Huge Shipment Of Tesla Model 3s Ready To Board Big Ship For Europe

JAN 11 2019 BY MARK KANE 110

Thousands are already produced and soon will be sent

It seems that there is no chance to hide Tesla Model 3 shipments from the cameras’ lenses. Somehow, we lost. presents several photos of a volume shipment of Model 3 (or mostly Model 3) in California.

It seems that a four-digit number of Teslas is ready for transport by the sea to Europe (but we can’t exclude China). The ship would need at least about two weeks to reach the destination in Europe.

Description via Google translator:

“The invasion begins. Thousands of @Tesla Model 3 are on their way to Europe. Soon it will be tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions. And the German automotive industry looks helpless. 🦕💥”

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I think they are going to China.

Despite Musk’s guidance that the M3 is heading to europe you think they are going to China? Despite the configurations opened to the EU 2 weeks ago? Despite 27,000 configures taken in the first 10 days of Jan? You think they are going to ….china? (play the price is right fail music here)

The ship in the background does the Asia-USA run (see shipping company website). There would therefore have to be a different vessel to take the cars to Europe.
PErhaps that is where the China idea comes from?

These cars may well be destined for a different ship. Cars may sit in a port for weeks before being loaded onto a ship.

Google Glovis captain shows that it also visits a lot of harbours in europe.

You do realize the company is out of trinidad and tobago…a gulf of Mexico company…and you are also aware that the ALGOL is docked on the same pier, of the same class just on the southern dock over the photo’s right shoulder. Marine tracking pings both vessels there. It also pulled in within the last 2 days to dock. This…steady stream of outgoing and incoming weekly will now be a thing. So you believe Tesla is shipping to China first…despite all guidance to Europe….SECRET china shipments of M3?

Gee. I don’t know.
I guess you & scott know more than ELon Musk does about Tesla.

Musk has said China in Mar or Apr and those cars don’t have the Chinese wheels. They must be going to Europe.

According to the port company in Europe, they are expecting 3,000 Model 3s per week to Europe from California. This would be high spec models only. Then another 1,000 to China maybe. That’s about 4,000 weekly exports. That means production should be up to about 8,000 weekly so there are at least 4,000 weekly for NA with the base model starting production. Tesla must have the production worked out for the base model for NA since the new factory in China will focus primarily on the affordable Model 3 to compete with local completion.

Also, I wonder if the NA Model 3 will offer the dual charger ports(one on each side) option for both Tesla and CCS charging.

There will be only one charge port on the European Model 3, and it can’t change DC in Type 2 port.
Tesla has started to to rebuild some of the Super Charges so that that are 2 cables on one charger.

Update. Looks like it is headed to Panama Canal. So it must be Europe then.

the glovis captain is now sailing to Panana. So I guess that confirms it. It must be Europe. (Unless they are taking the scemic route to china :))

I think it’s going to Europe.



You can track the ship it’s called Glovis Captain. Next planed stop is the panama canal on the 20.1.18. It’s going to Europe.

I wonder how long before Teslas start loading themselves onto the ships?

I’ve thought that too. Seems like a low hanging fruit for self driving. And could save a lot of money and time when thousands of cars are being loaded. How many drivers does that take?

Crazily enough car carrier ships have the fastest turn around time in port. It usually takes about 15h to unload and reload them. The back corner of the ship folds down and is basically a 5 lane highway to load them in and out. They also go really fast across the ocean as cars are relatively light for their volume when compared to things you stuff in containers or oil tankers!

Thanks! I was trying to find how quick they could load those (I was curious as to production rate vs load rate). That is really fast though, much faster than production (not surprised), although if they are really at 6k per week they could fill 1 or 2 ships per week.

They load and unload very quickly. They could load those Teslas in a few hours. The car carriers I have visited in port 28 years ago carried around 4000 vehicles. The decks are typically not much taller than the cars themselves. The cars are packed in inches apart and loaded right to left so the drivers can exit before the next one is tucked in.

but that must require a lot of drivers to drive 4000 cars in a few hours. at 2 hours elapsed time and 5 minutes per car that would be 160 drivers.

interesting. but i’m sure it could go even faster it all the cars drove themselves off.

First they have to learn them to drive of the assambly line.

Funny that no Tesla Fan Boy has noticed that and commented.

