Shell Teams With IONITY to Deploy Chargers Across Europe

NOV 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 9

Shell expands its charging efforts. Imagine that.

IONITY, a 350 kW fast charging network established by BMW, Daimler, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche, announced site partners for 18 European countries.

Charging Tesla

Shell Gas Station

Four companies, Shell, OMV, Tank & Rast and Circle K will install more than half of around 400 stations planned by 2020.

Partners for the remaining stations in other countries are to be announced.

Marcus Groll, COO of IONITY said:
“The agreements with these prestigious partners constitute an important initial milestone in our relatively short company history. So in the future, we will be able to offer a large number of fast charging stations at attractive sites along major roads in Europe.”

Here is the list of markets for each of partners already contracted:

Shell – 80 stations (500 stalls / around six per station) in 10 countries

  • Belgium, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary

Autobahn Tank & Rast (which operates around 360 petrol stations and 400 service stations, including approximately 50 hotels, within the German motorway network)

  • Germany

OMV – 4 countries

  • Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary

Circle K – 7 countries

  • Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden

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9 Comments on "Shell Teams With IONITY to Deploy Chargers Across Europe"

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Circle kW 4 EVn USA

What about Circle K in the USA?
Murica gotta git some of them “Circle kW” fillin’ stations round here, y’all!

John Doe

Circle K bought the filling stations from the Norwegian company Statoil Fuel and Retail – since they would not continue in that business.

Maybe because they saw the rise of the EVs, and the ICE sales coming to an end?

Statoil had already plans to add EV chargers at all stations before Circle K bought them.
It is just a continuation of the process.
If they want people to buy their expensive food, they have to draw people in. Without chargers, they will loose a growing percentage of their customers month by month.

Chris O

The 350KW part is what makes this interesting. So far the only car that could actually accept that sort of charge that’s slated for production would be Porsche’s Mission E though.

Marc G

Re : Chris O.
True except that I believe it’s for the entire charging station, so divided by 6 = approx 60Kw .. which is the current standard of 480Vx125A : which all L3 equipped EV’s can handle (CHAdeMO or Combo/CSS).

Magnus H

350kW is possible in one connector with CCS. Possibly the power will be shared with neighbouring chargers if more than one car charges at the same time.


Mission E hasn’t demonstrated that yet.

Having the best EV tech is not Porsche tradition. Their tradition is exhaust gases and sound. This doesn’t add together.

I really doubt Porsche had a change of heart and is focusing on EV tech from now on.

There are some serious player focusing on EV tech right now, Porsche is not one of them.


We need these kinds of partnerships in the United States.

Someone out there

350 kW is a lot. It will deliver 100 kWh in less than 20 minutes which is good for 300-350 miles depending on car. That makes “refill” time pretty much irrelevant.


If the car can go 4 hours at 70 mph with less than 30 minutes charging, that could be acceptable.