap, but i suspect that it was a trade off to achieve lower cost than would be the case if the car had a display that was integrated into the dashboard.

@David Murray
If you’re happy with your Gen-2 Volt, then a Tesla probably isn’t for you. Like a lot of Chevy/GM cars before it, the Volt has a ton of physical buttons on the dash instead of an intuitive menu system. (If that’s what you mean by “driver-oriented,” then you and I have a much different definition.) I went from a Leaf to a Volt, but had to go back (until my Model 3 arrives) because of the Volt’s non-intuitive interface… and its slow L2 charging and inefficient gas generator.

The Gen 2 Volt doesn’t have a lot of buttons on the dash. About the only thing that cannot be controlled from the steering wheel is the climate controls.

The Gen 1 Volt, yes, it has a lot of capacitive buttons, but having driven one for 2 years, I rarely used any of them.

And I’m surprised. When the Gen 1 Volt came out, alot of people were complaining about the buttons, how it was hard to find and that there was no tactile feedback when pushed. So Gen 2 minimized the buttons and used traditional ones. Yet, when Tesla came out with onscreen buttons, with the same issues, suddenly everything is okay.

This behavior reminds of the Steve Jobs reality distortion field, except it’s a Tesla distortion field now.

I think it’s more like autonomous driving oriented. And it is futuristic too, because of the minimalistic design.

to me, it looks like they went to “best buy” and bought a bunch of computer monitors and attached them to a dashboard. apparently, to you that looks “futuristic”, to me it looks like design on the cheap.

I think a large HUD + this screen would be perfect. But we will have to wait for Reveal Part 3 (late Jan/ early Feb most likely).

Heh. Just noticed the Model 3 ‘Logo’ built into the Floor Pedals…

The car looks fantastic. If they can ship on time, you’ll see Five Electrics.

As long as I am allowed to “drive by driver” I NEED driving related information right in front of me.
Having only the 1 screen in the middle would be a reason for cancelling my reservation.
(Years ago I had to drive a Citroen Picasso from time to time. It had almost everything in the middle of the dashboard, so I KNOW, this is not for me. I intend to drive the M3 a LOT.)

I personally would like to have the speed information right in front of me too. In that I think you could easily be doing 80 in this car and not feel it.

When I test drove the Nissan leaf I didn’t realize how easy of a time it had getting up to 70 but knew it was going fast due to looking at the information in front of me.

If you really can’t do without it, here’s a 36 bucks OBD HUD:

On that site they start at $23 btw ..

If you’re willing to spend some more, here’s a 85 bucks HUD from HUDWAY (this is my fave)

And then there are the really nifty ones from GARMIN for $200+ .. but personally, I wouldn’t spend that much on an accessory.

I drive middle dashboard cars and find it great. So does my wife. When u get into a diver oriented dashboarded car, u need to ajust steering wheel so u can see the dashboard. If u drive on and forget to do it, then u have a real issue on your hands.

I do love how this car looks.

I think the new steering whel looks like its foldeble

Chevy Bolt is okay, but man the Model 3 is a looker. I don’t want to keep my Volt for another 2 years, but I will practice delayed gratification.

I like GM, and the Bolt has a lot going for it, starting with the utility factor. But I agree that when looks are considered, the point goes to Tesla. I think the car has a sexy, somewhat feminine look to it (I think it’s that “voluptuous” grid-less fascia).

Sexy!?! The Model 3 looks like a pug nose dork mobile wearing a space helmet. This is definitely not a drivers car.

The best way for me to describe it is to call it an electric Porche. But the Porche IS a drivers car and never tried to be affordable. If the quality and performance of this car doesn’t live up to the hype a lot of people are going to be very disappointed.

It’s funny, people on this forum rave about the exotic features of this car but then say how affordable it’s going to be. You’re not going to get both. You’re either going to get an exotic car that’s priced outside the range of most people or your going to get a lack luster car that’s far from sexy.

While I bet most commenters here would disagree with you. But there are some angles where the Model 3 is awkward at best.

LOL, T-FFE as a serial Tesla hater thinks the Model 3 looks bad.

Well, since Tesla received over 400,000 pre-orders at $1000.00 apiece I think its fair to say that T-FFE’s bias doesn’t matter!

Not mentioned here, but the rear glass now looks like it is tinted at the top by the rear seat passengers heads.

Exterior: +1
Interior: +1
Dashboard: -1

I made my reservation sight unseen, but I won’t purchase that way. I really want some intuitive controls for the HVAC and audio, heated seats, etc – items that require quick action, rather than fumbling with screen menus.

And a HUD won’t make that 15″ screen look like anything but a tack-on.

It would be better to integrate the display into the dashboard like the s and x model to prevent temptation of a break-in.

i don’t think that the monitor is much of a temptation to break into the car. if someone were to steal it, what would they do with it?

Still not a fan of the interior design.

But it does looks like good legroom are available in the car.

So, it is mostly like the Model S where you will sit low with limited headroom but plenty of leg room.