Won’t these cars be heavier then ice due to battery

I love every down vote I got here! Please continue!

(Edit: Assembly line)

If you watched a video of a new driver getting their Model 3, you will find that autopilot is not immediately available. The cars are not capable of driving themselves right off the bat, they have to lean into it.
So this entire silliness of the cars loading themselves on the boats is disregarding that step, though I suppose the summon feature could be used, but then you to have a human there anyway.

Elon spoke of 1 + 2, for Convoying the Tesla Semi, so thoughts on this challenge have already started on this idea. Loading Ships could follow a Similar growth plan.

Sorry, I added my simple thought on this, further up in the comments!

Scott, Using Tesla Semi Convoy Approach, 1 Driver might be able to Load 3 cars. However, since Docks and Ships may operate like a Fixed Geo fenced Zone, it could increase from 3, to 4, 5, and More, from Ship Load to Ship Load.

Similarly, in Offloading, it could start small, with 1 Driver moving 3 or so, and Increasing, from Ship Load to Ship Load.

The First Ship might still be 1 Driver for 1 Car, at a time, but it could soon start convoy loading, with some special software modules!

Reminds me of a “Silicon Valley” episode 🙂

Don’t Tesla disassemble their vehicles and reassemble them in Europe to avoid import duties, or is that just the S and X?

Yes. And I think they were shipping by train to US East Coast before loading on ship to Europe – it is faster than going around to Panama canal.

This ship is in San Francisco.

Which is cheaper?

Just looking this up, it looks like Panama canal has gone up in price due to expansion and improvements to $450,000 for a ship. Maybe $100 per car on the ship (not huge). More companies are shipping by rail across US due to this.

How about Northeast passage since Global warming open that route

Tesla has to consider more than just the cost of transit. There’s also the time in transit. Longer transit means more inventory carried on the books for a longer time, and a longer wait until Tesla gets paid by the new buyer.

Now, that may not matter, if Tesla doesn’t balance the books until the end of a quarter. But I think it’s something to consider.

BUT, I have to wonder about how fast/cheap loading a bunch of these on a train and sending it to east coast in 3 days, then re-loading on a ship and sending to Europe (I wonder how long that takes? 7 days?)

with the MASSIVE difference being they shipped 3000 to the Eu once every 2 months relegating the pier to a piecemeal way point until enough deliveries accumulated to ship.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz– just because that is what they did in the past with a different car, doesn’t mean they absolutely are forced to do everything the same.

In reality, Tesla has very publicly stated that they have had to completely re-make their entire delivery process with the Model 3 compared to before. They even went so far as to build completely new “Delivery Centers” that never even existed before the Model 3. They even purchase their own trucking company. They built a whole freakin’ Gigafactory for the Model 3 they didn’t even have for the Model S/X.

So ASSuming the past automatically determines the future goes completely against the actual facts that we’ve seen in the changes Tesla has made for the Model 3.

Richmond had a lot like this, others in bay area?

“Don’t Tesla disassemble their vehicles and reassemble them in Europe to avoid import duties…”

Partly disassemble, yes. I’m not sure the disassembly is enough to show in a photo like this.

A relevant quote:

Tesla builds its cars in Fremont, California, and ships them to Rotterdam to do the final assembly in Tilburg. In the 44.000 square meter facility both the Model S and the Model X are assembled. “We assemble the battery pack and the electric drive train and some 30 other elements like the airbags”…

(Edited to correct spelling errors — #GrammarNazi)

So how are they driving them into the ship 🤔

How many units of Tesla Model 3 cars can this ship from GLOVER transport in one single shipment?

Not sure about this particular ship. But their ships range from 3000-6000

Let Me Google That For You:

Glovis Captain:
Built in 2015
4 decks
Capacity AEU: 6070

For ice cars but for fully battery ones

Get ready Europe…the biggest breakthrough EV yet is headed your way.

The only negative I see here is there wasn’t enough demand in the US for what I’m sure are higher spec Model 3’s. I have to believe if Tesla could have built these for the US they would have preferred it given the long transit times and longer cost recovery.

It would be normal for the US sales to drop in Jan after the loss of some credit $….so they are filling that void with EU sales. It had to happen sooner or later. If they didn’t then the shorts would say they are incapable of fulfilling orders.

