Show Off Your Chevy Spark EV Knowledge For a Chance to Win a Trip to California


“Are you overflowing with EV knowledge? Then we’ve got the game for you. Play a round of our Pure Electric Fun game and enter for a chance to win a trip to California! Let’s see what you got:”

Says the Chevrolet Volt Facebook page.

What’s all the hoopla?

Well, Chevrolet is asking you to show off your Chevy Spark EV knowledge for a chance to win a trip to California.

The 6 question quiz is too easy, if you ask us.

Unscrambling that picture is what proved to be most difficult.

Anyways, here’s the link to the quiz.

If you’re stumped by any of the questions, then we’re sure you’ll find the answers somewhere within the realms of InsideEVs.


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6 Comments on "Show Off Your Chevy Spark EV Knowledge For a Chance to Win a Trip to California"

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Yeah, it was way easy. However, this is obviously a marketing gimmick and thus it is supposed to be easy since they want as many people as possible to “win.”

Grand Prize ground transportation is a $200 Gas Card and a Rental Car (4 days) … doh!??

You’d think an EV Contest for the “Chevy Spark EV” would in someway include access to the revolutionary vehicle? Not even a single day with the EV, no test drive, no chance to expierence the torque! Sorry no luck, this one is fully un-plugged, lacking EV Spark!

Prize details added…Thanks Brian

Win a trip to California? So the quiz is really for people that DO NOT live in California to learn about the Spark EV.

Hmmm . . . foreshadowing for the Spark EV to become available in other states?!?!

Maybe they’ll be releasing it in WA next year. 😉

Actually there are many CARB states where they could sell it and benefit for ZEV, but not the CA carbon credits. However, if they want to get serious and sell it in cold-winter states they’d need a heat pump. The 3 serious BEVs, the Model S, Leaf and i3 all have one either as standard or as an option.

I wonder how the winner will be notified by phone when there was no phone number box to fill in the entry form. And I wonder if the rental will be a 2014 Chevy Spark EV.