Shaq Gives His Pre-2016 Tesla Model S A New Look


Model S: Da Return

So you have a perfectly good 2012, 2013 or any Tesla that you love. Maybe you’re not too crazy about that nose cone. Or perhaps you just want to give it a new look. One option is of course to trade in for the newest model. But why get rid of a car that you’ve grown attached to? Why not just give your Tesla a face lift?

That’s what former basketball player, actor, rapper, and Shaq-Fu master Shaquille O’Neal decided to do with his Tesla Model S. Instead of replacing his Model S, Shaq turned to Unplugged Performance to update the front fascia, side skirt and rear spoiler of his trusty Tesla.

Shaq's older Model S with nosecone

Shaq's older Model S in the Unplugged Performance shop

Shaq's older Model S upgraded fascia

Curious about the upgrades he went with? Check out the embedded video above to watch the transformation.

After the customization was complete, Shaq seemed pleased with the final result:

Shout out to my man Ben from Unplugged Permormance! Got me riding right with this Tesla boy!

Video Description via Unplugged Performance on YouTube:

Shaquille O’Neal’s Tesla Model S gets modified by Unplugged Performance. Shaq loves his old Tesla and he wanted to make it feel new again, so naturally he reached out to us. Here’s the story of what happened next!

Unplugged Performance Parts Referenced In the Video: Refresh Front Fascia: Side Skirt Set: Rear Under Spoiler/Diffuser Set with optional fins:

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jim stack

Go SHAQ Go Tesla


Looks Good!
Don’t let Charles Barkley tell you any different!

This Tesla Model S customization upgrade, is the best since the Diesel truck upgrade, that Superman Shaq has converted!


Lol an 85. Just buy a P100D Shaq. You can afford it


Why? He obviously likes the car he has and doesn’t want to sell it. He’ll probably hold onto it for a few more years, then perhaps get a newer model S, that is a bigger upgrade.


Is the interior customized too? He is 7’1″, so might have a special seat arrangement.