Oh god, not the ignorant demand meme again.

Tesla announced in Q2 2018, while they were still in early stages of ramp up that they would be starting global deliveries in early 2019. Now they are doing exactly what they said they would do in Q2 2018.

This is yet another Rorschach test for anti-Tesla trolls. If you see meeting a Q2 2018 commitment to global reservation holders as a problem with demand, you are an anti-Tesla troll.

They have been trying to find a chink in Tesla’s demand armor for so long it seems silly. I can give them points for fit and finish problems, no heads up display, or even some of the other lesser complaints, but to harp on demand is to mark yourself as a true troll, because it ridiculous.

Don’t worry for Tesla, I’ll pay more than 60 k€ for not even a performance model 3. Tesla will not loose money by shipping in Europe. For example 2600 € for the white paint (3000 USD).

In USD, “more than 60 k€” translates in “more than 70 000 USD”. And French incitives (6000 €) are included. The normal price without incitives would have been about 78 000 USD…

And no 2000 USD price drop for Europe. Europeans Tesla buyers must be very motivated :-).

But if any problem (paint, alignment, etc) I will ask for total refund. Hope Tesla understands that…

Meanwhile in the real world Model 3 currently start at €53K in France with the special white paint a €2100 option. And that’s before incentives. If you had actually ordered one you would have known that.

No, not before incentives. That is including the 6k incentive. So in reality it starts from €59500 in France.

Makes sense but if there s a paint problem would you return it and get a 200 mi Audi or Jagaur?

You can’t really compare prices that include VAT and prices without VAT in the US.

Are you saying Tesla would never export if weak demand at home does not force them to? Elon’s mission statement is about saving Planet Earth, not just the USA. No, they want to sell worldwide, even to places more difficult than EU and China actually.

Why not maximize profit and stoke more demand by having the car in more places? They will still mover 10-15K per month in the US

The invasion begins – yes. But I would prefer it happens on June 6 commemorating the 75th anniversary of D-day.

Nah man, we are all friends. This is an American car from a South African CEO headed to the great European Union. We are all good. We all need to know our history but don’t drudge it up for cheap points.

Don’t forget the Canadian mother.

And Japanese battery pros.

And, no price trim in Ontario, post cancellation of $14,000 Rebates!


I stand corrected.

We are not waiting until June 6, let the sales start right away probably in Feb/Mar.
Let the Europeans see their 1st long range electric vehicle.
Let the diesel vehicle owners see how nice an electric vehicle is.

We already have Tesla’s here along Jaguar and now Audi/Mercedes too. VW is launching at the end of this year. We will see how things work out. The more choice we have in EV cars the better 🙂

They are not going to Europe. Models S and X are shipped by rail to the Gulf Coast then place on ships to Europe. Quicker and cheaper than going by boat through the Suez Cannal. These vehicles are going to Asia

Tesla has done a whole long list of things different with the Model 3 compared to the Model S/X. What may have worked in small volume for the higher priced S/X may not be viable for the larger volume lower priced Model 3.

Tesla also ships a lot less model s and x at the time.

Volume is key.

Zero ships from North America travel across the pacific ocean…then the indian ocean in order to go through the SUEZ canal on the red sea to get to Europe. They do however…use the PANAMA canal.

Secondly these are all model 3’s at 3000 a week delivered. Not S+X at 3000 every 2 MONTHS delivered to Europe. There is a very large logistical difference between freight railing 450 vehicles a day and 50 a day.

Also the fee on the panama canal is about $150 a car at a 3000 shipment.

Lastly the ship is owned by a trinidad and tobago shipping company out of the gulf. There is no bearing on destination based on previous routes or (only pacific sailing)

That was funny!

Asia is a long trip via Panama canal where the ship is headed…

This ship just brought cars from Korea to Canada and the US. Somehow it seems unlikely to be going to Europe next…


I now see I was wrong. According to it is on the way to Panama now. So most likely Europe.

That is very manly of you Ken in the age of snowflake “every useless opinion is important to hear” combined with “the ZERO RAMIFICATION FOR BS” internet policy. I mean it. 90% of people who comment don’t even use 5 minutes of google time to check what they are going to present as an opinion/fact. The information age has made irresponsible idiocy vogue. (oh I want to slip in a trump comment here…..but…NO)

Thank you for actually looking it up and having the conscience and manhood for contrition. You have moved the needle on faith in fellow man to the positive.

