Shipment of Tesla Model S Seen On Warehouse Roof In Hong Kong

JUN 24 2015 BY ALEX WAI 9

New Tesla waiting for delivery to eager customers in Hong Kong (Photo via CY Wong)

New Tesla waiting for delivery to eager customers in Hong Kong (Photo via CY Wong)

Tesla Model S Gathering In Hong Kong

Recent Tesla Gathering In Hong Kong

Tesla has always been rather tight lipped with it sales figures, especially units sold in certain markets. However, this photo should give us some idea of the sales volume in Hong Kong. A large number of brand new Model S EVs were spotted on a warehouse roof top in Hong Kong.

As you can probably estimate from the photo there are at least 50 or more units parked on that roof.

Here is some more background on Model S sales in Hong Kong.

All Model S (and upcoming X ,where unconfirmed reports estimate 300+ prepaid deposit customers) are built to order (unlike other non-direct sales dealerships that carry stock) with a waiting time reported by recent/future owners from a month to 9 months plus, depending on the model and configuration. There are rare occasions when a buyer forfeits their deposit as the car arrives for pick up, allowing other eager customers an option to immediately purchase the unit. In recent weeks, there were a few new Tesla owners posting on a local forum discussing about getting hold of what they called “stock units” of the 85 model within a short time frame as they ran out of patience waiting for the D models expected to arrive in August.

Some members from the local EV group ChargedHK estimate there are approx 1,300+ Model S on the roads Of Hong Kong since the first delivery in July 2014 (calculated by subtracting other manufacturers reported EV figures). The latest government figures reported by the Environmental Protection Department’s website shows there are a total of 2,246 EV registered in HK at the end of May 2015, compared to 2116 at the end of April a month earlier (there were less than 100 at the end of 2010). It is very likely that large percentage of those new EVs reported in May are Model S EVs rolling out from the same roof top.

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The Tesla Model S is the best selling EV in Hong Kong.

Apparently, the Tesla Model S is also the EV with the most excess inventory in Hong Kong. 😉

Oddly enough both can be true, since deliveries to Hong Kong are not necessarily meant to go to Hong Kong, just through it.

To where else? Japan?

Because People in HK certainly don’t drive on the same side as people in rest of China…

uhh, just because it lands on the port of HK doesn’t necessarily mean they are all left-hand drives.

Strange that cars in Hong-Kong would still be driving on the left side of the road while the rest of China is driving on the right. In Gibraltar for instance, all cars drive on the right not on the left.

Is this a recent picture? I saw a similarly “tilted” picture in a 2014 post by River Leung on TMC right about August when they got their big shipment in.


I hope you will do a follow-up article going into some of the details more deeply. It has been said that some Chinese speculators ordered Model S’s and then refused to take delivery; I think Elon Musk wrote or tweeted about that, as being partly to blame for why Tesla initially thought the demand for the Model S was higher than it actually is.

I’d like to know what the facts and figures on that situation are… as well as your opinions on the subject. Were there really that many speculators ordering Model S’s which they later decided not to buy? Or was that an exaggeration on the part of Musk?