Shell Will Install EV Chargers At Some Gas Stations In Europe

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Shell has yet to reveal what type of EV chargers it plans to use. But, based on reported estimated charging times, some type of DC fast-chargers are in order.[/caption]

Anglo-Dutch based Royal Dutch Shell, better known by Americans as the global company known for its Shell gas stations, has realized that it should be a more versatile vehicle energy provider. Locations in Europe will begin installing EV chargers.

It should only be a matter of time before other fuel companies will follow suit. Hopefully, Shell forwards this idea to other parts of the world, sooner, rather than later.

Gas stations are already conveniently located, and have existing real estate and infrastructure. This is really how it should be. It makes a whole lot less sense to have charging infrastructure development be a completely independent entity. As we have said before, EV charging development should fall on local utility companies and/or be integrated into current vehicle fueling stations. A year ago, Russia mandated EV charger installation at gas stations.

Shell will begin the effort at specific locations in Britain and the Netherlands. Total, another gas station, is working on a similar plan. Europe’s electric car population is growing quickly, so the two companies plan to move forward without hesitation. However, truth told, these projects will take decades to complete.

Shell has 600 stations in the Netherlands and 25,000 worldwide. The first chargers will be added at stations in the Netherlands’ most populous areas.

Source: DutchNews

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Better late than newer!
I hoped they would have done that 3 years ago, in this way they would have been leading on the marked.
They have great shops, good infrastructure, wish them luck with there new formula E!!

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

This is making so much sense, I don’t know about the US but in Europe countries with high EV sale figures already have many fuel stations with EV chargers. Sometimes I read complains that fuel stations are toxic for oversensitive EV owners but that would make no sense IMO. I mean same people are happily spending hours in apartments or houses with very high formaldehyde concentrations not to mention all toxic emissions resulting from overheated electronic devices geeks EV owners are usually so fond of.Probably a little petrol fume would rather have a cleaning effect on their lungs if anything.

Haha! First time I’ve heard of petrol inhalation being used as a pulmonary detergent (although benzene does have antiseptic properties).

Very funny – thanks!

I have never seen a charger at a gas station in the USA yet. But I haven’t been looking for one. Some must exist but I many of them.

You’re just jealous, because you don’t have any Wawa’s out there.

Holy Sheetz, I hope more gas stations copy their plan.

(I’ve mentioned this before, but…) Around here (Maryland), Royal Farms has a lot of fast chargers. They’re sort of a convenience store chain that branched out into being a gas station chain. The other fast chargers I see here are mostly EVgo, typically located in shopping center parking lots.

In the US most retail fuel outlets are individually or franchise-owned. The only thing keeping them from installing charging stations is their ROI requirement. Since the real profit producer for these businesses is the non-fuel sales (snacks, smokes, etc.), then the attraction to non-fuel burning customers needs to create the same kind of attraction that gasoline/diesel does: a fast fueling experience. I imagine that they need CHAdeMO or faster setup to draw in EV drivers, and it won’t be free (not that most of us expected that anyway).

They will need to carry more sparkling water brands. I don’t think too many EV buyers are pounding Mountain Dew and eating a bag of Doritto’s.

Chargers away from the pumps with a cafe could work.

It gets even better. Shell announced this week that they will sell approx. half their oil fileds in the North Sea.
(This is not an alternate fact)

Shell… one of the nastiest companies that has ever existed on this planet.

Just slightly behind GS

I have one BP station a 1.5 miles from my house with one and I live in North Carolina, the land of the Pickup, V8 and NASCAR

There’s a Sunoco near Pittsburgh with a CHAdeMO, but many more at Dunkin Donuts.

I like the idea of fast chargers at gas stations, but gas stations remain smelly, dirty places that EV owners are generally happy to be able to avoid; so I hope they won’t be the only locations, going forward.

Level 2 chargers of course are still a great, cheap addition to any parking lot. 🙂 (I don’t see L2 making sense at gas stations, though, since no one would want to stay there long enough to get a decent charge.)

And I’m going to hang out at a gas station for how many hours?

No thanks.

No hours, that’s why it should only be DCFC.