Thanks for the post.

The ships name is the “Glovis Captain” vehicle transport on pier 80 in San Francisco bay. Its on the Eastern dock. What the camera doesn’t show you is that on the south dock of this veriy same pier is the “Algol” (another vehicle hauler in the same class.

Tesla is either lining them up, one after another to head to Europe at the guidance 3000/week (likely) or
one is going to the EU while the other heads to China. (highly UNlikely)

Unless domestic sales are going to ZERO then US sales need some supply. Tesla is currently producing at or near 5000/wk. If 3000 are going to Europe that doesn’t leave any for China.

Look for the production ramp to 7000 to happen soon. Also, Look for first EU deliveries to happen by mid February.

So begins the push for 400,000 deliveries in 2019. Go team.

Very Curious as to their docking point in Europe. That’s a long haul from SF through panama then over to France/Netherlands.

Port of Zeebrugge (Belgium)

Source: Tesla mentioned my order (Model 3) was due to arrive via Zeebrugge in Februari.

Asia bound it seems.

No, it’s coming to Zeebrugge in Belgium. That’s in Europe :p

The ALGOL is a logistics naval vessel and not a vehicle transporter (
This one will definitely not bring any Model 3‘s to Europe or China.

There were actually 3 vessels all called the ALGOL. One the naval logistics vessel which IS in SF on pier 80 (my bad) the other a cargo hauler and a third a sailing ship. When I Cursored over after checking the glovis it showed me CARgo hauler (mistakenly apparently) and I read what I wanted to read…not what it said. My mistake

“the other heads to China. (highly UNlikely) ”

They said international deliveries in Europe and China will start in February 2019, so they need to load up a ship to China pretty soon.

The US only needs ~25k Model 3s in Q1 and they started the quarter with 7k. Other than special order P version I doubt they’ll make any US Model 3s until late February.

Nice photo!

I wonder how many days hours minutes it will be until some Tesla bashing troll posts it with the caption “Proof that Tesla is stockpiling thousands of cars it can’t sell!”

(Am I kidding? No, but I wish I was!)

You are literally the only troll saying such things.
I bet you are the first one bringing up the “Tesla killer” nonsense when a new EV comes to market.

You obviously haven’t been posting here long. Not only is the type of trolling he mentioned VERY real here, he also happens to be a repeated vocal opponent of the use of the term “Tesla killer” for a long, long time.

Don’t worry..the “Tesla Short patrol” will be on it in no time…with plenty of idiots believing.

Can anyone see a RHD version among the whole lot of cars there?

I see one… but I’m using “6 month into the future”-glasses.

Stole those Glasses, from the Joint CIA/NSA LABS, Did you?

Would you happen to be a British or Irish model 3 buyer waiting for their car to arrive?.

They simply don’t exist…. at the moment. They will come eventually. June is my guess.

That’s a lot of cars..

An internet sleuth in the Twitter thread counted about 1150 Model 3s in that main lot.

Small translation correction, it doesn’t say that the German automotive industry “looks helpless”, but rather that it “looks on helplessly”. It interests me how Google translate still commits very basic errors despite years of refinement and the ability to produce a translation that at least reads like proper English.

U31 is on a intercept course.

Why are Tesla fans so devoid of humour?

Maybe because you don’t usually have any…
I thought this time you were fine…

God and the Planet Earth bless the military of electric vehicles in its fight against dirty diesel (evil) in its European heartland. Let it go.
Let it fight.
Let it win and let the greenness of the Earth prevail for the fresh air and happiness to everyone.

I wonder if Tesla could work a deal with Texas: We will send them by rail to Houston – saving time and avoiding Panama canal costs – if you agree to let Tesla open Factory-owned stores in Texas?

Let’s be very clear about something.

All of these cars represent cars that WILL NOT BE SOLD in Jan 2019, and will not appear in any Jan 2019 sales numbers.

In before the troll freak out at the end of Jan when they completely fail to comprehend this reality and try to pretend there is some sales/demand problem. *FACE PALM*

They do understand…they just count on naive readers that will not figure it out and take their word for it.

It appears the Glovis Captain is on its way to Panama and thus Europe as opposed to China. It is passing LA at the moment.